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  1. The deck is fully assembled and I am now working on the masts. With my first build I just used super glue and square knots, this time I am at least attempting to tie the proper knots, started off strong with whipping on the main mast. I also recently made a live edge table, it will not be part of the final display of the ship but I am planning on making a display case for it and I would like to implement a live edge component similar to this. Considered even making a recess in the “river” for the ship to sit in, like it is actually floating down a river. Who knows
  2. And the deck is essentially done! I remade a few more of the laser cut pieces supplied with the cut. They were shaped fine, just didn’t hold varnish and I prefer the wood look to paint (I painted a lot of things early on while waiting for glue to dry with planking...before I got too far in planning) so other than that not much customization has gone into it. The directions are pretty much spot on with plenty of detailed pictures. Time to start working on the masts and putting the dead eyes on the channels.
  3. This is a fantastic piece, and definitely is now on my “todo” list, sorry to hear about the wife.
  4. Got to work on the gun ports. The directions say to leave the pre-cut brass pieces as is and paint small black dots to mimic a nail or bolt holding the brackets on but I decided to go the other route. I think they turned out really good. The plank cutting job i made made made this process so simple. For anyone reading, I highly recommend some sort of device like this.
  5. I decided to apply the same reinforcing technique to the channels for the dead eyes, I have 3 brass pins inserted in each one. I forgot which log I got that idea from (one of the many San Francisco’s I’ve browsed) but if you’re reading this, thank you. The holder for the belaying pins came with a laser cut piece, but as with the railings it was rather flimsy and didn’t hold varnish at all so I made my own using a small dremel bit. It is really coming along, I cannot wait to start rigging.
  6. My goal is to finish this by the end of May before I start up a new residency. I am moving right along now so I think that should be doable. Just starting to poece the deck together, like the railings, anything that is glued to the deck and will have rigging tied to it/under tension will be getting reinforced with a small brass nail and extra glue.
  7. Welcome newbee, After painting one of the floors black under the grating, I definitely wish I had taken the time to plan and cut out the floor first. I still considered it, but voted against it given that I am already so far along and figured I would probably mess things up with my dremel and I would regret it. Next build though I am planning on that. Leaving the floors painted black and gluing the grates over leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.
  8. The kit itself came with laser cut pieces for the deck railing along the balconies of the ship, but they were very flimsy and weren’t even size appropriately for the deck. On top of that the supplied plywood did not look the same at the outer railings once it was varnished so I decided to make my own. They turned out very nice I think
  9. I appreciate the input, since you guys seem to know your stuff...I was considering putting blocked rigging on the cannons for a little added detail. Studying this picture, I am assuming that the blocked rigging on cannons was also not around for the galeon ships?
  10. So if I have this understood correctly, the helmsman would stand inside the little cabin, and thus the whip staff would be in there as well? It would not be visible on the actual deck? Man, should have did my research before I ordered a few things...there goes 5 bucks wasted on a ship wheel haha Thanks for the feedback gentlemen
  11. Thank you when you say the actual San Francisco, was this an actual ship? I have tried searching and didn’t come across anything. I got the impression it was just a ship made for a model and has no historic significance
  12. I am getting to the point in my build where I am starting to plan the deck. Looking at the plans, there is no capstan and no captain’s wheel, but there are four grates along the deck. This seems a little excessive to me, and I’m considering leaving 2 of them off and putting other things on deck (like a capstan and wheel)...below are a few pics of which grates I am thinking of leaving off. I was considering putting the captain wheel on the stern most upper deck and leaving that grate off. Putting the capstan on the middle deck in front of the cabin, and then leaving off the grating on the bow deck just because it seems like once the railing is installed all of the rigging, it would “crowd” and be a tripping hazard. Lol are the chosen locations for the 2 accessories correct? I assumed the captain wheel directly over the rudder for “less moving parts” in real life and the capstan just seemed to fit the best there. Or would it look best in the bow deck closer to the anchors?
  13. Well I was able to file down the two sides of the grating, the angled side and the side facing the middle. I didn’t think I’d be able to shave enough off to get them to fit and line up adequately but it ended up working out. And once it goes in the display case no one will be able to get close enough to see the different width borders of the grates.

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