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Byrnes Table Saw Rip Capacity

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Hi Stefon,


Good question!

The maximum distance between the blade and the rip fence is about 97 mm (with no micrometer mounted).

If this is not enough for your purposes you can ask Jim to make you one with a broader table to your specifications, for example like this one the amazing and charming team of Beatty Robotics uses.





- Markus

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This saw, ropewalk, and disc sander, are definitely on my "things to get" list. This winter, it's going to happen.







Don't be bound by the limits of what you already know, be unlimited by what you are willing to learn.


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''If this is not enough for your purposes you can ask Jim to make you one with a broader table to your specifications,''

or a simple modification to lift one side of the fence and you have no maximum lenght.

Which requires to remove the guard. Not recommendable!

- Markus

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The assumption that security had to do with experience is not correct. History proves that experience and "paying attention all the time" does not completely [edit: not even approximately] prevent accidents. Normally they don't happen, even if we make mistakes! But acidentally they do happen, which is why accidents are called accidents. We all make mistakes, also the experienced ones.


Also, these small tablesaws have more than enough power to cause serious damage to one or several fingers in a blink of an eye. Even if not cutting off a finger completely (which would be perfectly possible though), an emergency room visit to get done a few stiches will cost consideravbly more than a grade-up to a broader table on the Jim saw, and also would not justify the 30 seconds it takes to remove the fence completely. And by the way, tilting up the fence does not increase rip capability, which is the subject of this thread... However, for crosscutting a crosscut sled is unsurpassed, and you even can leave the original Bryrnes saw guard on when using a well designed sled.


Of course you can use your tools the way you want, but if you recommend unsafe procedures you have to accept that someone may show up to correct your statement in order others will become aware of the dodgyness of the procedure in question.


 - Markus

Edited by nobotch

- Markus

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