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  1. Hey Mike: You're really doing a great job. I just have a question: For the "The planks that go around the mast partners and coamings", is the angle 45 degrees? Thanks.
  2. I’m working on the quarter deck and the stern. They are dependent on each other so I’m doing them concurrently. The quarter deck has another hatch and stairway; both were made. The stairs were made from 1/32 thick strips. The quarter deck is made from two layers of 1/16 sheets. The stern windows are 1/32 and the stern is two layers of 1/32 sheets. The stairs are in there.
  3. This is my favorite holiday. Starting tomorrow the days begin getting longer again. Can summer be far away? I rigged the rest of the guns. I also added channels and more belaying pin racks. The belaying pins I made are not glued in place yet. I’m going to remove them so they don’t get hurt. I also made a rudder and tiller for the ship’s boat and added oarlocks. I’m now ready to start on the quarter deck.
  4. EJ: Great work! This boat is huge! But you just hang in there and "Do It". Keep at it. Cheers.
  5. Next up is to finally rig the guns. I just need to add the out-haul lines. I’m using 3/32 Syren blocks and .008 Syren line. I also made the coils from the out-haul line. Coiling them was pretty easy: just twist them the way you would to coil a garden hose. I use diluted white glue to hold the coil onto the deck. I’m only rigging one or two guns per day since I think that’s enough. So far I completed the port side guns. So, during my spare time I made the rudder. I used the Syren kit for the pintles and gudgeons (rudder hinges). The shaft is extra long and will
  6. I decided to take time off from the main hull and work on a small boat which will hang off the stern. One of the officers in my club did a Tech Session at one of our meetings on making small boats using a method he called Lifts. I’ve heard it called “bread-n-butter”. I use a plan for a 16 foot long boat from the ‘Anatomy of the Ship’ series - the HMS Diana. The lifts correspond (in this case) to the three horizontal lines in chart # 1 and #2. The curved lines in #3 are the same lines. So I carved out three sections using the lines in chart #3. My three lifts are below the plans. I used
  7. Unbelievable! Not only is your model one of the best I've seen, but the base is also outstanding. Great work!
  8. Sounds to me like you have to get your son(s) involved. My boys are extremely strong and work really fast. Nothing like youth.
  9. The guns and their carriages have been mounted along with their breach lines. The aft two guns will not have a problem with the partition to the officer’s quarters since it will be removed and stowed below the water line whenever the boat “clears for action”. I made the other holder for the cannon balls along the aft hatch using the same technique as on the forward hatch.
  10. I finished the guns and their carriages. The barrels were blackened using the same method as I used on my Independence. Soak the barrels in acetone, then muriatic acid (15 minutes each) and then place them in JAX Blackener for 1-2 minutes. I was going to leave the quoin handles natural because I was happy with the way they came out (nice and small). But they looked very white and, really, they would have been painted the same color as the carriages, so I relented. I hope to mount and rig them in the next few days.
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