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  1. Like most simple ideas it works. And works well. Will be adding this to my "do it better box". I enjoy your approach and results. Keep at it. Sam
  2. Hi Dr PR, That was one of the best tutorials on cannon rigging I have seen. Good photo's and descriptions. More importantly valuable sourcing tips. I will be using your methods in the future. (With your permission of course). Thanks, Sam.
  3. If it's the Artisania Latina kit then you will need a lot of help. Some CURRENT logs on this site are - HMS Bounty by Tim Moore. HMS Bounty by Trig. Both excellent logs, excellent builds and well worth following. Also - Anatomy of the Ship series by Conway Press - The Armed Transport Bounty by John McKay. Only available second hand and eyewateringly expensive but I think indispensable. Hope this helps, Sam
  4. Hi Jobbie, I hate using walnut planking, even when soaked. Started swapping walnut for Pearwood or, Boxwood if I can get it two builds ago. Building up quite a stock of walnut. It doesn't even burn well. End of moan. Your build is progressing nicely, very impressed. Will be following closely as I intend to build this one next. Sam.
  5. Hi Tim, My Beadalon needles arrived yesterday, very flexible and they really do work well. Thanks for making rigging easier. Sam.
  6. Morning Tim, I have been looking for more refined rigging tools (been using artery clamps for years) and saw your latest post. Have just ordered some on ebay. Thanks for the tip. Never too old to learn. Your build continues to be impressive. Sam.
  7. Hi Johann, is that gun and rigging really. 1/48th scale ??? Brilliant work. Sam
  8. Hi Dashi, My current build is HMS Bounty at 1:48 scale so I am using your post for inspiration. I would have trouble getting anywhere near your results at 1:64 scale. Please keep the photo's coming. Regards, Sam
  9. Hi Tim, My research also indicates copper sheathing. The only problem is sourcing materials required. At my age I haven't the time or finesse to cut 1500 approx. plates and then nail them to the hull. The only alernative I have found is - Cornwall Model boats, Caldercraft Fittings, Copper Hull Sheathing ref. C83520. - Copper Hull Plates. These are 1:64 scale and I think are included in their HMS Diana kit. The scale is close to Bounty but may not be close enough for the purist. If some sort of sheathing is needed then "white stuff" would be a period alternative. Sam
  10. Really like the waterway/stanchion solution. If you don't mind me stealing this idea I will be adding it to my box of tricks to use in the future. Sam.
  11. Agree strongly with CMB comments. Orders big and small including my last order in which I gave the wrong payment details are dispached promptly. Great to see that this excellent build is progressing again. Sam

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