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Wood availablity in the UK for kevs new build

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good afternoon


Been getting my knickers in a twist about purchasing my new build from Lumber yard

I appreciate that I will need extra timber to do the extra bits I need, like decking and internal planking and panelling, mast's etc

I have found a supplier in the uk, my question is, can I use it after being processed through a thicknesser and bandsaw

perhaps it sounds a stooped question, but the costs from the states are high



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to purchase these exotic in billets of spindles and bowl blanks as woods to complete, saw, and mill to complete the timber work that is not included in the lumber pack,

This company is very close to me and the question was - could I use these, sorry I badly worded the original question

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With a proper band saw and a thickness sander, you should be able to provide yourself with all of your timber needs from normal stock lumber or what you can harvest in the wild.  The wood from the supplier in your link seems to be really expensive.  Is there a hardwood supplier near you who sells to furniture makers?  Or better, a wholesaler?

The bowl blanks will not help you. Of the self select, only the cherry (Prunus serotina), maple (if sugar/rock Acer saccharum), sycamore (if English -not our Buttonwood/Planetree Platanus occidentalis) and steamed pear.  The steamed pear would rate as Swiss pear and is the only one that I think would be worth anything like those prices. 

You want clear, straight grained, no pore, as little contrast in grain as possible. These are not characteristics of interest to wood turners and exotic furniture makers.  Find a supplier of banal looking wood.  Think about using wood dyes (not stains) on light colored wood for contrast rather than exotic tropicals which often have contrasting grain and open pores.


If you are going to pay prices like those, you need a good quality band saw blade.


This blade is excellent steel, thinner than most with not much set, so the kerf is less and the finish is close to planner smooth.  Only use it for resawing.  I have it in my mind that this product is made from material made in France.  I cannot verify that, but you may find it in a local product and not have to import it.

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Were I you and had the ability to mill, re-saw, sand or plane to thickness, I would be down there looking at billets and blanks to find out what they had and in what form. You probably could find and use a local tree service outfit to obtain some limbs or small trunks of local wood. The wood the bowl makers have is probably seasoned, the tree service wood would not, but you could do that yourself. Take the time to look around and see what is available, bet there is something local you could find in abundance that would work well for you.


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