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  1. Finished the handrails. Completely missed the point that all the staunchions had to be cut to individual lengths taken off the plans but easy enough to do that then reassemble before installation. Curly endpieces are doubled to match handrail thickness.
  2. Hull nearly complete. Made a major blunder with finishing the outside of the hull.... caused mainly by my non standard colour scheme. When I applied the plastic rubbing strip which is white it looked rubbish, partly because it wasnt really a fair line, and the colour contrast was too great. Didnt want to paint it silver...if the hull was standard white then the silver painted strip would look OK but the white on blue looked awful to me so I ripped it off. Now have to fully remask hull, remove fairleads, and respray a number of coats to cover the glue damage and necessary sanding.... dumb and d
  3. Gluing the deck planks to the underdeck sheet. I much prefer Weldbond (Canadian super PVA) to using superglue in these situations mainly because I really hate using superglue.I did use superglue GEL to attach the transom planks because it was really the only practical option but that is the only time I have used it. The Weldbond planks can be unclamped from those bends in less than 1 hour so planking the deck will take a little while. For any joints that are not wood on wood I have used UHU Hart. Fitted the inner and outer fairleads to the upper topsides.
  4. Started to dress the hull by sanding and varnishing the gunwales and the handrails. The handrails come in two pieces which you have to join. The gunwales come predrilled with a 2mm hole wherever a handrail staunchion is to go.This is very helpful and I taped the sanded and varnished handrails to their respective gunwales, marked the position of the straunchions through the gunwale holes, and then drilled blind 2mm deep holes in the 3mm handrail material at the marks. Couldnt have done it without the dremel drill press. Have put a small drop of UHU Hart in each handrail hole while upside down a
  5. Got the black chine stripe fitted which improves the appearance. Thought it might be difficult but went on pretty easily.
  6. Bit of a breakout from the painting instructions because I always wanted a blue boat. Finished painting the hull....Admiralty Paints Matt White and Tamiya Royal Blue X3 darkened with about 5% matt black. Now for dressing the hull with trim and rails. Why didnt I buy an airbrush 10 years ago..?
  7. I hate planking...it is what you get to do in hell I reckon. I actually had to abandon the 1 x 1 strips as my fingers just wouldnt install them between planks and I just spaced the precut planks by eye.... it is OK but not perfect. The bottom plank endewd up in the correct place on the hull so it must be overall OK.
  8. Good idea I suggest is to sand the planks while in their backing board, we have all broken a plank sanding it after mfr... they are rough surfaced so 320 followed by 600 and they are all good at once Also sanded on the reverse where the superglue will prefer a smooth surface to bond with the fibreglass hull.
  9. Thinking ahead to planking and have decided to change the order of steps. The instructions have the planks finished and then the keel and stem added after but I think the planking can be finished up against the stem much more satisfactorily if the stem is in place first. To do this you need to build the bow anchor platform and it's underneath supports, then the first layer of stem-keel (one piece) then plank up to this edge, then second layer of keel. Thats what I am doing anyway. The way they have it might just be the way the real boat fibreglass mould vanishes the faux planks to "flat"
  10. Well I must firstly apologise to Amati because I found the bundle of 1 x 1 inter plank strips......ooops. So they do go in permanently. Started on the two wale strips, planking is such fun. The blue patch is a colour test for doing the topsides in Navy blue...cant find the right blue yet.
  11. Thanks Carl. Went away for a winter holiday and was then stuck by movement restrictions. I am waiting onthe answer to a query on planking from Amati. It is not clear whether the main planks are spaced by 1 x 1 strips left in place or just used as temporary spacers. If the former, I cant find the stock in the kit to do that. I would just buy some locally and press on. Cheers.....John
  12. Back to the Grand banks after 4 months offline. Need to finish off the cabin structure before I tackle the hull...not much to do. Today was just some stair railings, side steps, fixing the flybridge furniture, and defining the cabin doors.
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