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  1. Congratulations, that is a beauty, very crisp and exact, especially at that small scale! Very inspirational. Greetings, Rudolf
  2. Wow Daniel, how on earth did you carve that spindle in 1/100 scale? Greetings Rudolf
  3. Hello Eberhard, Thank you very much for your inspirational postings. Do you think that your Little laser will be able to cut deck Planks, say 1,2 mm wide 6 cm Long out of Costello or maple veneer? Thank you. Greetings, Rudolf
  4. Very nice build, you have got very small chain on your bowsprit . where did you get it ? If I may ask. Greetings, Rudolf
  5. Hi Grant,

    Beautiful work, I admire your micro skills in metal work. Nicely executed pin rail too. The stanchion definitely look alright.

    I would like to see  some more pics of your progress.




  6. wow, that looks phantastic, is the propeller laminated wood or painted plastic? If ist si painted, how did you do that? Greeting, Rudolf
  7. Wow Walter, you are using some really innovative methods! Will follow your build closely. Greetings, Rudolf
  8. Very impressive, Walter. what kind of wood are you using? Greeting, Rudolf
  9. Hi don, This ship is definitely on my list. I am pulling up a chair. Is tahta an Austro-Hungarian flag? Greetings, Rudolf
  10. Hi Jens, beautiful work, the bulwarks are super, how did you adatch the stanchions to the aluminium bulwarks? Greetings, Rudolf
  11. Hi Dirk, Beautiful work, I admire how you use paint. Just the right amount of color to enhance the appearance of your woodwork. Keep the pics coming!
  12. Hello Carlos, Congratulions to your model. I especially like the combination of the POB construction and your phantastic timber work on the surface of the model, much like in full scale ship building. Greetings Rudolf
  13. Hi Ed, as you suggested I printed the patterns aout in original size on A4 paper, it worked well, there was no distortion. A few years ago I tried to plank a model of Red Jacket scatch build to Mr Crothers´ plans. I juts could not plant the round counter properly altough I tried spilling. Will try your method if find the time for modelling again. Your planking job is exceptional, but once paited will it be visible at all? The book is a joy to read and a motivation to start buildng again as soon as possible. Greetings, Rudolf
  14. Hi Ed, Since last week i am a proud owner of your book. Outstanding, I must say. one question though: i have no American legal or letter sized paper, can the bulkhead patterns for the 1/96 version be printed on A4 paper too, and if so what must I change in the setting on the pdfs? Thanks again for your fabulous work on clipper ship model building. Greetings, Rudolf
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