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  1. Hey Bob. Just discovered this log. You've started off well; keep up the good work. Cheers.
  2. After posting my last entry, I glued the first level of the wales onto the hull. And then I noticed that the gun ports were ⅛ inch higher on the starboard side than on the port side. So I removed both the wales and the gun ports. And then I went back to the measuring routine. I finally got the same results two days in a row and carefully added a batten marking the location of the top of the wales and then re-did the gun ports. Once I was satisfied with that, I painted the ports and re-glued the first level of the wales onto the hull again. In the photos, the wales are not sanded yet.
  3. Thanks Gary. Coming from you, that is a complement indeed. Cheers.
  4. It has been taking me quite awhile to get the batons marking the bottom of the wales and the top of the gun port sills. I’m trying to match the plans and it seems like I get what I think is right and the next day it’s off. So I decided that I won’t install the port sills until I can get the batons to be placed correctly for two days in a row. At this point, my bulkheads look like a pin cushion. Finally, I got the measurements correct over two days. So I began framing the gun ports. They should be square and have good corners. Also, they should be placed equdistant apart. I think I’m good. Next up is to mix some red paint that comes close to matching the color on the replica.
  5. I've been following this build and I must say - You are modeling on a whole different level; way above what I could do. Really impressive.
  6. The placement of the batons marking the location of the wales had to be redone. I took the model to our club’s monthly workshop, and the batons at the bow were determined to be too high. I also redid the ‘working platform’ so that the keel was flat on the base making measuring easier. I redid the baton marking the bottom of the wales and it does look closer to the plans. I’m told that I could make the ‘point’ at the bow even a little lower (maybe 1/16 of an inch). Next I have to determine the exact location of the deck so I can establish the position of the gun port sills. These tasks are taking a lot of time, but I feel it will be extremely important as the building of the model progresses.
  7. Thanks Mark. Thanks also to Lou - I download the whole magazine. Cheers.
  8. Thanks Frankie. That is great! I bookmarked the site, but is there a way to print it? Thanks again.
  9. I’ve ‘completed’ the fairing of the hull. And I added battens to determine the location of the wales. The wales will be between the two battens. I discovered that I wasn’t as careful with the placement of the bulkheads, so I have to do more sanding to fix everything. I’m in the process of determining the location of the gun ports. It’s a slow process. Eventually, everything will have to line up perfectly.
  10. Happy New Year! Even during the holidays, I managed to sneak some time in the shipyard. I laid out the stern framing using some leftover cherry and balsa filler. I probably will need more sanding, but I’ll do that as part of the fairing of the hull. I still have lots of sanding dust to make.
  11. I completed the ‘below deck’ planking and threw in some furniture just for fun. I don’t know if anyone will be able to see the furniture once the hull is planked and the stair/ladder is added. But, I’ll know it’s there and I know how to look and see it. There is another stairway from the quarter deck down to where the officer’s quarters are, so I added some doors to those ‘rooms’. I attach some photos. Next up is the create stern framing and then I’ll be able to begin fairing the hull.
  12. While I was preparing to start gluing the bulkheads on to the frame, I noticed that, on the plans, there is a ladder going from the deck down below. I felt that the ladder should be shown on the model. Therefore, I had to make some adjustments to the appropriate bulkheads and add a lower ‘deck’. The deck is only partial, but it will be visible if you look down the hatch. Also, the ladder is rignt next to the mast so I added wooden mast steps. I also carved some barrels, which I haven’t decided if I’ll use or not.

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