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Need a realistic belaying plan for the USS Constitution


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I have been working on my Conny kit from Model Shipways for quite some time and keep running into problems with the belaying plan. I would like to know about other or more accurate plans than provided with the kit.


To be sure, the eight large drawings and plans that come with the kit are very good and cover all or most aspects of the construction, as long as you don't add sails. Right from the start I decided to add six sails with all the various lines that go with that. However, when belaying some of these lines, such as the bunt, leech and reef tackle lines, they are directed to go to awkward places. 


For example, the lines I mentioned, are belayed (per the plan) to fife rails that are along the bulwark instead of straight down along the masts. This creates interference or rubbing against either the inside or outside of the tops, depending on which way you go from the blocks above. 


I have also had some problems with the location of the topsail braces. The drawings show them attached to a futtock shroud which in my opinion is the wrong place to impose large stresses. I covered that in my build log.


So, my question is: where could I find a better belaying plan? Can I get the current one in use from Boston? 

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I think the lines you mention DO go to the bullwark pinrails, and they do lead through the top. Often bullseye fairleads are lashed on the inner faces of the shrouds to lead the lines to the pins. Also the buntlines are always cast off or belayed all at the same time and thus they can live on the same pin, so that eliminates the need for one of the bullwark pins.

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I have this one but not sure where it came from:


attachicon.gifConnie Belaying Plan.jpg


Does it help?

I will blow this up and compare it with the one I have. But, at any rate, Frankie gave me a good answer and I will go ahead and go by the plan I have. I am sure there must be several different belaying plans depending on the age and time. But when a sailor knows the one for his ship it must have been hard to adjust when going to a different ship.

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I have the book, but did not correlate. I looked at the sections about 'standing' and 'running' rigging and did not see a 'belaying plan'. But that was a cursory look. Page ???


I retired from a government sponsored lab and don't use acronyms; no more than I have to.

We are now talking with the end of this glass of wine in sight. Dinner is fillet of fish, pan fried, with left over lunch chow-mein and a fresh veggie, to be determined shortly.


Correction, I did find the plan on pages 118 and 119. I will study this tomorrow and see if it is the same as what I have.

You'r OK Bill.

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I also have the one that Tom has. I found an attribution that this come from the NRG's Ship Modelers Notes (the original) I do not hVe  copy of this book but I am sure others do. There is a note at the bottom that it was from the notes of Col. W.F. Spicer. There is a pretty interesting discussion of this on CS Fine Scales site here


As you said there are a number of belaying plans. Given the lack of solid knowledge of exactly what she looked like in 1812, and the fact that each captain had control of how she was rigged, any one you choose would be correct for your model.

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Yep, Bill, now I remember it came from the NRG Shop Notes. I have not yet compared it to the AOS or MS plans, but I am sure my rigging will be some combination of all three. On previous models I have made up my own belaying plans based off the supplied plans and what made sense to me, and I will be doing the same with this one. It also will depend on how many belaying pins can be fit on the pin rails and still are functional and look good - ie not too crowded.

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