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  1. Thank you everyone osmosis, currently I am working on 2 much smaller project. A ship in a bottle (build log is already started on here) and a ferrari formula 1 car. I believe you have the same Mississippi kit. Let me know when your get started, I’m sure we can share some info back and fourth. however, as soon as those 2 are done my fiancé did already purchase my next big ship for christmas. It’s another kit from Artesania Latina, the Mississippi River Queen. I cannot wait to get it started
  2. I still have to build the display case, which I will probably wait to start until it gets a little warmer outside. But the ship itself is done! 10/11/2018 - 1/3/2020 approximately 500 hours. it sort of bummed me out that Artesania Latina closed its doors. I am fairly new to the model ship world but I really enjoyed building this model and numerous people have asked where to buy this specific one.
  3. I decided to trash the stand that the model came with and make my own out of oak. I started with an oak board from Home Depot and finished with something that turned out much better than I expected
  4. Today was my first day off of work for Christmas vacation so I got a little progress done on the jig that holds the ship while building it. While building the Amati it didn’t require anything like this, I’m intrigued to see how all of these holes will be utilized. next the fore and aft cabins will be fitted and glued. The kit comes with very crudely shaped wood so it will require a little filler and quite a bit of sanding
  5. Well my San Francisco by Artesania Latina build is coming to an end, just working on the stand and display case now I decided to start planning for my next build. My first ship was the Golden Yacht bottle kit by Amati, I will say I enjoy the larger models more but about a year ago I came across this kit on eBay and purchased it. From what I can tell the kit itself was produced and sold in 1988 and stopped selling shortly after that. I have tried to research the kit and there is not much on out there on it. I was a bit skeptical purchasing something so old on eBay as the box was damaged in the picture, but from what I could tell it had never been opened. And when it arrived, it was clear that it wasn’t. All of the parts inside the box were still packed away and appeared to be in pristine condition. I have not started it yet, but I will soon.
  6. thank you, and thank you to everyone else. Osmosis, did you see that Artesania has closed their doors for good? Website is down and everything
  7. Got the final sail on, the anchors are attached, and now I just have to attach the people and finish a few other small details. I really like the idea of having extra rigging coiled up and placed throughout the ship. Also, just because I’m still excited about it...I recently got engaged while on a trip in California. I made her a custom ring box and a necklace box so of course there will be pictures attached, (and of course they are out of order that I tried to post in) happy thanksgiving everyone!
  8. Just a few more lines to rig and some misc stuff (like putting the rudder on...totally forgot) but it’s looking like I’ll have her complete before Christmas, which is sort of surprising to me. for my next build I am going to utilize the bees wax for the frays On the rigging. I was using a lighter initially on the cotton thread but the nylon is too fragile. I actually burned one completely up so I stopped with that nonsense. im also going to get a serving machine and serve more of the knots for the rigging. I was too inpatient with a few things but she still turned out gorgeous. anyone have any good plans to make a display case with a drawer in the base?
  9. I am coming across this post just now after searching on google for their website. I am in the process of finishing up my AL model the San Francisco, I was going to see if I could get it featured on their instagram page and that has not even been active in months. Definitely sad to see them go, I'm fairly new the model world but I really enjoyed my AL kit.
  10. Only have 1 more sail left and then it’s on to the small details and the display case. The kit comes with little die cast people I was on the fence about using but I decided to use them. It’s really starting to come together and I could be more excited. the figurines needed a little filing to get rid of the casting lines, and the kit itself was missing one of the srms so I have to email Artesania requesting another one. They may take a while to get respond but they will replace parts at no cost.
  11. Yup! The hardest part is cutting the holes in cardboard and pinning the sail to try and get the best shape but its working pretty well. I appreciate your help with the matter
  12. Getting the sails done as we speak. Now that I have more space for things for my next build I decided to start serving the rigging. Originally I decided against it due to time, space, and not knowing how. But last night I was taking a close up picture and realized that square knots just don’t do it justice. the GAC 400 for the sails has been working like a charm. I just cut a hole roughly the size of the sail, pin it, and apply 3 coats of it on both sides and place a small bag of rice on it (allow it to dry in between each coat) and it’s ready to go.
  13. Thanks for your post! I do like the way the furled sails look. Another look I really like is adding a polymer to the sails called GAC400 (available are Michaels crafts) and making them look like the wind is blowing into them rather than just sagging with gravity. I remember seeing this thread a while back and it stuck with me. (Attached below is a picture of the ship from the thread) https://modelshipworld.com/topic/15657-hermione-by-messis-finished-artesania-latina-189/page/10/ I am not quite sure what approach I am taking yet...I feel like either way I cannot go wrong, which makes the decision even harder haha
  14. I have actually been tossing the idea around about how to do the sails. Would you mind posting a few pictures? I really do like the idea of furled sails as it allows you to see more of the intricate rigging
  15. The 11th marked the year anniversary of this project, to celebrate I decided to sit down and finish the remainder of the shrouds and rat lines

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