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Lifeboat for Warriors SaturnV's build log - Finished

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Hi all!

Decided to help out Sawdust Dave with his venture and am challenging the rest of the MSW scratch builders in the U.S. to help out too. I have put the Triton model aside while I do these five little boats.

My recent progress over the weekend using materials on hand:




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OK Richard....now my biggest concern is that your lifeboats are going to make mine look bad.

What a great looking start. I'm completely lost for words.... and that's saying something in my case, as you may know.

Can't wait to see your finished fleet.

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Hello all,

Life has really gotten in the way for the last 2-1/2 months but I have slowly been able to put some time in on these every once in a while. I am down to 4 little boats because I don't like how one of them is coming out so I put it aside.

I did notice over the weekend that I have done the stern incorrectly. I have it 90 degrees to the keel but it is to be slanted. I'll have to remove what I have done in that area, sand the stern at an angle then put on new parts. I did a test on boat 5 yesterday and it will work - just takes affort. Going to try and get back at it this week every day after work. I wanted to have these done by March 1st....



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