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  1. I rotated my tablet to view your pics , and the thing rotated the picture so it was still upside down...oh well, That upside down captain looked great, and I wish I was making a much progress as you. Great job.
  2. So i finished the rudder and the rudder box and seats Then I moved on to the lids for the gun ports.... I laser cut the hinges from black laser board about the same thickness as the brass version. I did not let the laser drill the holes. I did that manually i turned the end of the laser board tab with jewelers pliers and hardened with a touch of CA water thin... They are not very big as you can see from the photo, I made the edges a little wavy so as to make it appear to be hand wrought by the smithy...left side the drop from the laser board, right side turned thimble for the hinge pins... This was an experiment with a jewelers fitting for a necklace in bronze 1mm hole, glued on with CA and painted. I wasn't too hot on this so I passed on it and went with the laser board turned end. And here is what they looked like installed. I guess I'm going to go ahead with this as it looks great to the eye without magnification . And I inserted a pin into the foot of the Captain, so I could get him off the plank and more mobile. This has worked out great as I can now put him down anywhere on the deck with no damage. The above hatch cover was cut with a laser as an experiment just to see if I could do it. The one behind the captain was the first try and the one in front was the second try, I like these better than the other ones , so I'm going to proceed to cut all of these and sand and finish them for the final model. That's it for me now. Just got to decide how many gun ports I'm going to open and close, and if I'm going to do them all or just the ones Chuck has shown on his model.
  3. I did the Winnie hull in sketchup, check my build thread, there are some pics...I haven't mastered rhino yet so no plugins.
  4. I agree, I also like the painted one. Architectural models use shadow figures so as not to compete with the primary design, just thought I'd try one. Oh, and all black figures are much easier to paint.
  5. Nice work, I run Rhino5 also, but prefer Sketchup for quick work. Sorry to hear you're having to raise anchor and move. Looks like you got her packed nice and tight for the future.
  6. So today I finally finished Chapter 4 with the deck planking, It wasn't as hard as the hull planking, but it's sure not a stroll in the garden...put on the WOP to keep it somewhat clean. Now onto chapter 5 Work in progress photo, braces to keep it down while glue sets After WOP coat I've been playing around with the captains and am trying out an all black shadow figure Nothing permanent, just kind of looking it all over for effect. I've decided to remove the grating and try again, not happy with the way they look, thinking about chapter six and the guns.
  7. Been there, done that. I got very good at plank replacements. But it was always worth it. Nice job on your ship.
  8. Thanks, I'm actually entertaining the idea of removing the moldings and replacing them, but I'm a little hesitant to potentially wreck the ship ...
  9. Wow, I have a Charles Morgan sitting in the box. Bought it on ebay for a song. Now you've got me interested in this again...
  10. Good to know, I counted planks on a lot of photos just to be certain myself..."Same Boat"...good humor😁
  11. Half of the decking now completed, it took longer than I thought it would. This is the second attempt. I'm curious as to the decking count, I looked at the print and it was laid out differently than the actual decks I have been looking at in other peoples photos. I got 10 planks in width to the margin planks, while the print showed 13 planks to the margin planks, and the first planks were laid full width to either side of the center line and not centered on the whole width of the deck. Just checking to make sure we are not following the prints for the decking.... I also knocked out two windows in the Q gallery with my fingers as I was positioning the deck planks. I had to replace these and that was not fun. The captain has his own plank to walk... This is right after I put on the wipe on Poly to protect it from further dirt.
  12. Just killing some time while I await the supplies to start the next chapters.....
  13. I took the stone that was ground to the profile and used it to grind the steel blank for the scraper, and then scraped the molding per the usual steps. I ground the stone because that was easier to control then hand filing the steel blank.
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