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  1. I'll second Legends note: Don't know if you're still around the site, but yeah, great job. You made it look easy. (I'm just starting to plank my own Glad Tidings.)
  2. Happy Birthday, Derek.  Hope to see you posting soon.




  3. Brilliant build, Steve. Thanks for posting your log. I learned some useful tricks here. Mark
  4. Righteous workshop! This may be your first ship build, but you're no beginner. Me on the the other hand... I'm learning a lot just by watching. I'll follow along.
  5. Thanks, Jim and Carl. The Admiral approves too, describing the work as "elfy." Elfy, as in the Keebler Elf. She was drawn to the details, below. I'm back to puzzling out how to download pictures from the cloud. (Don't mean to publish them so large.) I'll figure it out eventually. I really enjoyed building this, and I'm quite pleased with the results. There are many ways it can be improved, but that takes time and practice. I can't wait to start another . Having problems removing an extra picture. If I'm successful, then good
  6. A year later, I'd say it was about time to finish the build. (Moving from a four bedroom house to a 650 SF apartment is a serious disruption, and this Spring we've been getting out and exploring our new hometown of snohomish I spent a lot of time painting--or rather, learning to paint. I used filbert style brushes which worked well. I thinned the paint to a workable consistency and just did the best I could. Getting even color w/o brush strokes is a real challenge, but I did the best I could. I got bogged down attaching the molding. I was using CA for the first
  7. I'm more inclined towards working boats, but I can see why you're enthused about this build. It looks great.
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