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  1. poco a poco i decided, for cosmetic reasons, to use the same holes the edge bolt lacing used to fasten the sail to the mast even so, i had to open them up a little with a bamboo awl before i could thread a new line through them
  2. I feel you man. The you have to deal with the difference between the two different directions the ropes can be twisted when made...and which side of the ship each kind goes on...and if you are making your own ropes...it gives me a headache.
  3. on to some of the hard bits since my wire "rope" tends to come unravelled so easily when making loops or knots, i tried twisting some to the white up a little harder. i found these great little battery powered led lights..bright and helpful to old eyes, but they tended to fall forwards (often onto the model) so i glued some card extensions onto their bases. The sail has 3 eylets attached to its edge, I started by first bending them to shape....but then it proved impossible to attach them to the bolt rope. So I had to start with a longer piece and loop it through from each side, and then tighten it up. Nice thing about wire is that often you can do things like this without having to get out the krazy glue, the ends just fold back over the bolt rope, get clipped off and we're ready to go. I finally finished all the pesky little reef points and was able to trim them to a common length. Next we have to see about lacing the sail to it's long, long yard.
  4. Well... the cat is black and white... so eventually he will match the color scheme
  5. another day in rigging land After all my worries I ended putting the bottom block on upside down its a sign of age that i no am no longer willing to remove it and rebuild the whole thing "correctly" Going to have to wait until I can get all the rigging on the main mast, and hang the sail as well, i think, before i dare glue the mast in So I'm back to working on the reef points...they drive me crazy I can tie a little knot on one side...but not successfully on the other That stumped me for a long time Then i realized it didn't actually have to be a knot, it just sort of had to look like one so now i make a couple of tight coils and sort of mash them together into a blob on the off side...sort of looks like a knot
  6. So, taking the bull by the horns...we start on the rigging i mated an old hand drill with the minature drill holder to make something to use to twist the rope i tried 2 strand and 3 strand... i've decided i like the antique white...i've never found a way of doing the running rigging unbleached that satisfied me...maybe this will work out so i started with the big 4 sheave blocks at the base of the mast they are way to small for me to think of actually inserting the pulleys, but my "fake" slot seems to have worked so i guess have to commit and starting gluing things i'm never quite sure i'm doing the rigging in an order that won't trap me in the end my ambition is to someday build a model where the masts can be taken down and then rerigged like a real ship
  7. daily changes. I gave up on the paper block at the mast top with 2 sheeves in it and built it out of wood. instead of trying to make it as small as needed i used some oversized pieces of bamboo and after they glue had dried i trimmed it to size. i did add faceplates from the paper parts to get the appearance of the "slots" There are wooden blocks on the mast with 4 pulleys in in them, but the size was too small for me to cut the 4 slots, so i just cut one slot across the top and all 4 lines will go through that. i think it will give the right illusion. I did get some more reference material. The good news is i now know everything i need to know about the rigging, and all its details. The bad news is...
  8. Back after a big gap. Built the capstan...which is just a little past my ability to see... Decided to try "pinning" parts, so a small bamboo pin was used up the center... bars are also bamboo. Since I am painting everything it gives me some freedom. I prefer to roll parts like the center of the capstan rather than to form the cylinders by gluing a paper part in a circle. You can see how i extended the kit part to be longer...and then rolled it into the right sized barrel. A couple of the bollards got knocked off in the interim, one was found...i'm adding a "pin" to it, a new one had to be carved from walnut, so i made the pin an integral part of it
  9. all layers cut now... i will have to use three of the attempts that did not work to raise the ship high enough above the building board to have space for the bow next I need to make the building board...with enough space to use it to position the section templates as I shape the hull
  10. Three more layers. I had an anxious moment so I measured to get a height to compare to the drawings. I'm 3/32 short....easily made up with some paper shims...so that's a relief
  11. no, tooth count is higher, blades are brand new blade is to flexible, i don't have the knack of getting it to follow the line of the cut i don't think it's the saws fault... as my dad used to say... its the nut behind the wheel
  12. I gave up on the jig saw...there may be something fundamental i don't understand about using it...and switched to a sabre saw. As you can see we are into the thicker cross section. This is #6, so there are 6 more to go
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