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  1. Hey Chuck, Yeh, I plan to start modelling again this fall, Ive been so busy with work and other projects ( TR6 restoration ) that both Pegasus and Winnie have been covered up for a long time. Maybe I will find some time during the summer to get the Winnie hull planking completed.
  2. Hudson River sloop looks like a nice subject Chuck, any chance you would design as a POF kit? The drop keel framing would be interesting to see on a model.
  3. WOW - all the things I miss that go on around here in a few days! I cannot believe that people are still mass buying and hoarding your stuff - Just insane! Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I love both products but I would imagine you will get more votes for the blocks. BTW - Can I put an order in for 500 blocks and 300yds of line before you make the decision?
  4. Vlad - You can commission a work of art like that here. http://www.admiraltymodels.com/index.html
  5. Hi Tom, You can find the hold downs on Amazon. E-TING 4Pcs Hand Tool Toggle Clamp 201B Antislip Red Horizontal Clamp 201-B Quick Release Tool
  6. Look at the frames from the side, OUTSIDE of the building jig through the windows, the tapering will then make sense. The tapering of those pieces makes it flow correctly with the run of the planks. Contemporary POF models when faired do look like this from the ones I’ve seen, I assume it didn’t matter on real ships as who would care. Maybe one of the gurus will shed some light.
  7. Hey Greg, Very generous of you two, hopefully it will get more people to build a fully framed Swan, but good for people to know that the plans were based by David on Atalanta.
  8. Thanks Rusty - nah, I’m hoping for a 3D printer for Xmas. J - it’s a BobsCNC EVO4 and yes you have to assemble it which takes a few days to do it right.
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