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  1. All pics saved, now I know, why I`m placing so many of them in forums. Almost nothing is lost, currently working to redraw all my 3D-construction parts, including the wheel and engine parts. Thankfully (to myself☺️) I always keep all the steps I make not only on the PC but on paper too. Everything I`ve made in 3D is still here, but will take some days to redraw. Most of the gun barrels are done, now it goes to the engine and wheel parts. Best regards and stay well! Gerhard
  2. No such trouble with deliveries in Vienna............. But lots of people are bunkering toilet paper, I wonder why????????????????? We can go out to get all the food we need, most people keep a good distance from others, so we do too. But we also watch out that we are not otu for too much time, wash our hands carefully, no signs of the virus at the time😅. Made some progress with saving my pics from the CAIRO-Thread on my PC again, learned how far I was before, and can do a new restart now! Best regards and keep healthy Gerhard
  3. Hi Friends!! Nice to have such a welcome back!! Next thing to do for me is to save all my pics from this thread back to my PC, and then have a new restart. Fortunatly I "save" most of my pictures in the building reports, so I can have a good base for the build. CU soon with new pics, when the "old things" are saved! Best regards Gerhard
  4. So WELL!!!!!!! I`m BACK!!! That means, I`m back for model making, after some other troubles to handle. But now i am well and ready to have a new start with the CaIRO first to build. I`ve re-read where I was with the build before, checked the started ship, no breaks and no failures till now, what is important for the upcoming things to do. BUT: By a computer failure i`ve lost all the Bob Hill plans, so if anybody has them, would be great to have them back! I will have to rescale the paddlewheel, most of my former 3D Drawings are lost too. But I can still work on the hull, planking is
  5. Wine into water - T. Graham Brown
  6. Hi Eberhard I WILL search for them, but have to take a look first, wich one of the files I have saved on my PC yet, but not on the dropbox file. Thanks for the hints, goin` searchin`...................... Best Regards Gerhard
  7. Hi Eberhard I expected that there must be much more of Kameke, but did not find all of it! If you would have links for us could be really helpful! Best regards Gerhard
  8. Hi druxey I just "fell" over it by searching for marks of prussian cannons, did not find them but the green albums.............. More about the prussian guns is to be found in the files called "Kameke". Feel ALL free to save the albums and the other files on your PC! That are the things that should be saved by so many as possible! Best regards Gerhard
  9. jumpin jack flash - The Rolling Stones
  10. Hi hobbydoor That would be great, so we could have the full set of the green albums! I`ve missed them as I downloaded the parts I have, but there were no link to find for them. Naturally I would be interested in the marks of Austria and Germany, but all the other volumes too! Best regards Gerhard
  11. Hi Burce Glad to read that! By the way, the "Kameke" is very interesting too, lots of information i nerev had before I "fell" over it. Maybe too interesting for you is the file "British smooth bore artillery" lots of infos too! Best regards Gerhard
  12. Hi Bruce Dont worry, just visit! I`ve posted the link for everyone, hope it works fine for you all! Please give some response if you´ve tried, that would be nice1 best regards Gerhard
  13. Hi hobbydoor Here is the link to my dropbox, there are some more interesting things about historic guns to find! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r59trorjaggt8p4/AABJumuA1cUu6Xdou-dsPFEza?dl=0 Best regards Gerhard
  14. Money changes everything - Cyndi Lauper
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