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  1. That's looking superb JJ! I really admire your restraint leaving the sanding of the hull until all the planking has been done. I found the temptation to neaten things up a bit by sanding as you go irresistible even though it causes difficulties with the lie of adjacent planks. Keep up the good work Fred
  2. Thanks chaps. Joe, I entirely agree with you. I can't shake off the "could do it better second time round feeling" and the Wnchelsea is such a super project it warrants another go. The Proxxon seems a really good bit of kit not that I have anything to compare it to. I have found the second set of bulkheads much easier to cut more accurately than the first. I think that is a combination of little more experience with the saw and using Plywood lite. I'm much more confident of a good outcome than I was at the equivalent stage with W1 but time will tell. All the best everyo
  3. Hi Greg May I offer a few thoughts about cutting your own bulkheads/bulkhead former? First, it is the cutting out of slots in the bulkheads that really matters. A little bit of "out" in the slot will mean a big "out" at the horns of the bulkheads. I found that out, to my cost, with my first Winchelsea build. For W2 I have printed an extra set of the bulkhead plans and I lay each bulkhead, as I cut it out, on a clean plan examining the cut out slot very carefully for accuracy before any filing. Next, I draw the centre line of the bulkhead on the clean plan, at deck lev
  4. I have made so many mistakes on my Winchelsea - not big ones for the most part; but nevertheless leaving me thinking "I could/should have done better" – that I am going to start a new build. I don't aspire to match the standards of Chuck or Mike and others but I do hope to improve. For the first build ("W1") I took Chuck at his word as to the cost of buying the Syren bulkhead pack – well over £200 here in the UK with shipping and import duty – against buying a scroll saw and a sheet of plywood so the cost of starting again is pretty modest. I will build W2 to the end o
  5. Wow! If you can pull off drawing the friezes by hand - and you clearly have an Italians feel for classical drawing - that really will be something. Good luck Guillermo! I will watch this log with keen interest. And your build is superb. Fred
  6. Those are the little beggars you are referring to. I wondered where they went. Don't worry about them. Just shave off one ply of bf2 and you will be fine. Good luck Scott Fred
  7. Thanks all. I got the cherry strips from Arkowood Oliver Konig in Germany. I paid £138 including shipping and have easily enough for this Winchelsea and reasonable start on another. I wish I had graded day strips. Some are very clean of grain and some show a lot of grain. If I had used the grainy strips under the Wales and friezes I was had a cleaner finish.. A good table saw seems a very attractive idea but I have no idea how the cost of of home cut strips compares with commercial strips. fred
  8. Thanks Reg. I'll keep an eye out on Amazon. In the meantime if anyone else has an alternative to the the fruit wood gel I'd love to know of it. Your Winchelsea is looking superb Fred
  9. Reg - how did you finish your resin castings given the non availability in NZ (just as in the UK) of fruitwood gel? They really look the part Fred
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