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  1. Now all 3 of the large forestays are done. Work goes faster now that the shrouds and ratlines are done. Regards, David
  2. Finally, all shrouds and ratlines done. I looked back at my log, and I've been working on shrouds and ratlines for 3 months! That's not so much a reflection of kit difficulty as it is my slower work pace (I've been reading more during the pandemic). One tip for others: the deadeye holes are very small, and a thinner line is needed for those than what's shown on the plans. I used some leftover thin white that I had from a previous kit (Revenge). One thing about that white line is that it leaves a sloppier tie-off than I would like (someone with better skills would ha
  3. It's been a while, so I looked at my spray paint cans, and I THINK . . . The blue on the hull is RustOleum Painters Touch 2X Ultra Cover Satin Ink Blue The white is same paint, Blossom White I haven't painted anything else that color blue, so I think that's right. Any bright white will do for the white part. Regards, David
  4. Started working on the upper main mast shrouds and ratlines. One issue with these is that the lower deadeye in each pair is mounted with thread, which leads to a lot of swivel. That in turn leads to upper deadeyes that are aligned vertically, but that don't face forward uniformly. That is shown in the "before" closeup pictures. The way I solved this was to carefully install the first ratline by aligning each shroud and then gluing the ratline knot before going to the next shroud. That got the upper deadeyes to face mostly forward as you can see in the "after" closeup
  5. Built the mizzen mast and completed the lower shrouds and ratlines. Now I have 5 more double sets of shrouds and ratlines to do before moving on to the stays. Regards, David
  6. Finished the bowsprit (see pics), which is really interesting with the small mast & shrouds at the end. I was looking at this and thinking about the spritsail, which on the real ship must have put a lot of torque on the sprit in high winds. Looking at the rigging plans, I don't see a lot of side bracing, but I may not be looking closely enough. Regards, David
  7. Finally finished the foremast shrouds and ratlines. Goes slower than I recall from other ships -- possibly because I'm tying the knots correctly on this ship! Regards, David
  8. I have found it difficult and frustrating to get the second deadeye in a shroud "loop" installed on the shroud at the right height to be aligned and yet create some tension on the shroud. I've been getting it done, but lots of fiddling and trying. This morning I tried a new approach, shown in the pictures below (because this site sometimes puts the pictures in a different order than I upload them, I have put a red sequence number in the lower right corner of each one). First, after rigging the first deadeye on the shroud loop, rig the second one by itself before attach
  9. Foremast built and mounted. The construction is identical to the main mast. Regards, David
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