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  1. Hello my friend. Your RC looks lovely! Great ship she will be when she's finished! Keep following your build! I'm back building my new project and started yesterday with my first post. See yah later Messis and keep posting those lovely updates! Peter
  2. ***OcCre - Cazador Jabeque / Xebec 1750*** Hello my friends, it's been a while since my last buildlog of Santa Maria Buildlog. Today I would like to present my new log of the Xebec Cazador of OcCre. As a child I was fan of the Redbeard comics, maybe known by some of you. Anyway, one of the titles was "Fight With The Moors" (1973) and describes a story of Moorish pirates who looted merchant ships in the Mediterranean sea. The ships they used were fast, agile and armed to the teeth Xebecs! In the story, ships were plundered, crew were killed, the ship burned to the ground and women
  3. Hi Lapinas, For a first ship, you are doing and have done a wonderful job. Very very good for a first model with an excellent planking job on your hull. Even for experienced modelers this is a difficult task for most! I have build the SM also, but from another brand (Artesania Latina) both look similar but things are very different in both kits. I wish you all the luck and fun of building your first modelship. Remember, a tip from one to another. Your first model is not about a perfect build, but to complete the model and use it as a study / learning proces for the next build.
  4. Thank you PJTheJet for mentioning me, or better my buildlog in your topic. You have done some spectacular research which will come to good use during the build. I will follow with great interest. The manual and the pictures provided by AL are rubbish for this particular kit. You will raise some questions for sure when you get to the rigging part. Good luck on your build mon-amis!
  5. Good question B, I did not make these holes due to the scale of the ship. They would be so tiny and also on the outside of the hull a real pain in the @$$ to make. So I choose to make the model without.
  6. Well spoken, thank you I can talk for hours on this subject! 🙂Time to get back to your model! 😉 Peter
  7. Thank you for your answer Ab! The shell first method so...I mean at that timeperiod the biggest ships were build in Rotterdam and Amsterdam at the “admiraliteit”. Someone on the Bataviawerf told me that the shell first method was a common method used in Rotterdam but not always in Amsterdam. By that they followed the Amsterdam way by placing the frames first for the 7 provincien replica. Your answer tells me that this was probably not true at all and it was the custom to build shell first on all the “big” shipyards in the Netherlands, they just forgotten how to build it that way and tried and
  8. Hi Ab, Big fan of you and your work of historic Dutch shipbuilding. Planking method of a 17th century Dutch vessels hull differs a lot for instance with a English, French or Spanish vessel of that timeperiod. Do you know the reason why the Dutch choose a different way of planking? May also the "vlakbouw" method be of importance in this instance? Also the hull shape is smaller / sleeker and at the bow much more flatter. This is also good to be seen at your yacht. These differences has alway's intrigued me, but the answers are not clear to me. Following your b
  9. Check! I read that the kit was fabricated by Artesania Latina with the help and research of the Vasa museum. Pretty impressie kit it is, but a bit expensive! 🙂
  10. A masterpiece! Is this Deagostini version based on the Corel kit? It sure does like it so it seems? beautiful workmanship, One of the best Vasa models I have seen.
  11. Congratulations with this beautifull kit and ship. I wouldn’t have picked this as a first model. Too complex and also you picked a nice but a bit unfriendly manufacturer Corel looking at the instruction manual and drawings. however, It’s up to you. I’ll hope you’ll manage and have the endurance to pull it off. Many people before you started with a Victory as a first timer but didn’t make it. I’ll hope you do. The pressure is on. 😬🙂 Good luck and just build, make mistakes and learn along the way. Also, have fun most importantly! 😉 Peter
  12. Perfection, almost looks like a scratchbuild boat. Master Corabel knows how to engineer a modelkit!! Nice wood too, lovely Pearwood. You make a jewel out of this one!
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