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  1. Hi Tom, You can find the hold downs on Amazon. E-TING 4Pcs Hand Tool Toggle Clamp 201B Antislip Red Horizontal Clamp 201-B Quick Release Tool
  2. Look at the frames from the side, OUTSIDE of the building jig through the windows, the tapering will then make sense. The tapering of those pieces makes it flow correctly with the run of the planks. Contemporary POF models when faired do look like this from the ones I’ve seen, I assume it didn’t matter on real ships as who would care. Maybe one of the gurus will shed some light.
  3. Hey Greg, Very generous of you two, hopefully it will get more people to build a fully framed Swan, but good for people to know that the plans were based by David on Atalanta.
  4. Thanks Rusty - nah, I’m hoping for a 3D printer for Xmas. J - it’s a BobsCNC EVO4 and yes you have to assemble it which takes a few days to do it right.
  5. I’m still working on the upper deck framing but I need to start thinking about the forecastle and Quarter deck beams and hooks, so using a new tool in the workshop that I have been learning I cut all the beams out of some pear stock.
  6. Import into a CAD program using "insert raster image", trace the lines, splines etc, then delete the image and check if everything looks good before saving as a .dxf file which a CAM software can then open.
  7. Thanks All, It always surprises me how that light pink of the good quality Swiss pear I got from Jeff darkens to that beautiful deep reddish hue after a few months, superb quality wood! I wish Jeff or someone of his caliber was still around, we shall miss him for a long time in this hobby! ben
  8. Thanks Everyone, Work on the upper deck aft framing is almost complete and I just have to tie it in with the Wing Transom now. Then there are the five trickier mid sections to complete the upper deck.
  9. Very Very Nice Michael, turned out beautifully. You have the same cases that I used then? Look forward to see what you come up with next. ben
  10. I'm in no rush to finish either build and I have limited modelling time, but I find taking a break from one build for a while and working on the other keeps me interested in both, a scratch fully framed model is a long term project especially if you want good results - there are no shortcuts. Keep up the good work. ben
  11. That cross chock sure is a fun piece to make I remember. Looks to me that you have made a fine start. ben
  12. The ribbands would be temp while the hull was constructed, normally 4x4" full size timbers and they would run along the line of the floor/futtock joints ( where each of the frames was chock jointed to the next piece ).
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