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  1. Progress has slowed down immensely this month but I’m still trucking away slowly. I had to take my medical board licensing exam, small vacation to dallas, and I just found out I’ll be starting residency in Detroit next year. I’ve also started some small side projects including a live edge table for the new home. Not much thought has gone into any customization of these steps lately, other than not painting everything black I’ve been following the directions pretty close.
  2. Nice choice to use the natural wood for the gun ports rather than paint. I have looked at many logs so far and it seems the older AL models were natural wood and they recently moved to painting...I am a fan of the wood myself. I was wondering where you've been, glad to see things are still moving forward
  3. I really like the idea of adding the planks where the cannon rigging attaches to the bulwarks, I may be stealing that idea for my own build. Very nice indeed.
  4. Starting to put the finishing touches on the outer railing. The running rigging gets tied around a few places, so I decided to reinforce the stanchions with small brass pins. Made the alignment easier to measure and plan a well. Increased the time significantly but I think it’ll pay off in the long run.
  5. amazon has them, they really do add a nice touch. Although slightly tedious at times. Here is the link for one of the kits, the other one is "model kit A" and a link should be somewhere on the page https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003T37B66?ref_=pe_1196280_123950170
  6. Just a small update. Bending the side bumpers with the taper was a challenge to figure out, I cut a piece of 2x4 with the vertical curve of the hull and then placed the pieces in there. I filed a small leftover plank at an angle to fill the space while bending. Some complicated/creative clamping. im really liking my decision to not paint the wood.
  7. This is coming along very nicely. It's making me even more excited to start rigging
  8. This is the next build I am planning on, good luck! the MK kits seem fantastic. A member on here by the name of Greenstone works for MK. I have messaged him a few times with questions and he has been more than helpful.
  9. Slow progress these days, but in order to speed things up I purchased a small 2” table saw to start cutting pieces to length. Best 30 bucks I have spent in a long time. The directions in the new and updated kit has the Wales and trim painted black. After reviewing many logs of the previous model where they were not painted I decided to keep to this style. The Wales are stained with a cherry varnish, and the rest of the trim around the boat will be as well.
  10. Osmosis, How long did it take for you to receive a reply/the parts requested from AL when you emailed about the missing parts from the kit? I e-mailed them about two months ago and have yet to receive a reply. I am missing about 30 of the columns that go around the railings. They are extremely cheap to purchase and I am considering just going that route but shipping from AL is 60+ dollars so I will not be going that route.
  11. For some of the details of the ship Artesania Latina sells microshapers to actually scrape away some of the wood for the desired shape. I was pretty skeptical at first as I saw it as just another way for them to make money but I caved and bought them. After working on some of the trim work I’m happy with the decision to buy them. I think it adds a little extra that will never be noticed by anyone but me. Lol this step definitely required some fitness as putting too much pressure would just cause the wood to splinter instead of shave.
  12. After all of the holidays and a crazy work schedule I was finally able to get the second layer of planking completed and a nice thick layer of tung oil has been applied. For future builds I think I will seek out kits with only 1 layer of planking. The thicker planks made bending more difficult, sure...but overall I’d say they were easier to work with. The .5mm thick planks seemed to crack and flake off when filing the edges fairly simple. But I’m very happy with the results nonetheless. For application the tung oil I spread on a very hefty coat and let it sit for 15 minutes, making sure the entire surface was moist and didn’t soak it all in/start to dry. At the 15 minute mark I wiped it down. The plan for now is to let it dry for 3 or so days and then apply another layer. Can anyone guess where the sponge applicatoractor that I used came from? 😂
  13. What do you need pictures of exactly? I am currently building this same model but it has been upgraded recently and now comes with a PDF of detailed pictures for each step, I'd be happy to post some screen shots for ya.
  14. Spent most of my free time lately workin on a jewelry box for the girlfriend, but today I was finally able to make some headway on the planking and the deck/inner bulwark coated in the first layer of tung. It’s starting to really come along.
  15. Finally got the first layer of planking done. Just have to glue on the keel and then use a filler to touch up a few spots around the first few planks and I’llbe able to get started on the second layer of veneers.

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