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  1. I realised why my deck was so flexible, having forgotten to fix the deck beams beforehand. Stupid error but it won’t be the last I’m sure. I fitted beams 7a and 10a and cut them around the hatch openings but I left the others off as they went right under the hatches. The coamings should add some rigidity once fitted. The inner walls went quite well. The 5mm strips of limewood from CMB were nicely finished and didn’t require much cleaning up. Two runs of 5mm which I painted first, followed by 3 of 4.5mm Tanganyika and a final row of 6mm limewood. I am hoping that all this will make
  2. Hi Tim, Only just caught up with your log so apologies for my lateness! Your ship is looking really good. I used the kit pivot guns but wished I had made an attempt to replace them with barrels and new brackets. I did replace the posts though with 3mm boxwood because the kit supplied walnut ones were not very nice and I couldn't get them to fix firmly. David
  3. Hi Delf, Thanks for the compliment and interest in the build. Quite a lot of the extra detail is not visible. Below decks, I made cabin bulkheads and the ship's stove. but was not entirely happy with the result so it's probably as well they are hidden. Spirketting and quick work were details not mentioned in the kit and I also added the manger. I replaced the kit guns with barrels from HiS Model and also the carriage trucks. Above deck I modified the capstan, binnacle and rudder housing and added mast partners. I bought elm tree pumps, stern lantern and anchors from Jokita. I tried
  4. My first real build of a model ship, although I had built HM Cutter Hunter by Mamoli in around 1996, on HMS Fly I paid a lot more attention to the detail. I would like to thank all the other builders of Swan Class ships with logs on this site from whom I have learnt such an enormous amount but still have such a long way to go.
  5. That's great thanks Rob. I'll take a look. My lime strips turned up this morning from CMB and they look pretty good so I'm going to finish off the messy job of sanding down the balsa blocks at bow and stern before I go back to the inner walls. David
  6. Thanks Jason and Rob for your kind comments. While I'm waiting for the strips from CMB, I'll continue with the balsa filling blocks and getting ready for first planking. I'm also looking ahead to making the hatch coamings and covers. I think Rob, that you got some boxwood from a guitar making source do you have a link to them? David
  7. Not too happy with the maple strips that I received with large variability in strip width and thickness and in the quality of the surface. I realised that I had not laid enough 3mm planks before starting the top & butt so I removed them and laid another two runs before starting the top and butt again. I cut out a template from plasticard to try to get consistent planks but in the end I found I could do much better by measuring and cutting each individually. I think the last rows probably follow no known pattern but I tried to fit them as best I could. The next time it might be better
  8. Jason and Thunder, interesting to see your comments on the mizzen mast position. It seems OK to take the easy road and leave it where it is. I've started planking the gun deck using maple strip but I've come to a halt because for some inexplicable reason, I didn't order enough so I'm waiting for a delivery from CMB. I began from the centre line with 3mm as far as the outer edges of the hatch openings then a couple of runs of 5mm followed by more 3mm. I thought that I would have go at top and butt planking and have completed the first two rows. I am now puzzling ov
  9. Welcome aboard Rob and Thunder and thanks for your comments and encouragement. I ordered some boxwood from OM for the stem and sternpost plus a few sheets of 1.5 and 3mm which arrived the other day. As you say, they are most helpful and respond to enquiries very quickly. I hadn't thought of using boxwood for the visible planking above the wales but I am seriously considering it now. While I was waiting for the boxwood to arrive, I planked the visible section of the false deck using the kit supplied tanganika. It is pretty rough on the edges and needed a fair bit of dres
  10. Hi Peter, Your model of Diana is becoming a beautiful looking ship. I'm just starting out on the Diana voyage and your log has been very helpful in pointing out some of the pitfalls of this kit which I'm hoping to avoid. No doubt I'll create a few of my own too which I'll write up in my log. cheers Dvid
  11. Hi Rob, Your Ethalion is beautiful ship with some great attention to detail. I'm just starting out on my build of Diana so I hope that you won't mind if I pick up on some of your ideas to help me through. Thanks also for developing your picture resizer app which has made starting my first log so much easier. David
  12. Thanks Beef Wellington, I will be sure to add to those other Diana blogs. As for head scratching moments, I’ve already had a few and in fact I’m having one of those now. I’m contemplating removing both prow and sternpost and replacing them with boxwood, which seems to be very difficult to get hold of here in the UK. I’m waiting for a delivery from Original Marquetry, who only have 7mm thick sheet, before I take the irreversible step of cutting things out. In the meantime, I have followed your line on the bowsprit and modified the keel and bulkhead 2 to allow it to come through to a step.
  13. I started my first ship, HM Cutter Hunter about 25 years ago and left it on a shelf. A couple of years ago, when I finally retired, I decide to finish it. I really enjoyed doing that so I looked around for something else and settled on HMS Fly but first as a refresher, I built the Brig Scotland by Corel. When I began the build, I discovered that unlike when I started Hunter, there was now lots of help and ideas on forums like this one and I must pay tribute to all the Swan builders on this forum who gave me the inspiration to add a few more features my build of Fly. I will post some photos whe
  14. I would like to add my congratulations on your build of Pegasus. It has helped me tremendously with my first real build of a model ship, HMS Fly. (I completed Hunter by Mamoli about 25 years ago.) I attempted many of your simpler suggested modifications where I thought I could but definitely never to the same quality that you have achieved. My rendition is far from perfect I know, but I am still quite pleased with the result and hope I have learnt enough during the build to improve on my next project, HMS Diana. I still have a few tweaks to make on Fly but when complete, I will post a few pict
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