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  1. Hello all ,

    After several  changes of mind as to which model to build after my current build , because of the larger scale and the fact I really admire the various schooner versions , I have decided to go for Model Shipways " Glad Tidings " . I think I am skilled enough and would like  to build an all wood version without any paint , using various types of woods for hull and Deck planking and cabins etc . Because I would like the woods to contrast nicely with each other and adding some extra deck furniture and make the effort to make it a hand down for my Grandson , I would like peoples thoughts and views on which woods would be good to use for the various parts of the build  ?


  2. Hello Goop doopis, 

    I am fairly new to wooden model boats, but by what I've learned so far some of the manufacturers especially from Europe don't supply really good instructions, so leaving the new modeler slightly confused and frustrated. Apparently Model Shipways provide good quality kits with understandable instructions. As to how historically accurate they are, you should wait for a member with more experience to tell you. 


  3. Hello All ,

    Some more help needed . Regarding Model Shipways Pinky schooner "Glad Tidings " . I really like the shape and lines of this model but I also like a schooner with a more prominent (pointed ) bow or front . The Glad Tidings has a rounded bow with the protruding bowsprit ,  is it practical /possible to scratch build and fit  a forepeak / beak under the bowsprit where I think I am right in saying a Figurehead may have been placed ?



  4. I don't know if it is permitted to discuss on this forum, but I have seen many Chinese / Russian sellers on Ebay and Ali Express selling reproduction pob boat kits , and wonder how they can be sold so cheaply . Has anyone here had any experience of buying and constructing these kits ?

  5. I can see and understand why modelers would want to authenticate their boat or ship models by using real copper tape or thin plates and especially if they use copper plate as surely this is just replicating the real thing in miniature apart from using copper nails to affix them. But I would have

    Thought that when a model boat is being admired, as you said, your eye should be drawn to the lines, shape, deck details and rigging which are all integral parts of any boat model, but surely that would include the copper plates or indeed the wood planking that is a feature also. For all it is pleasing in some peoples eyes to look at a Shiney copper bottom, I agree with you that it is not happens in reality and as such unrealistic. I suppose it all depends as to how far one is into model making but I appreciate your post was a well  intended one and was very informative. 


  6. Hello All ,

    I am fairly new to wood model boat building but have other modelling skills and was quite interested to find out how many modelers use either the copper tape (is this real copper ?) or the real copper plates for the bottom of the ship hulls . I do think it gives an authentic look to a good ship model . My next build (I think) will be either MSW Benjamin Latham or Bluejackets Smuggler , would I be right in assuming that both these original boats would have been copper bottomed ? If so what size plates would I use on either of these two model boats ?

    Thanks .


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