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  1. In reference to the drafting material- Are you referring to Starched Linen? My Professor in college always used to tell us how his mother would wash the starched linen cut offs from his fathers office and make doll clothes for his sister. His father was a well regarded Naval Architect in the early 1900's. It has a very fine weave that seems appropriate for most ship models. From a quick google search it looks like you can still find starched linen available through book making suppliers (listed as starched linen), though i do not know if this is a modern substitute material and not the real thing we are talking about.
  2. And Here I've been buying up Mamoli kits on ebay because I was assuming they would be gone forever, although the kits I bought I got for a small fraction of the original retail. I have yet to build any since I have like 19 other projects going on that I need to finish first. My first impressions from opening the box was that everything was very nice quality. Glad to hear the model line will continue. Next I'd be happy to hear someone buying Midwest's rights and restart production of their line. I got into the hobby with their kits and continue to build them with my own revisions for detail and accuracy.