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  1. Finished the paddler earlier tonight. The wooden paddles are each 80mm long with a 2mm 45 degree chamfer on the “water” edge. The metal frames are measured at 23mm apart which lefts just over 5mm per side of overlap. I measured one of the wooden paddles and marked 5, 23, 23, and 5 and then just traced across each to make sure they all lined up. when I was inserting them into the metal slots I would place one, go to the opposite side and place the other. Measuring in between, then turn 90 degrees and do the same thing. The first 4 were the hardest to get lined up evenly so the metal
  2. Wow, it’s hard to believe it has been over a year since I have opened this and I’m really not amy farther along than the last picture. I got tied up in a larger River boat project and once covid hit ive hardly had time to even work on that (I’m a medical resident, just been way too busy) yes, I will gladly send you whatever I can to help out
  3. i Am not sure if I will be connecting the arms, just going to play it by ear. I have not had a chance to touch the boat since that post BUT Santa did bring me a tool box for the ship yard. I have wanted a gerstner for years, I was like a little kid opening a PlayStation haha. Andddd My pup on Xmas day just for fun.
  4. Still here and trucking away slowly. Since I am putting lights on it I decided to leave a few rooms open, granted the doors are small so looking inside is limited. I started painting the first level room walls white, and putting a rudimentary steam engine in the room closest to the stern. Hours at work have been long and I just purchased a nee truck so rather than shop and try to buy stuff to make the engine, I decided to use old stuff I had sitting around. I used a piece of 1 1/2 oak dowel for the engines itself and painted them black, painted a nail black and a washer silver and used that fo
  5. Still working on the deck planking, I forget what the name of this style is, it sure is painstaking to do, it sure does look great when it’s finished. for the second level, I have started the rooms for it and had quite a hard time bending the walls around the frame. On both pieces the walls broke at the top of the door frame. Easy fix, just needed some extra glue and a clamp, so overall no big deal. I also had to contact Artesania Latina for more walnut planks, after finishing the hull I tossed the rest out. Bad idea my good buddy also got me this awesome bourbo
  6. I am still here! Sorry for the delay, I have been fiddling with this occasionally but life has been crazy lately. My wedding was originally postponed until next year due to covid but last minute we decided to take a trip and get married by ourselves on an island, and I had to make an epoxy table for someone else for a wedding gift. This kit surprisingly did not come with a stand, so this last week I spent some time and planes down a piece of solid walnut, cut it in half and then glued it together so the stand will have a mirror image in the wood grain. I have also been taki
  7. Got the second level deck finished and did a little dry fitting. I am skipping around in a few steps in an attempt to finish all of the decks since it’s such a slow painstaking process. I also started on the box closing bars, using my small cutoff wheel to cut the 45 degree angle and then clamping it in my vice to file down the recess for the plank to fit in.
  8. Progress at a snails pace, but I finally finished planking the second level deck. Putting the deck nails in and the second layer or varnish next using the same method as I did in the first level deck
  9. It’s been a slow month or two, the weather has just been so nice it’s hard to justify staying in my basement (although the temperature is spot on down there) but this past weekend I made a little more progress. the hull is completely planked (pictures will come), I am still working on the second level deck, that fancy angled planking really takes forever to do properly. on my previous build I made the mistake of waiting until the build was complete before I made the stand, this time I am making the stand early on. Since the hull is planked with walnut and it has v
  10. Well I finally finished the display case. It’s been ready for a while but I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months for Amazon to ship the display case lights to me. They arrived this morning and install them and here is the final product.Well I finally finished the display case. It’s been ready for a while but I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months for Amazon to ship the display case lights to me. They arrived this morning and install them and here is the final product.
  11. I’m actually not sure which version that is. To my knowledge there’s only two versions of the San Francisco and neither of them had open gun windows. The first version came with cast-iron window covers to glue on where as the second version came with instructions to build wooden window covers
  12. I chose to make the entire case outnof red oak and then stain it using 2 coats of golden oak with about 5 hours in between coats. Working on the base now, I’m a little torn on the overall design, mainly the height. As it sits now, it’s about bellybutton height where the boat will sit on the main base. At 14” wide, the overall center of gravity is going to be fairly high and I’m afraid it will be too unstable. I am currently debating on ways to essentially attach it to the wall it’s sitting against or make the entire case shorter, which would make the case less appealing as far as the
  13. With the weather finally hold out and giving me some nice days I decided to take a few big steps on the display case. I did a little research and ended up purchasing an instruction .PDF to get me going. So far it’s coming along great. first I cut strips of red oak 3/4 x 3/4 for the borders, used my table saw to cut 3/16” slots 3/16” deep all the way down for the glass to sit in. Then I cut them to length using my craftsman adjustable mitre box. After that I used my router with a 1/8 cove and bead bit to cut a nice border. (repeat this step for the top sky glass as well)
  14. Little more progress on the first level rooms and the second level deck. I always get nervous about the integrity of gluing things that hang off/have potential to be bumped. So I added a little reinforcement. I drilled small holes and then put a brass pin with superglue inside of the “stabling box” and then lined up the holes on the wall, drilled, and used wood glue for the box against the wall with superglue on the brass pins. I used this technique on my previous build and everything held up great.
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