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  1. Very Very Nice Michael, turned out beautifully. You have the same cases that I used then? Look forward to see what you come up with next. ben
  2. I'm in no rush to finish either build and I have limited modelling time, but I find taking a break from one build for a while and working on the other keeps me interested in both, a scratch fully framed model is a long term project especially if you want good results - there are no shortcuts. Keep up the good work. ben
  3. That cross chock sure is a fun piece to make I remember. Looks to me that you have made a fine start. ben
  4. The ribbands would be temp while the hull was constructed, normally 4x4" full size timbers and they would run along the line of the floor/futtock joints ( where each of the frames was chock jointed to the next piece ).
  5. The stern frames are called "transoms" Is it the pictures or does the cherry really have that much color variation??
  6. Patrick, When you added the treenails to the Ebony wales, did you use the same "putty/paste" as you used on the other planking? It looks like quite a light color against the ebony? ben
  7. Forward upper deck framing almost complete, need to add the riding bitts and the final ledge piece. ben
  8. Very nice, 16 days to get to where you are is soo fast, took me a couple of years to do that on my scratch swan class sloop! These new kit designs from the likes of CAF, Syren and Vanguard are going to transform this hobby.
  9. This is what the aft section looks like with its overlay in place if you can see it on the picture.
  10. Michael - Mainly just a couple of different size diamond files - nothing too special or secret - just a lot of time, If i screw up (which happens a lot) I have to remake a beam set which sucks but thats the way it is.
  11. Upper deck framing well underway, always a constant battle against cumulative error but that’s why I am constantly checking against my framing plan to minimize its affects, you can maybe just see the overlay that I print out on transparency film to help me do this. ben
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