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  1. Eamonn, Roberts and Michael, thank you for your comments. I have a small update. Painted and fitted the stern trophy of arms. Also fitted the chain under the stern. I am not much of an artist, took me a long time to paint and retouch. Figurehead painted but I will not be fitting it for now. I will first do some further work on the bow first. I have prepared the railings on the bow. They are only dry fitted for now. My aim is to prepare the parts that go on the bow so that when I start fitting them I do not hav
  2. Hi Graham, thankyou for your encouragement. Enjoy your retirement, now is the time to try and catch up to do things you did not find time for before. Pity you are not updating your build anymore, I am sure you are doing a great job on your Victory. I am retired as well, to be honest I cannot imagine myself without the access to a computer, as I use it for a lot of other things apart from this forum, such as my other hobby, photography. Anthony, thank you for your comments. I have another small update. I continued the work on the hammock cranes. I really wanted to finish the
  3. Congratulations, a very beautiful model. Although I am building a different model I still visited your detailed work to admire and learn from. Robert
  4. Finally I received the decals and finished the fire buckets. The actual fire buckets on HMS Victory were made of leather so I tried to paint them as close as I could to look like the leather colour. I used the walnut colour paint and the red ochre. I did not mix them together, I just dipped the brush in the walnut then in the red ochre, sort of mixing the two colours together but not getting a uniform colour. When dry I put on the monogram decals. Wish I had some more experience in fixing decals. When decals were dry I painted over them with matt varnish as a protector as they
  5. Thank you Paul, not really way ahead of you, I notice in your build that you have finished parts that I haven't done yet, such as fitting the gunport lids in place and other work. You are doing a great job on your Victory. Believe it or not I am still waiting to receive the decals for the fire buckets, which I like to finish before I continue the rest of the hammock cranes and netting. In the meantime I thought I might as well do something else, so I prepared the four big anchors. In the kit manual it shows the stock of the anchor tapered only on the underside. But f
  6. That is really nice work Helli. The ship boats are so detailed and the rigging of the blocks to the yards is so neat. Great work. Robert
  7. Roberts, Thank you for your nice comments. I learned a lot from this forum from other builders, so I definitely don't mind welcoming you on board, and wherever I can help you don't hesitate to ask. Happy new year. Heinz, thank you and a happy new year to you and your family too. Robert
  8. Thank you Michael, A small update on the hammock cranes. I finished the waist hammock cranes with the netting. The area where the anchor is going to rest I decided that it is best to leave it with no netting at all, Before I carry on with the poop and the quarterdeck hammock cranes I would prefer to finish and fit in place the fire buckets but I am still waiting to receive the monogram decals I had ordered. Hopefully I will receive them by next week. Robe
  9. Nice jig Michael. On my Victory I had used a drilled block of wood with a spirit level and I had to readjust a few of them, but with your jig I think you get the positions spot on. Through experience I have learned that it is always worth the time spent on making jigs, especially when you have repetitive work. Robert
  10. Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to you too Helli and to all members of this great forum. Robert
  11. Progress on the hammock cranes and netting is very slow. I finished both Forecastle hammock cranes. Also finished the Quarter Barricade Hammock Cranes and the Poop Deck Hammock Cranes with netting. Once I dry fitted the waist hammock cranes I realised that when fitting the anchor, the side that rests on the palm block has to go through the netting of the hammock cranes. I have to see if I can do something more realistic than just cutting a slit in the net. Robert
  12. Hello Heinz You did a wonderful job with the netting on your Victory. When I had just the nylon tulle I was thinking of having a go at doing the net myself after I saw yours and Nick's (Pompey2). It looks great on both. But to be honest I was trying to avoid it, as you said yourself it is a lot of work, and wasn't sure if I could make it that good. So when I found the other material, although I would have preferred it in cotton then polyester I thought it would do the job good enough and save a lot of work. Robert
  13. Helli and Heinz, thank you for your kind words. I keep a close follow up on the wonderful work on your Victory. I started work on the hammock cranes, never thought I would spend so much time on them. I spent ages to decide which material to use until I found sort of a netting made of polyester which in my opinion was the nearest to simulate the real net. I would have preferred to try something in cotton, but couldn't find any in local drapery shops. Then again spent a lot of time trying different ways how to do them, most of the time they were not coming out to my satisfaction
  14. Just came across your build, you've got some fine work going there Bossman. Excellent work, very detailed. As John has already told you, you are being too critical to your work. I know how it feels sometimes when you are doing something and it doesn't come out to your own expectations, and in some way it is good because you go for that little more extra effort for detail in your work which in my opinion makes a difference. But I also think that sometimes we overdo it. Keep up your beautiful work Bossman. Robert
  15. I painted all the yards, stunsail booms, gaffs, etc and rigged all the blocks, pendants and stirrups that have to go on the yards, hoping I did not miss any because it would be more difficult to rig them when the yards are in place. I also fitted the horses but as you can see from the photos they are not adjusted correctly. The outer end of the horse is tied to the yard accordingly, passed through the eyes of the stirrups, but the inner end I left loose around the yard. I will adjust these to the correct position with a sagging effect and tie properly the end of the horse just before I fit
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