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DeAgostini kits


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Hi there 

  I have a question it might have been answered already but anyway would anyone  know if the DeAgostini Victory kit 

 is the same kit as the Latina kit because both scales are the same 1/84 and the dimensions are the 

    same  but are the instructions the same thank you 


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The DeAgostini Victory kit is indeed made by Artesania Latina. But I can imagine that there are small differences. I currently have the complete DeAgostini kit but did not start building it yet. What I miss the most in this kit are general plans. You need to find everything in the magazines.

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On following link, you can download the build instructions as printed in every magazine. It's the Dutch version, sorry, but it gives you an idea of how it looks like. The order in which the build occurs is at first sight however is not always logical.



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Ooooops, let me make sure I try and answer your question. I have seen the instructions for both kits and can tell you that DeAgostini's instructions are a bit more detailed and suited for a modeler with less experience. They actually show you how to achieve certain things where as AL instruction just says do this or that. Now as far as the plans go, the AL Victory comes with the plans downloaded onto a CD. So you will have to have a computer or take them to a printing place and have them printed out for you for about $20.00-$30.00. I guess it would be nice if you need that extra help, but you will end up paying about 3 times what you can get that same kit for else where. f I were going to pay over $1200.00 for a Victory kit, I would opt for the caldercraft version.


BUt all in all, it comes down to how much you are willing to spend because both kits are still considered advanced level kits.  

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