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  1. Hello and have a nice good evening, today the second page was finished and is ready to get its first coat of paint and for the next few days I will be busy with nailing.
  2. Thanks for the likes and the nice comments. Filing the clinker is not that bad at all. Now I would like to show you a little update about the second page. I hope that I will be finished in the next few days and can start with the inside. Wishing a nice evening.
  3. So it's September now and I've started with the second page, but I'm not going to plank this completely. This is the status from the weekend, new updates will be available in the next few days.
  4. I need about a week for the planking. In the next step I started to provide the planks with copper nails and then blackened them. It's crazy work 🤪
  5. In the next step I started with the load compartment construction and decided to continue with the exterior planking.
  6. When all of this was done I could start with the interior planking. I would like to say that it is not perfect, both in terms of my work but also in terms of the kit because the pages are not complete and you have to fill in gaps.
  7. The day came when I dared to go to the rear, very tricky, a constant removal and installation, adjustment, etc. In the end I was very satisfied with the result, even if it took two days to adjust the whole thing.
  8. In the next few days I was busy filing the individual frames. Removal of the laser carbon, beveling the individual teeth and grinding. See for yourself 😉.
  9. I ordered the kit from Tom in China on July 14th, 2021 and already on July 19th it was almost with me there was a number rotated in my postal code - so it was with me in Bavaria / Germany on July 21st 😉. First of all, I checked the content and had to find out that two plates were missing. I got in touch with Tom and thanks to the great aftersail Tom sent me the missing parts immediately. 1Y and 1YF not in the Kit
  10. First, I built a small platform with storage space. And in addition Ancre's monograph worried about comparing the plans with one another.
  11. Hello everyone, Well, I'll give it a try and start my construction protocol for the Le Coureur 1776 kit from CAF. It is my second model as I beg your indulgence if it is not perfect. However, I ask for constructive criticism as well as tips and tricks. I deliberately chose this model because it comes very close to a POF and I plan to deal with a scratch construction later. You can choose from the HMS Beagel, the frigate Naiad, La Renommee or the La Jacinthe. However, I still need some time to practice. Tobi
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