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  1. Nice mast details Paul. Sometimes it is very frustrating when looking for details and you end up finding conflicting answers and you never know which is the right one. You end up with more questions than answers. The only thing I can say is that when I visited the Victory at Portsmouth the Mizzen mast had no rubbing paunch on it. If you enlarge this photo that I had taken, you will notice that there is a rubbing paunch on the fore and main mast but there isn't any on the Mizzen mast. If there was one and at some time it had been removed I wouldn't know. In my build I decided t
  2. Whilst still waiting for the brass tubes for the thimbles I finished the boats with the first planking. The Launch with the first plank. The Launch planked all over. The Pinnace. The Cutter. All four boats brushed all over with watered down white glue, trimmed and sanded, ready for the second planking. Having received the brass tubes I finished the lower masts pendants. For the fore a
  3. Mort, Thank you for your reply. Guess you are right, depends on the size of the rope you are serving. So I took out the serving machine I had made at the very start of the project but have never used up to now and give it a trial run. It ran pretty good and was amazed how accurate and quickly you can serve the lines with this machine. After a trial runs on the 1.3mm line used for the pendants I decided to go for the thinnest thread for serving. This is the serving machine I had made, of course I took the ideas from this forum, from those which are ready made to buy and from tho
  4. Really nice work and the serving is fantastic. I am just about to start the serving on the shrouds and pendants on my current Victory build. It is the first time that I am doing any serving and I do not have the faintest idea what size of line to use. I appreciate if you can let me know what size of line you used for serving. Robert
  5. Bossman and Anthony, thank you for your comments. I am just about to start on the rigging, a subject on which I still have a long way to go to learn. I will be starting with the Burton Pendants and the Shrouds. In the kit manual they are indicated to be done with 1.3mm line. I intend to serve the pendants and the shrouds (the part that goes round the mast), but my first obstacle is what size of line should I use for the serving, which I have never done. From a local store I can get two different types of Gutermann thread. The one on the cream reel is very thin, I think it
  6. Thank you Michael and thank you all for the likes. I have a small update. I fixed the Victory letters to the stern. They are quite tiny and fragile. I glued them with just a small dab of CA glue. This is how I marked the positions of the letters. a. With the computer I printed the 'VICTORY', same size as the supplied brass letters, using double spacing between the letters, on a plain paper. b. As soon as I printed it I took a piece of Tamaya masking tape, which is slightly transparent, and stuck it on top of the printed letters. Took the tape off again and t
  7. The bowsprit is fitted in place and gammoning done. Passing the line in between the bow rails was not that straight forward. When doing the gammoning saddles I had calculated that the distance between them will accommodate exactly the nine turns of gammoning. While doing the gammoning I managed to knock down one of the cat heads, but already fitted back. Then fitted the knights heads, with the boomkins already attached to them. I seized the boomkin shrouds and the block beforehand. When possible, seizing is much easier done when items are still in your hands. I worked
  8. Nice writeup and explanation Michael. Taking your time and planning the best approach to do things always pays off at the end. Keep up your good work Michael. Robert
  9. Hi md, thank you for your comment and especially for the website for the Roman numbers. They look great, pity I did not know about them before. In my case, my only hesitation is that, although they are very small (2.5mm high) they might be a bit too big for my scale (1:72). The decals I used are 1.5mm. I doubt it if they make them that small. Graham, I try my best and I owe most of my moderate ability to a lot of members in this forum, who are magnificent builders, from whom I learned a lot. Robert
  10. Eamonn, Roberts and Michael, thank you for your comments. I have a small update. Painted and fitted the stern trophy of arms. Also fitted the chain under the stern. I am not much of an artist, took me a long time to paint and retouch. Figurehead painted but I will not be fitting it for now. I will first do some further work on the bow first. I have prepared the railings on the bow. They are only dry fitted for now. My aim is to prepare the parts that go on the bow so that when I start fitting them I do not hav
  11. Hi Graham, thankyou for your encouragement. Enjoy your retirement, now is the time to try and catch up to do things you did not find time for before. Pity you are not updating your build anymore, I am sure you are doing a great job on your Victory. I am retired as well, to be honest I cannot imagine myself without the access to a computer, as I use it for a lot of other things apart from this forum, such as my other hobby, photography. Anthony, thank you for your comments. I have another small update. I continued the work on the hammock cranes. I really wanted to finish the
  12. Congratulations, a very beautiful model. Although I am building a different model I still visited your detailed work to admire and learn from. Robert
  13. Finally I received the decals and finished the fire buckets. The actual fire buckets on HMS Victory were made of leather so I tried to paint them as close as I could to look like the leather colour. I used the walnut colour paint and the red ochre. I did not mix them together, I just dipped the brush in the walnut then in the red ochre, sort of mixing the two colours together but not getting a uniform colour. When dry I put on the monogram decals. Wish I had some more experience in fixing decals. When decals were dry I painted over them with matt varnish as a protector as they
  14. Thank you Paul, not really way ahead of you, I notice in your build that you have finished parts that I haven't done yet, such as fitting the gunport lids in place and other work. You are doing a great job on your Victory. Believe it or not I am still waiting to receive the decals for the fire buckets, which I like to finish before I continue the rest of the hammock cranes and netting. In the meantime I thought I might as well do something else, so I prepared the four big anchors. In the kit manual it shows the stock of the anchor tapered only on the underside. But f
  15. That is really nice work Helli. The ship boats are so detailed and the rigging of the blocks to the yards is so neat. Great work. Robert
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