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  1. The museum is reopened after restoration, and they did a great job. Have a look: http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Museo_Maritimo_de_Barcelona/Museo_Maritimo_de_Barcelona_eng.htm
  2. There are many pictures of the shipping gallery taken in 2007 before closure http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Science_Museum_London/Science_Museum_London_eng.htm
  3. Many pictures of the Vasa and of the 1 : 10 model are given in http://www.modelships.de/Wasa/VASA_eng.htm
  4. Some information and pictures of the Rotterdam Maritime Museum http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Maritiem_Museum_Rotterdam/Maritiem_Museum_eng.htm
  5. These pictures were taken in 2003 when all the rigging was complete: http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Batavia/Batavia_eng.htm
  6. The Rijksmuseum is definitely worth a visit. They have some very fine contemporary paintings and ship models http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Rijksmuseum-Amsterdam/Rijksmuseum_eng.htm
  7. There are two more fine maritime museums in Denmark, in Copenhagen and Roskilde. In Copenhagen is the Royal Danish Naval Museum (Orlogsmuseet) http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Orlogsmuseet_Copenhagen/Naval_Museum_Copenhagen.htm and in Roskilde is the Viking Ship Museum http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Vikingeskibsmuseet_Roskilde/Viking_ship_museum_Roskilde.htm One can even make short sailing trips with a replica Viking ship.
  8. It is a great museum! I have been there several times when visiting Paris and enjoyed it very much - even my wife did. Some photos of the exhibition: http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Musee_de_la_Marine_Paris/Musee_de_la_Marine_eng.htm
  9. There are many pictures of Cutty Sark in http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/Cutty-Sark/Cutty-Sark_eng.htm They were taken in 2013 and 2014 when the ship was reopened after restauration.
  10. Here are many photos of HMS Victory, taken in 2007: http://www.modelships.de/Museums_and_replicas/HMS_Victory_Portsmouth/HMS_Victory_Portsmouth_eng.htm
  11. Norske Love questions

    Here are detailed pictures of two Norske Love models. The clearly show the figurehaed and the stern carvings. http://www.modelships.de/Norske_Loeve_I/Norske_Loeve_I_eng.htm http://www.modelships.de/Norske_Loeve_III/Norske_Loeve_III_eng.htm
  12. What is the most EPIC kit available???

    Best have a look at the many models on this site: http://www.finemodelships.com/Gallery-of-ship-models-sold.htm and try to build the one you like most. Many of them are built from kits.