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  1. I reckon what with your slight regression - I hope you found a fix - and your lighting deviation (which looks fantastic - I'm looking forward to seeing that when you've got the quarter deck and foc'sle in place - I'm catching you up. My inner planking and spirketting are nearly in. I'll get the paint pot out this weekend. All the best Fred
  2. The shells of the quarter galleries went in uneventfully. I bought a length of aluminium bar from my local DIY store and clamped it down to the bulkheads to give me a really good straight edge centre line before fixing the false decks. The deck clamps end up where they are supposed to but only by leaving a small gap to the inner planking - no matter, that will be covered up with the panelling. I am not sure whether to paint the panelling. I suspect it should be painted – A pastel green or blue, perhaps, or ivory ( paint, that is, not the real thing like Matthias).
  3. Thank you JJ. Start another Winnie - however good your first one is, and it looks great, they always come out better second time round. Chuck - Could you offer some advice on this point? Where the hull is painted white on the contemporary models was it the fashion to leave the underlying planking visible (in the sense that the lie of the planks could be seen) or to sand/fill the hull to a completely flat smooth surface?
  4. Thank you Matt, JJ, Edward and Christian. I remain in two minds about W2. One day I look at it and think it's looking fine. Another day I look at it and I can see what is lurking under the white paint. I have placed my order for the chapter 3 and chapter 4 parts this morning so I guess I will build W2 up to that stage and decide where to go. I suspect it is going to take some time for Chuck to produce the parts for chapter 5 and however many chapters remain after that so I could probably start W3 and catch up. The thing is there really is no other model on the market I really want to build (ap
  5. Thank you JJ and Rusty and for all the likes. I have finished planking the hull of W2 and it seems a good time to take stock. W2 is certainly a significant improvement on W1. That is mostly down to (a) much more accurate cutting and fitting of the bulkheads and frame (b) a better understanding of the way the model goes together and (c) more experience. But I am not completely happy. Here are my thoughts so far: 1.If I lived in the USA I would not hesitate to buy the Syren bulkhead set but the cost, here in the UK , with shipping, import duty, VAT and handling fees
  6. Here is W1. It is rather gathering dust and I do not suppose I will ever finish it now W2 is underway. I can see now that I was hopelessly optimistic taking on a model of this size and complexity as a third build – but I learned a lot! The resin figures were nearly a disaster. I thought if I painted them with fairly random mix of browns, whites and yellows well thinned the pigment would run into the low points and bring out the highlights. I hated the result so painted on another coat. That made things worse so I painted them gold. At that stage they
  7. I am quite well on with sanding the inside of the bulkheads. It is certainly a great deal easier with plywood lite than it was with the Baltic birch plywood I used on W1.
  8. This was a disaster area on W1. It has come out much better on W2 You can see I sanded the profile of the lowest plank of the lower counter incorrectly and had to make good with a little wood filler – but that will be covered by the frieze in due course. Thank you JJ for your thoughts about how to tackle this tricky area. I did not put in the piece that attaches to the bottom of the stern frames and provides a glueing surface for the planks. I found it easier to heat bend the corkscrew curve into the planks so that they fitted without any pressure and
  9. I am not convinced by the run off the planking. I wish I had lined the hull just as Ben (Trussben) has done. It looks okay on the side viewed head-on the planks curve upwards uattractively. I took a lot of care with the gunports which were untidy on W1 but I am sure there is a far better way of doing it than working by eye. Still, they are not too bad. Here are W1 and W2 together
  10. Ben – I wish I had lined out the hull for planking just as you did. It clearly gives you the very best chance of a really good outcome. Best wishes Fred
  11. The sheer on W1 didn't turn out well at all. I guess I miscut the bulkheads. I ended up with an unacceptable bulge just in front of the hance piece. The pictures above are W1. It looks worse in reality than in the photo and was a significant factor in my decision to begin W2. The picture below is W2. The sheer is absolutely flat – which is much better than W1 but not correct. The plans show a slight upward curve towards the bollard timbers. I had not twigged the relationship between the sheer and the wales. I think if I were to build W3 (aaargh!....... see below) I would put a temporary c
  12. W2 is coming along. For the most part I'm very pleased: it's certainly a big improvement on W1. And I can finally mix text and pictures. Thank you Greg and Meddo. The planking is about half done on the starboard side and 2/3 done on the port.
  13. A lightbox to check the fit of your joints. Crikey! That's levels of precision I've never thought about let alone attempted to achieve. Superb work. Fred
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