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  1. Yup! The hardest part is cutting the holes in cardboard and pinning the sail to try and get the best shape but its working pretty well. I appreciate your help with the matter
  2. Getting the sails done as we speak. Now that I have more space for things for my next build I decided to start serving the rigging. Originally I decided against it due to time, space, and not knowing how. But last night I was taking a close up picture and realized that square knots just don’t do it justice. the GAC 400 for the sails has been working like a charm. I just cut a hole roughly the size of the sail, pin it, and apply 3 coats of it on both sides and place a small bag of rice on it (allow it to dry in between each coat) and it’s ready to go.
  3. Thanks for your post! I do like the way the furled sails look. Another look I really like is adding a polymer to the sails called GAC400 (available are Michaels crafts) and making them look like the wind is blowing into them rather than just sagging with gravity. I remember seeing this thread a while back and it stuck with me. (Attached below is a picture of the ship from the thread) https://modelshipworld.com/topic/15657-hermione-by-messis-finished-artesania-latina-189/page/10/ I am not quite sure what approach I am taking yet...I feel like either way I cannot go wrong, which makes the decision even harder haha
  4. I have actually been tossing the idea around about how to do the sails. Would you mind posting a few pictures? I really do like the idea of furled sails as it allows you to see more of the intricate rigging
  5. The 11th marked the year anniversary of this project, to celebrate I decided to sit down and finish the remainder of the shrouds and rat lines
  6. Not much to update on the ship itself, I am however all settled into my new house! Spent the evening (finally) setting up the shipyard. It’s not quite done yet, but it’s quite the upgrade from my apartment setup. I have a few more house items to take care of but I will be getting back to work soon. Cheers Old New
  7. Your sails (along with the rest of the ship) look phenomenal. I’ll admit, I bought a sewing machine just for the sails and learned to sew as the sails progressed. Not my best work. I’ll definitely look into the information on the Dutch sites if I ever decide to make another one. Thank you
  8. Are you asking if I sold it or if I am willing to sell when it is done? No I did not sell it, I moved to a new state for work and needed to transport it in the moving process. And I doubt I would be interested in selling when it is complete. This is my first big shop project, I would however be willing to sell future projects. Or if you were asking where I got the lot from, a local hobby store had it in stock. If you search for “artesania latina” you will be able to purchase from their website.
  9. Growing up I raced motocross and there were times when I’d have numerous bikes and four wheelers on one trailer, strapping it all down was a different project each time it seemed like so I just applied those same principles. It came to me out of the blue one day. Thankfully I only got as far as the shrouds, if I had gotten the yards on the method probably would not have worked as well
  10. I was unable to figure out who to contact for more rigging line, I am glad they were okay with sending more though. I always like hearing about companies that stand behind their product. I’m glad you were able to finish your kit. Feel free to post some pictures here if you want. After working on a much more involved model, looking back I enjoy the simplicity of the solid hull/smaller kit and will probably do another one similar to this one day. Cheers. Also, now that I have seen other kits, I am starting to think the instructions and diagram wasn’t as bad as I originally thought haha
  11. Progress has been slow lately, and is currently on hold. I am currently in the process of moving to Michigan. I was hoping to have all of the shrouds and ratlines completed before the move but i didn’t quite make it. A lot of the dead eyes that came in the kit are very poor quality, I used what good ones I could find and am currently waiting for a shipment of more before I get back to work. I used this brass black due to change the colors of the deadeye chains from brass to black, I think it looks 10x better. It’s simple. Just clean the surface and let soak until desired color. Rinse. Dry. Many ways to tie ratlines, here’s the method that I used A picture of my old work area, my new space is going to be much better. While browsing the forums I’ve seen many people who have built shopping crates for their projects....I’ve also seen a few of those projects get unpacked with varying levels of damage. I also don’t gave easy access to a workshop at the moment so I took a different approach. I tied the ship to the stand by wrapping string around it in a few places. I then placed the ship/stand on the backseat of my vehicle i then used nylon suture (medical fall talk for needle and thread, same stuff they use to see you up in the ER) and sewed the setup to the seat in various spots. The drive gave me anxiety but It was very secure, no risk of airbag damage (back seat) and I could see it at all times so I could pull off if something happened. It worked flawlessly and it’s safely siting at my new house. Once I get settled I will post pictures of the new workspace.
  12. The deck is fully assembled and I am now working on the masts. With my first build I just used super glue and square knots, this time I am at least attempting to tie the proper knots, started off strong with whipping on the main mast. I also recently made a live edge table, it will not be part of the final display of the ship but I am planning on making a display case for it and I would like to implement a live edge component similar to this. Considered even making a recess in the “river” for the ship to sit in, like it is actually floating down a river. Who knows
  13. And the deck is essentially done! I remade a few more of the laser cut pieces supplied with the cut. They were shaped fine, just didn’t hold varnish and I prefer the wood look to paint (I painted a lot of things early on while waiting for glue to dry with planking...before I got too far in planning) so other than that not much customization has gone into it. The directions are pretty much spot on with plenty of detailed pictures. Time to start working on the masts and putting the dead eyes on the channels.
  14. This is a fantastic piece, and definitely is now on my “todo” list, sorry to hear about the wife.

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