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  1. I knew there were other ways of doing this that I hadn't thought of. Thanks for the tips. Eddie
  2. I'm currently building the MS Fair American and am about to start all of the rigging. Does anyone have a tip on how to darken the running rigging? The color that the running rigging line that comes with the MS kit says it's Manila Hemp, but it looks almost white in color and just does not look good to my eye. I've thought of using all black line for both the standing and running rigging although that is not the proper way but it does help in viewing all of the rigging when the model is complete and there is a light colored wall behind the model. Anyone have a suggestion or two on what to use for the running rigging to make it show up better and look a little more brown and aged? Maybe a different product or supplier. I've got a good selection of fly tying line, but it's all too thin. I'm always kit bashing things and changing things for my personal taste and have already done some things different on this build. So you purist don't shoot me for doing something different. Thanks in advance for any advice. Eddie
  3. Does anyone have any tips on what color (names and paint type) to represent various types of natural wood without using stain. All the builds I've done (3) working on 4 use bass wood for it's primary wood, which is very light in color. I would like to find some paint colors to paint deck items, doors, window frames, railings, bullwarks etc, etc that would represent natural looking wood. I have some Model Expo Light Earth color that I have added a touch of black. If I paint it on very dry (thin) it looks fairly good. However if I actually paint it like you would paint a wall or something large, then it looks like brown paint. I hope that made sense. Any tips, suggestions recommendations would greatly be appreciated. Eddie
  4. Alexander, Your work is outstanding. Especially do to the scale and size. Have you ever done a full scale sculpture? If Michael Angelo were here, I believe he would say "how did you do that.............that's exceptional, outstanding, would you teach me". Your work should go in a museum. Eddie
  5. John, thanks for the tip and the pictures. In my old age tying the rat lines is a real pita. My Benjamin W Latham was my first dealing with rat lines and I said I would never build another one that had rat lines. I'm about to start on my 3rd build which will be either the Model Shipways Niagra or the Rattlesnake, so this will be very helpful. Thank you, Eddie
  6. Thanks guys for the tips. I now see what I was doing wrong. Sometimes this old age stuff gets in the way of the brain being able to function (eek,ha ha). It will be much simpler now than the way I was doing it. Eddie
  7. Thanks Mike, One thing about building is it's taught me to be patient. I also build remote control sailplanes, but they are much larger (3 meters) but I do love building these old ships. It's great being retired and having time to build. Eddie
  8. Everytime I get to the stage of rigging the deadeyes, I hate it and almost want to give up. Does anyone have a good tip on rigging the deadeyes and keeping them the same length. Any tips or build log would be greatful. Eddie