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  1. Are filler plates needed below the dressing belt.? The plans indicate them but different log dont show them used.
  2. Does anyone have a recomendation for a min wax stain for the decks of msw constitution. Thanks. Barb
  3. Can anyone tell me the width of the deck planks on the model expo constitution . Thanks bara
  4. On my previous post about planking the upper gun ports, the ship is MS Kit What is the thickness and width of planks around the gun ports
  5. Where does the lower hook on the top mast flying back stay. Hook to ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the input. I am working on the MS Bluenose. Thanks again
  7. I am rigging the lower shrouds on Bluenose. The plans call for .018 line, but only .021. .028 and .032 were included. Which should I use for the shrouds. Also, should the lanyards be white or black rigging? Thanks Barbara
  8. what is a good matte finish for stained decking ?
  9. what is a good finish for stained wood decking
  10. what is a good finish for stained planking
  11. how do you transfer belt widths from plan to model and what is atick strip
  12. I am working on the Skip Jack model from Model Expo. Are the templates for the rudder and the knighthead on the plans accurate for the model? Is the framing plan the same as the ship model? Thanks Kevin