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  1. Been awhile since I posted progress, but it's moving along slow and steady The bulkheads were plotted and cut out on my CNC Router which I built over a number of years, Plot established the lines, the cuts were roughed out with a first pass and then the second pass was a light finishing cut to eliminate flex of the tool and gantry This is how I kept the bulkheads square and the Keel in alignment, the first two bulkheads were glued into place and spacers were added to keep them in alignment and then i used these two bulkheads as reference points for the run to the bow and the stern A square was clamped to the keel as i moved off to prevent twist and the bulkheads were kept equidistant with the help of the gantry which moved along as I glued each bulkhead and allowed them to dry before moving to the next one... This kept the keel in the same position as I added each bulkhead Moving to the Bow i used a black thread with two clamps to check the alignment after all the bulkheads were in place. I use Titebond Glue exclusively, I have avoided Cy as it seems to have a affect on me as of late... I am now starting the Fairing of the Hull, or as I like to think of it , as the unfairing of the Hull, because the whole process of sanding for days on ends seem so unfair.... More to follow.
  2. 1/16" part of a jig for the build board for my Winchelsea project.... That's 1/2" ply its sitting on.
  3. I guess they improved it, I cut a 1/2 × 3/4 aluminum angle with it today. Carbide blade, no wax, went right through it.
  4. Fixed the char problem, with a little judicious sanding. Tested the figurehead for proper taper fit. char gone now He fits pretty good other side The camera is pretty unforgiving, I think it looks good then I close in on the photos, and put on my magnifier. But then I remember people who view it wont have that agility.
  5. It is tapered, which is why I purchased that figurehead, tapered it for a fit , didn't include photos of that. Char sanding was overlooked, but I will correct that. Appreciate the feedback, got materials in today's post, so will be moving forward soon...
  6. Yep. It fills a need at a small cost, not a product that works out of the box, but can be tweaked to take care of lots of things.
  7. Nope, that's a scratch titan missile, built it for a grandsons school project, had a Gemini capsule on top. PVC pipe wrapped with a printout, and then a scaled capsule to fit PVC pipes scale....
  8. I have a hard time keeping up with tools when I'm working, so neatness is almost a necessity for me, I often spend as much time looking for things as I do building.
  9. 😉 thanks, I of course shamelessly borrowed much of it myself...
  10. Well I finally started the build, my build board is more of a build station. I have drawers below the build which are interchanged as I move from one stage of the build to the next, I have shown some pictures of how I utilize the space, hard to be original with designs, much borrowing of many different ideas incorporated here. This is my first build, but have been modeling and lurking about the forums for years.... This is the build station with the progress to dateT Large drawer storage top tray slides left to right to increase storage capacity Carving tools Cutting and drilling items Keel alignment Progress to date, I have not installed the bulkhead former's yet as I am waiting on some material to finish. I used Chucks instruction on bolts #77 and 15# Fishing Line The Stem, I have used Watco wipe on Poly Satin to protect against dirt and grime
  11. I liked this idea so I built a crosscut sled for the cheap little saw... I was getting repeat cuts, nice and square ends, accuracy was +or- about .004
  12. Thanks for the measurement, nominal sizes seem to be all over the place and I was unsure what the limits were as concerned this build, but it seems to be a problem on oversize ply, not that you can find that anywhere😏

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