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  1. None of the preparatory field works of the contemporary great artists who sketched Victory during the campaign of Trafalgar (1803 - 1805) show her with crows feet, these were Turner, Constable and Pocock, you’ll not get better eyewitnesses. Gary
  2. Welcome on board, nice to have another fellow north easterner on the forum. Good luck with the build, the ‘Ham n eggs’ as she was knows to the sailors of the time is a beautiful ship, I’ll tag along to see what you produce, you’re off to a good start. Gary
  3. From the plans it was either Royal George or Britannia. Royal George is a good shout for research, plenty of contemporary drawings, paintings and models. When you say it’s a while off we probably have to allow for Chris Watton development timescales with 6 models out in 2 years you run at a different pace to your competitors! Gary
  4. Maybe the quality of materials is aligned to historical timeframe of the subject, for instance the Victory of Trafalgar is traditionally painted why would you plank with pear when you are covering it up, whereas the Victory of 1765 would look splendid if you used the Duchess colour scheme - I’m not advocating Victory it’s just one ship that changed of which we have many examples and can gauge how she looks in her different guises. For your proposed Frigates the Indefatigable with built up bulwarks would, in my book, look best in a painted format in keeping with her timeframe, whereas the other frigates in their earlier form lend themselves predominantly to natural wood. So perhaps anything pre 1800 go with the more expensive woods, anything after 1800 go with cheaper planking where it is to be painted. This is what you generally see in the NMM model collections. Gary
  5. Perhaps the moderators can help you set up a poll to get a more in depth opinion from the forum, it’s hard to know from a few comments and exchanges. You have established a brand and quality / feel to the kits that go together, I would personally go with a stronger wood, but the cost may, as you indicate, disenfranchise people on larger kits, but you can also make the argument that on a larger kit if your going to spend the money why would you skimp. Customer survey required! Gary
  6. I brought a second bed direct from Proxxon (Code 27020-31) and mounted it and the lath end-on-end on some MDF. The bed cost €14.30 (+ postage) a couple of months ago, try your Proxxon dealer to see if they supply spares. Obviously not as good as a single piece extended bed, but it does the same job. Gary
  7. Not sure I recognise that, if you studied at the LSE it’s fair to say you have a London centric view of the UK, the rest of the UK varies tremendously from London and quite a lot of us are doing OK. Where I live disposable income is a lot higher than London and quality of life much is better. Sure as Wefalck says we have our poor sections of society, but we have free welfare, education and health systems that capture even the poorest in UK and European societies, there is a value to attach to those benefits which has to be factored in to international comparisons. But as you say your POV
  8. Hi Mathew, I’ll tag along with this build if you don’t mind. Regarding the Wales the practice was to ‘run-out’ the thicker planking with a couple of planking strakes of increasingly diminishing thickness, this drawing is taken from Steel for a 74 gun ship and you can see how this works in actual practice. But for the real Victory she is no longer single planked at the Wales, and in reality a lot of her planking is comprised of laminated material (due to cost and availability), but in this respect it is not unlike your double plank build. Arthur Bugler’s Midship sectional drawing captures the actual restoration planking practice where you can see the second layer of planking being used to simulate the Wales and their run-out. I hope adds to what Mark and clearway have said. Gary
  9. Morgan


  10. As you asked!!! How about mini chain and elm tree pump kits? Also, not sure on the feasibility but I struggle to get realistic after market hammock cranes, they tend to be fairy naive. BTW - the consignment of gun carriages, binnacle and grating landed and I must say the quality is excellent. Gary
  11. Mark, It is to take the fluke of the anchor when it is stowed and help hold it in place. Gary
  12. What’s the anticipated availability for these Chris? I have several projects present and future these would complement. Gary
  13. Hi Lin, Nice progress you are making. If you are struggling with carving Then the route previously mentioned by David (aka Shipyard Sid) of using Sculpey isn’t a bad one, I went down that route and the result is below, just a bit of painting to go and it will do. It’s also fairly inexpensive and easy to work. Gary

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