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  1. Thanks guys the plank along the gunwale is a stringer , after I sand that and the bulkheads flush I will glue it back on the building board , a step I didn't do before and wouldn't of even noticed it if not for removing the planks . I bought more basswood sheets than I will need just in case . I will give it a shot dry fitting everything first before committing to gluing . One more question what did you use to cut the basswood I am assuming a sharp knife should do the trick .
  2. Hey all managed to get very little done this week , works been busy . A question if I may I have gone thru Popeyes PT build and it's helped a lot also checked out the scratch build PBR Mark 1 by Thistle , both are using the Basswood sheets for there builds instead of planks . My question I have are there any builds using this method with a hull shape similar to what I am attempting to build ? Trying to get a better idea of how to attack this . Thanks Rich .
  3. I would love to see how that's done ! Plans call for fiberglassing the hull with 2 oz cloth once it's planked and sanded .
  4. Great to see you post here been watching your PT build and others for awhile with envey . If I added more bulkheads it would cause problems later with the mounting running gear , of course I could be wrong .
  5. Planks are off just have to clean up the stringers a little . Going to see if I can find the correct length planks next .
  6. 2 planks off 2 more to go no damage to the bulwarks but don't think the planks are going to make it . I at least know how to remove parts now .
  7. Looks like removing a couple planks is the solution I have CA debonder and alcohol . Going to think over , took a couple more pictures in what daylight was left .
  8. I really appreciate you all trying to help me out , really should started a build log here before I even started . I had it glued on a building board but the instructions specified I remove it before planking as you can see . Can always glue it back on I suppose .
  9. I used Gorilla wood glue on the edges of the planks and Ca glue to glue the planks to the bulkheads , there are only 4 planks installed 2 on each side . The first plank is attached to the stringers so there is nothing to be faired as far as I know .
  10. In hindsight I should have but the instructions made no mention of doing so . Also the plans calls for 36 inch planks and I was supplied with 30 inch planks so I had to splice 2 together to get the correct length .
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