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  1. The Micromark Mini Scroll Saw is actually a rebranding of the German Proxxon DS 230/E scroll saw. This is the link: http://www.proxxon.com/en/micromot/27088.php?list I am using this scroll saw for more then a year without any problem. In the beginning, it is a bit searching to fit the blade correctly, but then is works good. My intention was to use it for small tasks in model building, but I also started scrolling other things like fretwork and ornaments for the holidays. One limitation of this saw is that the table cannot be put in an angle. Sometimes, I miss this option. You will certainly find some reviews on the internet.
  2. As far as I can see, you can read most articles in this forum without having to register. And even registering is free and of course necessary if you want to post something. You only have to pay if you want a subscription to the magazine or other publications.
  3. Here is a link to a forum where you can find plenty of information about scrolling: http://www.scrollsawer.com/forum/
  4. Hi JM. Thanks for your post. I didn't use much stain on this model. For the second layer planking, walnut is used for the upper part, mahony for the lower part and dibétou for the deck planking. The wood was then protected with a few coats of mat acrylic varnish. Only the darker galleries where stained with walnut stain from Admirality Paints and then varnished. For the masts, I used a walnut coloured varnish (Levis Linitop). Dirk
  5. On following link, you can download the build instructions as printed in every magazine. It's the Dutch version, sorry, but it gives you an idea of how it looks like. The order in which the build occurs is at first sight however is not always logical. http://www.hmsvictory-model.com/gtb_bouwonderdelen.php
  6. The DeAgostini Victory kit is indeed made by Artesania Latina. But I can imagine that there are small differences. I currently have the complete DeAgostini kit but did not start building it yet. What I miss the most in this kit are general plans. You need to find everything in the magazines.
  7. Some months further now... I completed the standing rigging.
  8. Don't use them when working with CA glue. You will end up with parts of your gloves sticking to your ship...
  9. I just found you very detailed and nice build log. I collected the partwork of the DeAgostini version of the Victory. I know that this version is based on the AL kit. So this build log will become very interesting once I start with my build (have to complete my Wasa first). What I miss in my kit are detailed plans of the Victory. I believe that the AL-kit has all plans on a CD. Does somebody know if that CD is somewhere for sale? The magazines contain a lot of detailed build instructions, but I can imagine that some of the original AL-documentation may be usefull as well.
  10. All masts and spars are ready with blocks attached according to the Corel plans. I placed the masts on the hull just for the photo. The background isn't what it should be, but nice pictures is for later... Next I experimented a little bit with a Bosch PLL5 laser pen as help in aligning the masts. Seems to be very helpfull...
  11. Nice to see yet another Corel/Wasa being build . Although the same kit; all models look different. Keep the pictures coming!
  12. Thanks! I am already following your build a long time and this has been a great help for me.
  13. Thanks! Just blowing the dust away on a regular basis is the only thing that we do. I don't like my house to become like a museum...
  14. OK! Indeed lost in translation. Thanks for the clarification Steve. I never did that kind of things with paint, but never too old to learn :-) Dirk
  15. Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider testing it. I don't have dark wax in the house now; so I will need to buy some first :-)
  16. Time for some update. I finished the stern with all the decorations. I know that it does not reflect the original, but I like the gilden version.
  17. Thanks. This is an Amati / Victory Models kit.
  18. I am currently collecting the De Agostini HMS Victory kit. The quality of the parts until now seems to be good. I could have bought the kit as a whole and much cheeper, but choose for this monthly kit because of the extra magazine, which I found, contains a lot a interesting background information. Also, it feels a little bit as being a child again... waiting for a monthly package to open and explore
  19. Hi, Take a look at following thread at this forum. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/365-an-unusual-build-log-for-the-cutter-alert/?hl=sketchup#entry3638
  20. This build log was my guide during the construction of my Fly-kit. As it was the first time that I did a build of a period ship, this log was very helpful. I also have a pdf version of the whole build log if needed (see also my build log on this forum).

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