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John Bowen was the driving force behind 'Shipwright' (as he had been with its predecessor, the quarterly 'Model Shipwright) and, I think, the only reason that Conway kept publishing it was his interest and persuasion.


While its sad to see it go, I think we can forgive John for retiring as he's now well into his eighties!



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Before Conway were taken over by, I believe, Bloomsbury, they advertised for a replacement for John Bowen in expectation of continuing with the publication of the annual, but unfortunately they never followed through their own attempts to recruit an editor and assistant editor.


The only potential option would be for Seaforth to take up the mantle and produce something comparable to the quarterly Model Shipwright. However, a key factor would be whether sufficient people would subscribe in order to cover production costs. In this digital age my guess is that there might well be a surge on initial publication but that it wouldn't sustain continuous publication because people wouldn't automatically renew their subscription.

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