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  1. Thanks Gary. I see in your "Downeast Salmon Wherry", that you are the oars expert. Your work is truly fantastic. Cheers.
  2. I made the oars for the sweeps and the ship’s boat. I’m planning on four a side for the sweeps, which is one sweep between each gun. These oars are very big and will require two crewmen to man them. There are four smaller oars for the boat. The big oars were made in two pieces; and the smaller ones from one piece. I’m not drilling the sweep holes yet because I want to make sure the oars will not interfere with the shrouds. I will make the iron cranes at the quarters next.
  3. Thanks Mike, Lou and Tom. I got the idea of the photos from Chuck's log of his Winchelsea model. Tom: I'm hoping to show my model at a live club meeting soon, and see your Liverpool live as well. Stay safe everyone. Cheers.
  4. Well, the hull isn’t really done at all. I decided that the binnacle was too big. So, I removed it and made a smaller one. I saved the lantern and hung it behind the stairs to the quarter deck. And I felt I wouldn’t be able to make a new one small enough. So I decided that the lantern was removed from the binnacle to refill it with oil. I also added two doors to reduce the light put off by the lantern and even left one door ajar. The launch party will have to wait. I also added supports for the swivels. You can almost see the lantern hanging behind those stairs.
  5. Great Mike. It looks like you will probably be interested in Box 7. Just a guess though. Let me know how you make out.
  6. Lou: Well, if I do get to Mystic, I'll give it a try. Thanks.
  7. Mike: The Charles Wittholz plans are the plans for the replica. I got a copy from the guy that was in charge of the restoration after the original boat was blown over during a winter storm. Lou: Depending on the status of the virus, I'll be going to Mystic in October. I usually go a day early so I can spend some time at the seaport. That's the best I can do right now. Cheers.
  8. Hey Mike. A person at your Society, I believe it was Richard Ring, send me 6 photos of the brownell model that you have on display. It's a good model, but I wish I had the Davis plans it was based on. Anyway, I am grateful for the photos. Cheers.
  9. Thanks Mike. I can read the document, but not obtain a copy. Is there a way to purchase a copy? Cheers.
  10. WOW. Thanks a lot Mike. I'll certainly read this source. I'm fond of the Davis/Brownell models. If I knew about them I'd have relied on these models rather than the plans for the replica. If you're interested, our club has virtual meetings each month. We get 'guests' from all over the US and now Canada. Let me know if you want to attend a meeting so I can inform our president to let you into our Zoom setup. Cheers.
  11. The hull is done and I’m ready for the formal launch. The binnacle is put in place and tied down. I made the windlass ratchet stopper from a 3/32 square piece which was carved to look like a square ‘C’. Also, a 1/32 x 3/16 piece of basswood strip was shaped and sanded. A small hole was drilled through the square carved piece and then a hole was made in the base of the strip. I inserted a length of fishing wire so the stopper will move. Then I carefully measured the necessary height and glued the stopper onto the bow sprint bit. The result looks pretty good. I hope my description is clea
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