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  1. Thanks for the Help Chuck, I know if this is not done right then the entire QG wont look right at all.
  2. So I want to show you how I eventually figured out the correct height and position of the stool piece. After advice from Chuck I read and reread page 112 of David Antscherl’s Comet book where he discusses this exact thing although he calls it the berthing piece. 1st - I took the height of the upper counter where it meets the lower corner of the transom. 2nd - I transferred that height to the hull side, you can see the mark is LOWER than the transom which is correct. 3rd - I used a straight edge to follow the sheer of the hull and marked a line that shows where this bottom edge will be. 4th - I used the paper templates to mark the angle and heights of the other needed reference points inc it’s upper face level and the top of the QG ( or bottom of roof ) 5th - Sanding and fitting the piece being mindful that it’s upper face should follow the roundup of the transom. If anybody sees where I made a mistake here please let me know before I go any further.
  3. Thanks for all the comments and the “likes”. I now have the transom installed, the 3 x 7/16” wide upper counter planks went in perfectly and their bottom aligned exactly where they should, and then I made the final lower counter top plank to fit between them with a really good transition, so I’m pretty confident that the angle and height of all these parts are correct. ben
  4. Hey Bob, Correct, I used a little dab of white glue to secure the string. The tape was ok but it had a tendency to lift off so I ended up using a dab on that too.
  5. Lower Planking has finally been completed and 1st sanding to 220grit, I just added the stern post and will now sand everything to 400grit and apply some WOP. I'm Pretty happy overall with how it came out, there were a few issues around the tuck of the counter, the flow up the bow came out Ok and the Frame reveal is as I had planned it. I don't know if I would use Holly again for an entire hull as its damn expensive these days ( more than boxwood $$$$ ) but I like the color and it looks even better in natural light with a good contrast to the wales. That's the end of Chapter 2. Ben
  6. Hey Chuck, Glad to see you are entering the world of CNC milling, I highly recommend you try the Amana brand of CNC bits, the SPEKTRA coated bits last well, while cutting hardwoods like Box or Pear. They are expensive though so don't break too many practicing or use cheap ones for that purpose.
  7. Thanks Dave, Dont get much modeling time these days, but after I get the hull planking on Winnie completed, I hope to switch back to Pegasus and finish the main deck framing.
  8. Hi Another belt of planking has been completed with one final belt ( 5 strakes ) to go, I’m happy with the flow that I have achieved so far using my string layout. Ben
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