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  1. Thanks for the likes. Upper gun deck waist carriages finished. Next to install is the gun tackle. Cannon and breeching ropes will be fitted at a much later date. Tempted to install a bucket adjacent each position but wouldn't go any further. Then on with the upper decks. Sam.
  2. Basic waist cannon. Replacement barrels will be blackened and fitted much later. Bolts, eyebolts and rigging to be fitted then, carriages can be installed. After this step I can install the gangways and upper decks. Looking forward to something less fiddly. Sam.
  3. Thanks for the likes and, Marks comments. Still trying to hide the plywood edges on the carriages - on my third coat of paint. Wheels fitted to wooden axles and look better than the brass. This is all taking time but worth it - these are the details that make or break a model. Sam.
  4. Started assembly of 10 cannons - waist of upper gun deck. Fitted new scalpel blades and broke out a new razor saw to cut out the carriage parts. Assembled all the bits and then took stock. Bits missing from the plywood parts due to delamination. these will need several coats of paint to cover the plywood so decided to make good. Be as careful as you like - these bits will break. Trunnions pre-fitted to barrels and about half were deformed and needed straightening. Broke off three spoiling two barrels before throwing them all in the bin (not even the spares box
  5. Hi Rowboat, This won't help much - I have tried before and after fixing yards. Easier to fix ratlines first especially at the top of the shrouds. You really need access to both sides of the all the way up the shrouds so after suits me. Both before and after are both difficult so - GOOD LUCK. It's very easy to distort the shrouds as you fix the ropes going up the mast. Sam.
  6. Started upper planking and lining waist gun ports prior to fixing upper gun deck cannon. There are ten cannon in view on this deck and I want to fix the carriages whilst I can still get in there and before the gangways are fixed. Just the carriages fixed and rigged at this stage. I can add the barrels much later. The cap squares will need to be painted on before fitting the carriages. Hopefully they will be partly hidden. Not impressed with all four wheels being the same diameter but as all the decks on this kit are flat and not cambered they probably thought d
  7. I knew that there was a problem with frame 7 when I planked the inner bulwarks. Now that the rest of the frames and gunports have been faired it can be attended to. Photo below shows 1.5mm thick packing attached to frame edge prior to sanding back. A pack, of equal thickness, is required on both port and starboard sides of this frame. So lazer cutting, not me getting the frames out of position. Will also have to trim back the inside faces of the frame above gangway level. All the other frames faired with the minimum of sanding but No.7 was short. Not bad comp
  8. Quarterdeck beams and deck blank fitted. Masts dry fitted to prove they fit and are aligned. And they do fit. Better to find out now than later No real problems with deck blanks either. This is starting to go together better and is building into a strong and stable structure. Still worried about the length and slenderness of the aft support structure but haven't snapped one off yet. Next is the dreaded sanding to fair the frames and gun ports. Never look forward to this, the dust gets everywhere. Sam.
  9. Forecastle deck beams and deck blank located and glued. Needed more fitting and easing than the upper gun deck. After filing found that one of the problems was that frame 4 is thicker than frame 5. Back to the poor quality ply. Couldn't line the rear of the deck with the support beam without filing out the slots so went for strength. Will cover the back edge later so that the deck blank and plank ends are hidden. Also glued in two supports at the back of the door openings to the bowsprit deck for later. This was a blatant lift from Mark Tiedens build log. Thanks Mar
  10. Upper gun deck furniture added while I can still get my fat fingers in there. Includes stove, pumps, cannon balls, main mast bitts, cannon train tackle and gun tackle eyebolts. Next is frame cross beams and upper decks.
  11. Hi Sferoida, This is really looking good. Always look on your site and Mark Tiedens when moving on to the next step with my build. Keep up the good work. Sam.
  12. Hi Bob, I am a long way from rigging my latest but, like Hardee, am looking for inspiration. Have already absorbed new ideas from your posts - these will help a lot. What is your opinion on beeswaxing rigging (before or after fitting) to help it hang naturally ??? Obviously rigging under tension wouldn't need this but would waxing help the appearance of "kit" supplied material ??? Thanks, Sam
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