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  1. OMG! Rusty, I am so sorry to learn about your damaged Syren. I don't know what I would do if something like that happened to my own, which, as you recall, you and I were both honored to work with Chuck on this project as well as the Confederacy. But then, the plus side is, think about how much more skilled you are now.... and how much better she will be after your re-do. All makes for a good story for the grandkids..... right? Dave
  2. Always a pleasure to see Chuck bring his masterful touch to the development of another major creation. Just wishing I were a younger artist and could participate in this build. Working with Chuck really cranks up the creative juices in a modeler, for sure. Happy to take a front chair to follow this build, while I enjoy building his English Pinnace. Thanks Master Passaro, for allowing us mortals to follow along. Dave
  3. Thank you Thank you my friend. Always great hearing from you. Hoping you and Gwin are still doing well.
  4. The bulwarks are looking fantastic Jon. Progress.... you’ll be tying rat lines before you know it. Dave
  5. NEXT PROJECT.... DECISION After careful consideration, and discussion with an old friend, I ordered my first manufactured kit ever today. Chuck Passaro’s English Pinnace is my clear choice for a beautiful model that does not require rigging shrouds and tying rat lines. While I'm not exactly sure if this will be achievable, my plan is to increase the scale to at least double the size of the completed model..... (from roughly 12" to 24") Should be quite a challenge. Very excited to be able to, once again, be working with the clear instructions written by t
  6. Ordered my kit for the Pinnace today.....very excited. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Dave
  7. So why pay $90 bucks for a book when we can enjoy the entire build logs by such master modelers as KenX right here on MSW?
  8. Went to that link. The book by Dave McCann appears to be a photo documentation of his build.... doesn’t say what scale, but I’m guessing it is likely a 1:72 kit. I am not aware of another 1:60th model.
  9. Beautiful job Steve. The Vic is my favorite, having scratch built her three times over the years. I go to sleep every night with her sitting right beside my bed. Dave
  10. TYING UP A COUPLE OF LOOSE ENDS THIS MORNING..... So after taking a couple of "victory laps", I began studying the model for any tweeks needed to make it better. First thing I discovered was the absence of the ships bell. Here's the big brass wood screw I used to create the bell. OK, so I wasn't able to etch the lettering seen here in this photo of the real bell. Mounted on the fore side of the main mast. Now, I can begin creating a few dozen rope coils to hang on all those belaying pins
  11. I might should explain.... wife has breathing issues that require very clean atmosphere at all times. We have FOUR freestanding air purifiers throughout the house. Dust particles don’t have a prayer.
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