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  1. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, the hole in the fore top is currently too small for the line to go back through it. Maybe I can extend it slightly so that can be done but there is not much room. I shall ruminate and cogitate for a while and see what can be done. Cheers, Philip 🍺
  2. This is the rather Health-Robinson jig I have created to attach the dead eyes to the fore top. Seems to work OK. Note the grips on the crocodile clip are covered with heat shrink to prevent damage to the painted dead eye.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys. Rigging is proceeding and although tedious quite satisfying. Will post some pics when the foremast is done.
  4. OK, the build hasn't stopped -it's just proceeding at a glacial pace. Boat Construction General Pics - alas she is so big it is almost impossible for me to take a full profile photo
  5. Forward bridge complete and fitted. This is a time consuming and fiddly job to say the least! The decoration that runs around the bridge edge is made by twisting three strands of 1 mm brass wire together then hammering them flat on an anvil block. The handrail is 2 mm brass wire hammered flat. These were then bent into shape using a forming template. Billing's instruction for the edge decoration was to use rigging thread - yuk!
  6. Thanks Keith, I suspect vicky is a bit jealous of all the attention her big sister is getting so she snuck into the pic out of spite Cheers, Philip
  7. Chainplates and handrails now all fitted so its onto the deck. I ended up making the rifle proof conning tower out of plasticard, as I defy anyone to bend the 2mm plywood provided to the required shape without it delaminating, splitting or warping. It was then lined with 0.8x3mm stripwood. Conning tower, compasses and main vent dry fitted to the deck Now fabricating the deck stairs and capstan.
  8. Aye Aye! There is a deadeye pair attached to the top of each one, which then connects to the shrouds. On the real ship the connection was hidden in the middle of the double handrail. I thought about doing that but there is only about 3mm to work in so with a 1mm gap either side its nigh on impossible.
  9. Made jigs for each of the chain plate groups out of 2x1 timber and brass wire (80 in total). Port side is done and the upper double handrail fitted.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out, I hadn't noticed it! Weird, must be a reflection from something as the acetate in the windows is clear. Cheers, Philip
  11. OK, Having checked the reference books I have, there was definitely a pitch on the propeller. So I've modified the blades, thankfully with no damage. As a side note, the propeller pitch wasn't adjustable - when the ship was under sail it would be hauled up into the well in the stern. As the model is in steam mode (because the funnels are up) the representation of the propeller is now correct. Thanks for the input guys! Best, Philip
  12. Hi Christos, Thanks. Yes, she is in Portsmouth. There is a webcam at the top of her mast from which you can see the Victory moored not far away. Link is here. Cheers
  13. Thanks Gerhard, I see what you mean. I think the blades should be mounted at 45% to the shaft. I will try and fix but it may not be doable without damage in which case it will have to stay as it is. Best, Philip

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