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I'm having a PM conversation with another member about stern details on a model and am getting the message that the user is blocked and can't participate. He in turn is getting the message "You have been banned from this conversation". What is this about? I haven't pushed he buttons that I can recall that would lead me to ban him...and I have no reason to.

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So I was exchanging personal messages with another user today, and I tried to go back and look at a prior message, and I now get this:


Sorry, you don't have permission for that!


You have been banned from this personal conversation.


I responded to the other user, and he responded that he is getting the same thing, and has no idea why.  When I click on the link in the notification email for that message, I get the same thing.  All three of my conversations with him are now gone in my conversations list, but I have a different conversation with him from a few days ago, and it's still allowing me to see it without any issue.


Color me puzzled.

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Can you 'unblock' me?  I don't show you as blocked, when I click on your profile I have the option to block you, not unblock.


Edit: Not when I click on your profile, but when I look at the top of our conversation from yesterday, under your name I have the 'block' option.

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Thanks Mark.


I've had a hard time cleaning my computer of malware,adware and spyware in the last few days - I wonder if these nasty things infected my membership and activity here. My daughter caused the infection on Tuesday but we have no idea how she did it. My computer is all clear now through a long cleaning process...

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Sent a new test message to Alistair, and he got it and responded, and I can still open that conversation, but the two we 'lost' still don't show up in my conversation list, and if I use the email notification link to attempt to get to it, it gives the no permission message.


Thanks for trying to help!

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