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  1. Phil, Enjoying your approach and the build. Those pillars look good. Keep safe Sam
  2. Good tip tying off the stays. I have struggled for years with this problem and, it can be a real problem. Balancing standing rigging can be a frustrating. Thanks for a quality build, excellent posts and good photo's. Regards and keep well, Sam
  3. Second planking shouldn't really have gaps. Planks usually thinner than first planking and should be shaped to fit snug. Use stealers where necessary. On curved parts of the hull bevel the plank edges - this will make the gap between them smaller.
  4. Looking good. Most hulls require stealers as well as tapered planks. Steep learning curve with the stem. Will work out ok. Regards, Sam
  5. This is a very detailed and complicated kit. Sails or no sails I will be following this build to the end. Sam
  6. Hi, The end result will be well worth all the care and skill going in to this. Do you intend rigging sails ??? Regards and keep well, Sam
  7. In my experience your hoops problem applies to most kits. Your solution is elegant. A build well worth watching. Regards, Sam
  8. Phil, Agreed. The name Baltimore Clipper covers a very wide and complex subject. I am finding that putting a name to a build entails a whole library of research. I do enjoy this side of the preparation and the more I read, the more I appreciate your log. These are beautiful craft and fully deserve the extra work involved. Keep up the good work. Sam
  9. Hi Rowboat, Normally I would fix the stem and stern before the second planking. Cut a rebate in the stem piece to fit the ends of the planking (will look more like full size construction. Plank the inside of the bulwarks if the capping rail is wide enough to cover double planking and/or the inside face of the first planking needs tidying up. However befor or after are both correct. Good luck with the sanding and WEAR A MASK please. (Excuse shouting please but important). Regards, Sam.
  10. Enjoying your work on the cannons. And your attention to detail. I usually have to replace cannon, gratings and some blocks. A few kits tend to supply the nearest obtainable (usually oversize). Keep up the good work. Sam.
  11. The best tutorial on this subject I have ever seen. One fo my reference file. Thanks, Sam
  12. Hi, Agree with your approach to gun tackle. I have problems at 1/48 scale. The thought of working smaller gives me nightmares. Sam.
  13. Tim, Clever solution for the ratline knot problem. Perfect choice of lubricant. Good to see a Bounty kit posting being rigged and well on the way to being finished. Some on MSW seem to fall by the wayside. Sam
  14. Like most simple ideas it works. And works well. Will be adding this to my "do it better box". I enjoy your approach and results. Keep at it. Sam
  15. Hi Dr PR, That was one of the best tutorials on cannon rigging I have seen. Good photo's and descriptions. More importantly valuable sourcing tips. I will be using your methods in the future. (With your permission of course). Thanks, Sam.

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