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  1. Thanks all for the repllies. Mtaylor, yes I think I will look into maple and pear depending on the application, saving boxwood for carving.
  2. Curious of the pro's and cons through your own experience of using Alaskan Cedar for framing, planking, etc, vs. Boxwood, and Beech.. Randy
  3. Here's a picture of the famous HMS Black Joke which was in the West Africa Squadron..white ensign. Curious what fleet they were under.
  4. It sounds like she was in the West Africa Squadron (Preventative Squadron). They caught a lot of slavers between Africa and Brazil.
  5. Either a red, white, or blue depending on what squadron she was assigned. Each fleet had these squadrons. Exact areas and how they changed and were adjusted over time is my question as I have a query on this topic. This until 1864 when the white ensign became the royal navy ensign, blue for reserve and red for merchants/civilian. Not sure if your ship was in the West Africa Squadron.
  6. Curious if anyone has a map of the RN squadrons(red, white, blue) area of responsibility from about 1750 to 1865 which were assigned to their respective fleets, or they might be stand alone squadrons? I would like a more detailed depiction (and any changes)..R.C.
  7. Hello everyone! I've been a member of this site before and modeling most of my life. I'm trying to compile a group list of modelers in Texas. This would be could be shared with each other(or not), but would serve as a tool to get everyone together to exchange ideas, etc. almost like an unofficial "club". Please PM me and we'll go from there. Randy
  8. https://www.woodenmodelshipkit.com/product/4930-open-panama-fairlead-10x8mm-2/?v=7516fd43adaa Not sure of the size you need, but it shouldn't be hard to solder from brass...
  9. Giorgio, what do you use for a finish on the wood? Linseed oil/tung oil??
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