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  1. YankeeD, I checked the shipping and you are better off buying it there. Thanks for the interest.
  2. I just couldn't figure out how to glue it together. Thought about putting it together upside down then gluing Bristol board to the back side....just not sure. Didn't want to ruin it.
  3. I have changed my mind about framing this puzzle, looking to sell it. It was put together once and now sits in the box in sections separated by paper. Best Offer plus shipping. Thanks for looking Jerry
  4. Very nicely done. What scale is it? Would you have a pic showing the whole thing? Cheers Jerry
  5. I decided to build this iconic ship from 1/4 scale plans instead this kit. I took my time assembling it and it shows very nice. But it needs to be finished. I thought about keeping it and use it for spare wood but it would be sad to see it get all cut up. I'm not sure what to ask for it.... if someone is interested in finishing it please PM me with your offer. Thanks, Jerry
  6. My wife and I hiked the Maitland Trail (48km) on Saturday. This trail starts in Auburn, Ontario and it follows the Maitland River to Goderich. It was a very scenic hike.
  7. I'm also annoyed with double spot parking. But my biggest Pet Peeve are smokers that litter on your property. I'm not a smoker nor do I judge anyone for choosing to smoke. But I cant stand smokers that fling their butts on your property. WTF! These just don't disintegrate and go away. I'm the one who's stuck cleaning them up all the time, grrrr. I don't get. Cigarettes buts no different then trash. And I would never throw trash on someones property, why are butts different?
  8. I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing my space. Cheers Jerry
  9. Way to go Patrick!! Love the bike. Cheers Jerry
  10. Very nice job!!! I like the case. Jerry
  11. I second John's "Historic Ship Models by Wolfram zu Mondfeld" suggestion. I just bought a copy on Amazon and it's fantastic. Jerry
  12. I Finally got my puzzle completed. Now all that's left is to build a frame for it. It was a fun project but one is more than enough. Jerry
  13. A friend of mine has found this original water-color painting for me. It's of a famous Canadian artist by the name of Otto Planding.
  14. Robert, Thanks,,, that sounds straight forward. My kit didn't come with template. I'll have to mark them all out when I get to that point. Keep the pictures coming,,,
  15. Very nice,,, Thanks for sharing your build. Quick question,,,, how did you cut the vents on the side of the hull? Jerry
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