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  1. Have you ever browsed through your favorite build to see what the full build looks like at the present time? Have you ever wondered what else is being built on MSW 2.0, it may be a kit, scratch, R/C, card or plastic, or any other material, including digital reconstruction. I am inviting all members to post a latest photo of their build (side elevation)and a link to that build, so everyone can see what it looks like, and give others an idea of what else is going on. I am not trying to create a multitude of build logs under one topic, just photo’s so we can all see what is going on. This will possibly help others in deciding on what to build next Anyone interested?
  2. Hey guys, I browse these days a lot of online shops, especially the ones from kit selection pdf here and notice that most of the kits are marked as difficulty level 2 or 3 out of 5. So I was wondering is there any kit that is ranked at 4 or even 5 out of 5? I'm curios to see how it looks like, what's in the box, etc. Because for me as a beginner even the ones rated at 3 looks pretty hard (I'm working on level 2 right now - Corsair by OcCre). Or the people here with more models through their hands - what do you consider the hardest kit? I hope it's not duplicate topic since I didn't found anything like that in the search
  3. HMS VICTORY by Sergal. UPDATE - Below Other than wear on the box this kit is like brand new – it dates to 1975 and has lots of brass. Kit parts are all intact – nothing has been worked on or bags opened. This kit contains many extra items including plans from Vincenzo Lusci and The National Maritime Museum, photos and booklets on the ship as well as correspondence between the original purchaser and GB. Overall size is 49”L x 33”H – Scale is noted on one sheet of the plans as 5mm = 1’0”. $200.00 Minimum – We want the MSW members to have first crack at this model so we will leave this offer open until 5:00 PM (CST) on Friday, November 27, 2015 after which we will list it on eBay (with the same minimum price). The proceeds from the sale of this kit are going to the Chicago Tri-Club Association - member clubs are the North Shore Deadeyes, Midwest Model Shipwrights and the Nautical Research & Model Ship Society of Chicago. Our joint funds are used to purchase and maintain equipment used by all 3 clubs and to fund training programs. Payment by PayPal - The sale price does not include shipping. The weight is approximately 15 pounds. Contact me by PM for more information, cell phone and email. Kurt Van Dahm Westmont, IL mtdoramike, a MSW member just made the following contribution to the potential kit purchaser: Hey Kurt, I would like to make a contribution to the Victory kit sale. If a member on the MSW forums buys the kit, I will also include the following: 1. A few pieces of wood from the real Victory ship that I received from England when I built the Victory. I paid about $75.00 for the wood, but have a few pieces left which they can use to make a few pieces of the model like Anchor collars tie down bits and such. 2. Instruction manual and CD with the plans for the HMS Victory by Artesania Latina in case they would like to make any mods from one kit to the other. I will even cover the cost of the shipping to the buyer. mike central Florida
  4. Hi: I asked this question in my introduction topic but I think here is a better place to ask. These are the kits I have bought, some because are very old and I did not want to miss the opportunity of having them. - America yacht by sterling models (RC) - Dallas revenue cutter by Artesania Latina - Swift by Artesania Latina - Bluenose by mini mamoli My 2 candidates are the swift and the bluenose. I actually bought the bluenose to make it my first model but now that I have it seems very small and I think would be hard to do the rigging for a beginner, the main point is that it is solid hull construction which is easier but to be honest I do not like solid hull construction however it can be a good exercise for other techniques. Should I start with the mini mamoli? the swift by AL? or something bigger like the Dallas revenue(I wouldn't like to mess this kit because it is out of production)? The America yacht I think is out of play for now because this particular ship has a special place in my heart (childhood memories) and I want to start it once I feel comfortable with my skills as a model ship builder. Your help is appreciate it. Juan
  5. Hi. I have up for grabs a unstated model of the Royal Caroline by Panart. Box opened to take photos only. UK sale only please. photos are on EBay along with all other information. I hope this conforms with the posting regulations I will not be having the time to start this kit. So it's off to a new home. Please ask any questions. I will endeavour to answer then ASAP. Regards Antony.
  6. Hi Guys, I have been away from modelling for a few years now, but my oldest boy saw the advert for build the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and he was really keen to build it. I mentioned that I had one in the shed, so I dragged it out an dusted it off. The boys and I are building the AL San Francisco. We have been at it for a few weeks now only spending a couple of hours a week, but it is coming along. I recognise a few of the names on the list - so a big hello to all. Cheers Mark from Tassie
  7. Hello folks, we have new products that you may be interested in ... I'm working on these projects personally so I was very interested in the opinion of modelers, especially the kit builders ...... these kits can be viewed on the website ( MARISSTELLA sail-boats kits ) ... tell me what do you think at the first sight .... (sorry for the bad English)
  8. Selling the following kit since I do not have the time to build it. Kit is still in the original wrapping as I received it from Model Expo ===== Model Shipways Kit No. MS2240 Length 36-1/2" / Height 24-1/2" / Scale 3/16" = 1 (1:64) Plank On Bulkhead Individual basswood strips cover the hull, and we provide six filler blocks in our Model Shipways Niagara to make the job easier. True-to-scale Britannia metal, brass and hardwood fittings assure scale accuracy. Eighteen cast metal carronades and two long guns duplicate the armament of the original vessel. Rigging material include over 600 blocks and deadeyes and four diameters of rigging line. Six sheets of detailed plans and 40 page illustrated instruction manual by Ben Lankford clarify every phase of construction. (Display base and brass pedestals not included.) Niagara Kit Features • Authentic plank-on-bulkhead construction • Laser cut basswood structural parts • True-to-scale Britannia metal, brass and hardwood fittings • Eighteen carronades and two long guns • Four diameters of rigging line • Six sheets of detailed plans and 40 page step-by-step instruction manual $175.00 [ includes shipping/handling ] PayPal preferred Thanks
  9. I am considering modeling the Chesapeake Lightship. Is anyone aware of a kit or plans for a model of this ship?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm 20 years old and new to the model ship community. I am looking for a good starter ship thats not going to make me feel like and idiot because its so easy to build, and wont cost a months rent to buy. I would prefer a ship that I could remotely sail on the lake next to where I live. Any suggestions? Thanks