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  1. Not a lot of progress - waiting for deck planking delivery. Hatch and gratings added. Shot racks will go on after deck planking.E Bow blocking added. Just noticed that the stem foot packing needs adjusting. Not noticeable on the bench but photo's don't lie.
  2. You're welcome. Forgot to mention - when you have tensioned the lanyard apply superglue (with a toothpick) to the rear of the bottom deadeye at the last hole filled. This will keep everything where you need it to be while you finish the tie off. Keeps the lanyard between the deadeyes taut. Take the lanyard up the rear to the top dead eye and pass it through the small gap between the deadeye and the shroud fixing around the deadeye (from inboard to outboard). Then tie it off to the shroud above the deadeye. Sam
  3. Top left hand deadeye starts with a knot then just follow the sketches to the right. From outside of the hull the three vertical lines should be parallel. I have also seen this done in reverse - starting with the right hand hole then top centre then bottom left. Either way you finish with half hitches around the shroud. Hope this helps, Sam.
  4. Waterways and king plank fitted to gun deck. I tried bleaching the strip walnut but this was a complete failure. Wrong type of walnut or weak European bleach. Will be using this for hull first planking so won't be wasted. Gone for 1mm lime for the planking and 2mm thick for the waterways. These have been edge bevelled to 1mm thick adjacent to planking. The king plank is symmetrical at the mast locations - photo taken from an unfortunate angle. Sam.
  5. Gun deck positioned and glued. Before planking I will fit the hatch coamings covers and gratings. Looks better if the planking butts up to the framing rather than plonk the hatch on top. Also will need to start experimenting with bleaching the deck planking (good tip for using up stock walnut from marktiedens postings for this kit). The deck fitted much better than I expected and, the ply sheeting was excellent.
  6. Basic carcass finished, next step is to fit the lower gundeck. This will be added before the deck is planked. Still considering material choice for this. Marks solution of bleachingstock walnut strip is favourite. I have a lot in stock from previous builds and it seems warp free. Also considering fitting a waterway to this deck - if it goes well I will do the same for upper decks. Stiffeners either side of the stem have been rebated to suit the bowsprit (fitted temporarily). Easier now than later. Second photo shows stern with additional supports for
  7. The building cradle - the straight edge is the perspex blade from a tee square. It's straight, flat and wide. It will hold its shape. Clamped down to shelf and used to position one side of keel clamps. Leave overnight for glue to dry. (4No. blocks located between bulkheads). Using an off cut of plywood from the keel sheet position the other side of each keel clamp and glue.Insert keel and wedge so that model keel is perpendicular to building board. Then add the vertical shores under bulkheads as required. After the glue dries drop the mode
  8. Hi Mark and Geowulf and thanks for the comments. Decided to add material while the piece is still off the ship. Much easier to do it now rather than after fitting. Geowolf - thanks for the background and the link. I have been having trouble collecting information of any sort. Mark - On examining the carcass this morning I noticed that some. not all, of the warping had gone. Need to look in my attic to see if there is a picture of this ship falling to pieces !! Sam
  9. Thanks for all the likes and welcome to Tarbrush and Chris Watton. Sferoida - welcome, I have been checking out your build for some time. Very impressive. First photo shows bulkhead 15 fitted.and stiffs ref. 34 removed from sheet and ready for fitting. Or maybe not. Second photo shows stern bulkheads 16 and 17 fitted, also shapes 29 and 30. Third photo shows stiffs ref. 34. The smaller pair are not identical. These are laser cut and should be. Do I reduce the oversize one, build up the smaller version or not bother and try to get a good shape on the balsa in
  10. Bulkheads 04 to 13 installed. Also stem and part of keel. The plywood sheets containing bulkheads arrived flat so, just the delaminating problem. After detaching from the ply, supporting and fixing in position I sat and watched them warp. Just like Marks kit. The reinforcing bars are dry fixed and will be cut to length and glued after bulkheads 15, 16 and 17 are in position. I hope to drag the warped bits back into location then. Tops of the upstands are correctly located as is the lower gundeck. Bulkheads are perpendicular to the false keel then go banana sha
  11. Hi, Thanks for the comments edwardkenway, SkerryAmp and marktiedens. When looking for my next build I found Marks log of an excellent model. Marks comments about poor quality ply (and so much of it) and the state of the supplied planking didn't put me off. Especially after viewing the finished article. I intend using the bad stuff only where it can't be seen. Currently working on the skeleton. Will post photo' later. Sam
  12. Hi and thanks for the likes and comments. Thanks for looking in ccoyle, catopower, Bossman, BobG and coxwain. marktiedens - your finished build kit makes good reading and is an enormous help. ASAT - Welcome. Mostly a coping saw, squirrel tailed plane and scalpels. Also jewellers files, a good pin vice and drill bits. I need the larger scale kits these days. Cataracts and first signs of arthritis means that 1/63 and 1/96 kits are out for now. Above shows bulkhead five and de-lamination of some poor quality plywood. Fortunately the only casualty (up to
  13. Replacement stem, stern and rudder blanks. After a more thorough read through the instructions and plans I have provisionally decided on the following - Supplied hull and deck planking and inner bulwarks will be replaced with more suitable material. I intend to double plank the hull rather than single. The hull will be covered below waterline with anti fouling. More research required to decide colour. No other painting except fittings, wales, rubbing strakes and parts of stern. Deck fittings will be scratch built and painted as necessary. Based on previous
  14. Hi RMC, Sorry for your troubles but keep up the good work. I especially like the foot rope solution. Good luck with the locusts. Sam.
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