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    Currently on the ways are: Charles W Morgan, ESSEX, Victory Bow section, HMS Victory. Past builds are Katy of Norfolk, Kate Cory, Volante, Taurus, Flying Fish,

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  1. Hi Brian, Your model is fantastic. What material did you use on the Hurricane deck to make it look like tarred. I tried a tissue material, which was too thin, thought of a fine sandpaper, but looked out of scale. Thanks, Tom
  2. Hi Homer, your build of the Morgan is great. What did you use on the deck to either seal it or stain it? It looks like it has the weathered look. Thanks, Chance
  3. Hi John, vodka is the way to go. Have fun with the project, remember it is not a race but a hobby.
  4. Ahoy, I am pulling up a seat with a martini and will watch the progress. My kit is next after a little more work on the Morgan.
  5. Hi Tom, Great looking model. How and when did you drill the holes through the keel for the mounting support posts and what diameter did you use? How will you secure them once the model is finished? Thanks
  6. Thanks. I would like to spray because of the eveness and the fine mist. I was just concerned about the name still showing. I have used krylon for many years on my models except where there is specific colors. I except to start the model in a month and will take photos. Thanks again. .
  7. Hi, When you spray painted the parts with the lettering, where you still able to see the outlines of the word CHAPERON? How many coats did you use. ? Thanks
  8. Hi John, There are no words to describe your work and your documentation. Outstanding. SInce we last chatted the planking is complete from the plank sheer to the wale and the measurement did the trick, it got me off dead center. Thanks for your help and let's stay in touch.
  9. I have been following your progress with great interest. Your work is great! I just started the same kit and your writings have certainly helped. Thanks for sharing.
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