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  1. Well, I have been gone from the forum for 5 years now as I tended to Capt' Buddy's medical problems and every other problem that found me along the way. Sorry to say that the Capt' is 13 years old now and has reached the end of his voyage. We will miss him very much and building ships will not be the same without him by my side. Once I get over this I hope to return to the Triton. It stills sits waiting for me, just like I left it, albeit a little dusty. Richard
  2. I heard back from Jim - thank you for the e-mail address Keith. He's still out there. Ropewalk not really available anymore though. Richard
  3. I don't have that one but will try it out. Maybe they are on vacation or something..... thanks, Richard
  4. Anyone been in contact with Byrnes Model Machines? I have been unable to get through with calls, e-mails, the website, or PM's from this website. I finally saved up enough for the ropewalk but it now says call for availability. Maybe the ropewalk is no longer available.... Richard
  5. Let me add to the above description: If you heat it or outright burn it, it stinks worse than a skunk. You want to aggravate a bothersome neighbor? Throw some ro in your fireplace! It has two different colors in the younger pieces - a yellowish white outer layer and the chocolate brown inner layer. The ro around my area has thorns. The ro in my area has shaggy peeling bark. I will agree that it has distinctive tree rings but the rings are wide. For the small pieces we use in models an entire part can be cut from a single ring so that you only have one shade that shows. Richard
  6. Just found this thread after being away from the forum all summer. I'm the one who switched the Russian olive (ro) wood out to crab apple. My ro stem started chipping away whenever I bumped it so I switched to a stronger wood. The ro only appears to have pores like oak when first cut but once fine sanded and stained it takes on a smooth and solid chocolate brown. It is strong for beams like decks and even as planking. It just does not hold up to being cut into points. I'm using it for all of the decks inside of my full build of the Triton. Stay tuned for my posts as I get back into the model after being away all summer playing with rc trucks. I'll try and post some up close pictures of the ro wood once sanded and finished. Caius, didn't your pen turning come out nice using ro wood? Richard
  7. Thank you Janet! The only problem I had was the lack of wood in the kit. I made it mostly with my own supplied timbers. One note on dimensions, the side view on the drawings shows the ship cut down the middle length wise so you have to take the curve of the deck into account when measuring the height of the rails. If you build it to the height measured off the drawings in this view your rails will be too short. Richard
  8. Hello all, Life has really gotten in the way for the last 2-1/2 months but I have slowly been able to put some time in on these every once in a while. I am down to 4 little boats because I don't like how one of them is coming out so I put it aside. I did notice over the weekend that I have done the stern incorrectly. I have it 90 degrees to the keel but it is to be slanted. I'll have to remove what I have done in that area, sand the stern at an angle then put on new parts. I did a test on boat 5 yesterday and it will work - just takes affort. Going to try and get back at it this week every day after work. I wanted to have these done by March 1st.... Richard
  9. Thanks Dave! Anything for our heroes. Its a great chance to pay something back by doing what I love to do most - building wooden ship models. Now we need some more forum members to join in on the fun....... Richard
  10. Hi all! Decided to help out Sawdust Dave with his venture and am challenging the rest of the MSW scratch builders in the U.S. to help out too. I have put the Triton model aside while I do these five little boats. My recent progress over the weekend using materials on hand:
  11. I have the swan series of books and it stated that the Wales should thin at the bow so that they fit onto the rabbet. I did it this way on mine. Richard
  12. The Wale and the Captain (Cap't Buddy). I know there is a song or a book in that statement somewhere... Richard

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