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  1. Thank you for sharing this! The set of nails coming with my current kit have uneven heads and they look kind of ugly on the model. I was looking for nails with round head, but couldn't find a supplier. I never believed that I can make my round headed nails so easily! Thank you again!!!
  2. Dear All, I attached a photo of one of the models of the ship in question, for your reference. As I understood, the guns on it are in "battle" position. I would much prefer to show them in "peacetime". Just want to say that I appreciate your help and enthusiasm!
  3. Dear All, I am building the model of the ship "Cannoniera olandese n.2". I have seen plenty of photos of the guns in battle position, but I want to show the guns when they are in "transport" position. Could you please let me know where can I find some materials on how the guns were tied to the deck when they were not in use. I have some drawings, but they are not clear at all. Thank you
  4. Hi Moxis, Thank you for the photos, I was thinking about making a similar jig!
  5. Thank you, I followed the link, your build is absolutely stunning! I will follow your thread it is truly educational!
  6. Dear All, Can anyone recommend tools or tips on how to create sharp edges on brass strips? I am creating hinges and other small brass parts for cannons. I can bend the metal but the edges are too round. I saw people are talking about special pliers etc. but I could not find them on the internet? Any advice would be really appreciated. My metal work looks kind of ugly at this moment... Thank you!
  7. Dear Jan and All, Thank you for your interest, I will come back to the rudder issue in a subsequent post, there are a number of issues there and I need to put my mind around them before posting. Moreover, I just want to finish planking the hull just to see how the rudder would fit to it. Talking about planking. Work is progressing slowly but steadily. I must say, loads of wood filler and loads of sanding. Nevertheless, one side is almost done (although I the same days ago, but I always discover some imperfection, but I will have to stop at some point...). Meanwhile I decided to upload a few bits of deck furniture that I made earlier. Not a big deal, but I would like to document each part of the ship to make the life easier for anyone who decides to build this ship in the future.
  8. Hi Jan, Thank you for the link! Yes, I have seen the photos, but the rudder assembly is not clearly visible on them. Meanwhile I contacted the maritime museum in Den Helder. They told me that their ship is on loan, so they can't make photos for me, but they sent a link to a photo gallery of a model in the maritime museum in Rotterdam. It is brilliant!! The photos seem to support my suspicion that this part of the plan is not correct! http://maritiemdigitaal.nl/index.cfm?event=search.getdetail&id=100085101 Anyway, I think this photo gallery will help me a lot!!! Best regards, Sandor
  9. Dear All, Here is the last cannon I made for the ship. Planking still needs a lot of sanding/wood filler but I will get there eventually. At this moment I am thinking about building the rudder, but I have some difficulties believing what I see on the plans and on some of the existing models. The question I always ask myself building the ship is "Why would they do that way?" I think on a ship all things have to be practical to the extreme, so if there is no practical explanation for something, I start to doubt the plans... Anyway, I will collect all my concerns and I will open a topic, I am sure the experts here will be able to give me an answer! Meanwhile enjoy the cannon!
  10. Dear All, Two more cannons I made while doing the planking (apparently wrongly :-) on the ship... I wish a beautiful Christmas to you all!
  11. Hi Ian, Thank you for the comment! Well, then I am building another wrongly planked ship... Anyway, I like my pattern better, but I will make sure that I will include a comment in the building log marking that it is planked incorrectly! Thank you for the comment again and have beautiful Christmas!
  12. Dear All, The first round of the planking is ready, but I will need to do some touch-up on it. I must admit, it is way better than I expected but still need some work filling the gaps with wood filler and sanding. I am curious myself how it will look at the end. Meanwhile here is a photo of another gun that I made when I was fed up with planking:

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