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  1. Hello from Spain

    Now preparing the cutwater and the keel
  2. Hello from Spain

    Well, some time ago I am with this kit, designed and supplied directly by a guy from Wisconsin, who apart from guitars also participates in the world of naval modeling. It is the boat of the Sea of Galilee, a very special model for me and for many others, because it is contemporary with Jesus. In 1985, as a result of the drought, the remains of an old boat were discovered, which two brothers found and from which some parts could be rescued and dated back 2,000 years. In short, a treasure for naval modellers.
  3. Hello from Spain

    Another fishing boat, this time made from plans. It is for my little grandson who has just arrived in the world. The scale of the ship is 1:25 and can almost be considered a miniature, but I had a great time in the whole process, using material left over from the kits made.
  4. Hello from Spain

    Well, here the finished Oseberg. I have to say, despite some doubts halfway through the realization, I am very pleased with how this boat has come. Nothing to do with the wonder of model made by Jack Panzeca, whom I thank for this Post, that has helped me so much. https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/5712-oseberg-viking-ship-by-jack-p-finished-billing-boats-125-scale-9th-century-modified/& The unofficial side shows 15 custom shields, which I did one day that I was bored.
  5. Hello from Spain

    Editing by fault
  6. Hello from Spain

    Another little ship finished, this time the boat of the Bucentaure. Some photos. Now working in the Oseberg, by Billing Boats. Regards Ángel
  7. Hello from Spain

    Finished Knarr
  8. Hello from Spain

    Thank you! the viking ship was a kit, this time of Billing Boats.
  9. Hello from Spain

    Build is finished, now working in another viking ship, the Knarr from Dusek. Regards Ángel
  10. Hello from Spain

    Hello guys! When I was finishing the almejera Adriana, I looked for the next project. After seeing countless models, this jabeque caught my attention and I decided to do it, with my limitations and my tools. Two months ago that I started it, and it is now. Best regards Ángel
  11. Hello from Spain

    Thanks Dave, I have not much room for completed models , but if I have people so you have them in your home, at the moment my mother has one, and my first son another. I still have three more children to hand out, and then we'll see. Sell them I not put it me, it makes me sad... Best regards Angel
  12. Hello from Spain

    Thank you very much! This guy always watching Very nice photo
  13. Hello from Spain

    Hi, here is the finished Almejera of the Mediterranean. Now, is name is of my wife, Ana María. Rigging works, and the boat's sail may be folded. Next work, the Xebec from Amati. Best regards
  14. Hello from Spain

    This is now
  15. Hello from Spain

    And the supervisor of the work checking the state of the boat,

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