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  1. Hello All , I have no doubt that many people get totally hooked into model coat / ship building and I can see why . As I have said in a previous topic I am in the process of making ALs "Marie-Jeanne" and really getting into it to the point of looking towards my next model to make . I don't want to get carried away with things and having looked at quite a few different models to make then changing my mind , I have once again decided to put it to this forum and seek help . If I only ever make one more model , I want it to be a showpiece and something that I would be proud to pass on to my grandson , and with this in mind I now have a few different models in mind . I would like to make a classic / traditional schooner type boat approximately around 32" to 36" in length , and one that does not present to much difficulty with rigging and sails (one mast would be ideal) , but I know not always practical . It must have really nice lines and preferably pre made sails . Three that I have looked at are , "Bluenose" , "Pride of Baltimore" and "Dapper Tom" . I am looking for advice as to which of these or indeed any other models to go for . I know with Bluenose that several companies manufacture this model so some advice as to best one would be usefull . All help appreciated Mike
  2. Hello All , Looking at starting my second boat build in the not too distant future . I think I have come to the conclusion of trying to build the 19th century racing yacht "America" . There are a number of companies make this model , so Im trying to choose the one with the most detailed pieces which will look authentic once finished (any ideas) ? one thing I have picked up for plank on bulkhead models is that the fore and aft bulkheads are better for planking if you use some sort of filler to help support the planking as it bends round . Has anyone any simple / cheap ideas as to what can be used for this purpose ? Just out of interest I have been looking at Mamolis version ??? Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks Chris , much appreciated
  4. Hello All , Having made different kids of models over the years (on and off ) , I am in the process of constructing Artesania Latina "Marie -Jeanne" Tuna fishing boat . I am taking my time double planking her , finishing off with a pear wood hull which at present looks ok to my eyes . I am now planking the port side to finish the hull and have the basic deck planking and comings finished , and am looking forward to finishing the project for display . Unfortunately there are several pieces of the walnut wood pieces missing , I have contacted AL via their ebay site but no answer as yet ! As I am really enjoying the plank on bulkhead type of construction , I plan on making another model after finishing this one and was thinking about trying a solid hull construction model . As I am limited to mainly a Dremmel tool and various small hand files and other tools do you think this is a viable option ? I would like to know how much wood needs to be removed from solid hull construction kits and / or any other type of work I would need to carry out and if this would be achieveable with my tools ? Any advice appreciated . Mike
  5. Hello Irish chick, Welcome to the forum which model are your plans for? Mike (UK)
  6. Thanks everyone for your input and sorry I got plank on frame / bulkhead mixed up as I'm still learning. At the end of the day I just enjoy the build to relax my mind Mike
  7. Sorry , should have read 900 mm in length
  8. Hello All , At present I am in the process of building my first plank on frame boat , Artesania Latina " Marie-Jeanne " . I am taking my time as I am double planking this model and finishing it off with Pearwood decking and possibly nice quality Oak veneer strip hull planking (any views , or vice versa ) ,finished with yacht varnish or other wood oil . It is looking good so far as I am measuring each separate plank to fit . In the past I have built a really nice shaped Dutch Barge from scratch even designing my own set of plans etc , so I have picked up a few skills on the way by trial and error . I know I may be jumping ahead of myself , but after finishing this boat , I would like to build something a little bigger and slightly more to it ! I would like to ask other members opinions about this , as I would like a plank on frame model with classic lines / looks , no more than around 600mm in length , maybe a clipper or Brigatine or other style boat with sails , but not too complicated with too much rigging , sails etc . and not too expensive , Any Ideas from members ? Thanks Mike
  9. Hi Neil, Para Reg mate. I am making my first plank on frame model boat, the "Marie - Jeanne" French Tuna fishing boat which has really nice lines with sails, which is why I chose it. Taking it easy and using other people's build projects from the forum. It's coming on good and using my own skills which I've worked out myself from a previous boat build from scratch using my own plans. I must say this is a very relaxing hobby and takes me back to my own childhood making airfix planes (spitfire being my first). Pity today's kids don't follow on doing this as it gives you a good grounding in practical skills. Cheers Mike
  10. Hi Neil, old Yorkshire lad by the sounds of it, using the " Ridings" titles. I'm from the NE coast shipbuilding area which is probably where I get my love of maritime and my Grandfather was a Lloyd's Registered Surveyor of shipping. Like you I'm ex squaddie but after a bit ill health I find it relaxing going back to modeling plank on frame. By the way my Mam was born in Hull. Cheers Mike
  11. Great idea jolly Roger! Anyone how much weight in bags of sand I would have to use as ballast (for sailing) the Marie Jeanne, relative to the size of the model? Thanks Mike
  12. Hi Steve, Welcome. My advice is to use the forum and the members wealth of experience. When doing your first wood ship build, choose your first model after lots of research and use YouTube for ship builds for your particular model. Mike

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