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  1. Hello, Is there a good place / shop to buy Mast Caps? Dutch style so "donkey head" shaped. Im building the Friesland, the metal parts included are faultive, and no local retailer has suitable parts. I tried making them myself but I'm not satisfied with the results. Any leads are helpful. Webshops, Ebay etc Thanks! Chris
  2. Hi Jan, This is good stuff, thanks for that picture. Im going to try and make this!
  3. The mamoli parts are very bad metal casts. I tried drilling the holes open (they were not open all the way through) and it snapped in two. Also they didn't really fit and look clunky. Because I can't find these dutch models with the rope grooves in it on any webshop so far, I might try and make them myself. Fingers crossed
  4. Ok any threads showing how to make one yourself? I have few tools so im mostly stuck with a scalpel, dremel and files
  5. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qOBXNUlWZJw/VPiTcGht5JI/AAAAAAAAkX8/4PICoCWeDOs/s1600/IMG_0001.jpg This is the part Im talking about
  6. What is this part called in english? I broke a few and some mamoli parts are incorrect so I want to attempt at making my own pr buying better parts. So far Ive not been able to find much Thanks!! Chris
  7. Hi Jan, Do you have a good reference? I might have to dig up my 7 Provinciën PDF somewhere to see what's in there.
  8. Hi Jan, a set of drawings would be great, are they in scale 1:75? What are the big and small rowing boat called? Im seeing different names used around the net.
  9. Thanks for the tips guys. Waiting for new wood and parts to come in then I can continue!
  10. Also maybe a good link to scratch the ship rowing boats? What were the guys at Mamoli thinking with these clunky metal cast atrocities lol !
  11. Does anyone have a good description/thread of making the wooden parts of an anchor ? Im not a fan of the prefab mamoli pieces and consider making more detailed scratch parts
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