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  1. Rigging is proceeding, albeit quite slowly, as I am working out how to do it as I go. Much time is spent deliberating, looking at other builds, and consulting sources. I am attaching as many lines and fittings as possible to the mast off model as I can. 1. Burton pendants and blocks for upper stays installed. 2. Shroud pairs installed. 3. Jeer pendants installed. An advantage to using metal blocks is that sheaves are molded in. If left unpainted, they look quite realistic. Unfortunately, they will not be seen once the jeers ar
  2. Thanks so much for the compliment,Tim. They are indeed Britannia metal, and they are the same size as the ones I used for the guns. In my book of photos of Constitution there is a photo of sailors working with one of the guns, and the block for the train tackle looks like it is 9" to me, so I think the scale is right. Here is that photo. What do you think? Actually, the block for the side tackle does look smaller, but 3/32" is the smallest the Bluejacket makes. I think they look right. Syren does make a 1/16" size. My hat is off to you if you use those for the g
  3. The bowsprit has been permanently installed using 24 hr epoxy. Next job was the gammoning. It turned out to be even more difficult than I anticipated. Fortunately, I made the gammoning slot in the stem knee longer than called for in the plans, knowing that I did not know exactly where the corresponding slot in the grating would end up owing to the extensive remodeling needed to make if fit. It turns out that this was a good idea. I could not see what I was doing under the grating and in between the bowhead timbers, but it is a safe bet that what I ended up with bears little resemblan
  4. Wire stropped 3/32" double blocks (a fiddly process to say the least), and wire stropped 3/32" bullseyes on left, and in situ along with 3/32" eyepins on the knight heads and cat heads on the right, The instructions specify fiddle blocks on the knight heads, but, as I could not visualize exactly how to set those up, I went with all bullseyes as indicated in the other sources I looked at. Yeah, I know. the bullseyes on the knight head should be oriented vertically, but then I would not be able to fit the seats of ease. Touch up to be done tomorrow when the epoxy glue
  5. Sprits'l yard crossed, jib boom and flying jib boom horses installed, bowsprit horse attached at one end, jib boom and flying jib boom guys, and traveler guys attached. Traveler guys will not be attached to the catheads until the upper stays are rigged and the traveler rings are in their final position. It is probably a good idea to install all fittings to the catheads and knight heads now, before I permanently glue in the bowsprit.
  6. Excellent work. I saw a full replica of that vessel tied up at the marina in Poughkeepsie some years back.
  7. Thanks, Tom, for your interest and your suggestion. Actually, I was hoping to avoid coloring the line if possible, hence my ordering of line from Syren rather than using the line provided by Bluejacket. However, if .003 tan linen thread is not available, say from Joanne's, I may have to color the Bluejacket's white line, or just use the more bulky .008" line from Syren. When you color the line with shoe polish, do you dip it, rub it on, etc.? Is there a specific color or brand that you use? Is it easy to get a consistent color throughout the full length of the line?
  8. I am back at again. I am following the procedure of rigging from fore to aft and from low to high. Progress has been slow, because I am learning as I go. Much time has been spent staring at the model and thinking "Now how do I do this?". Bluejacket does not provide a fairlead for the bowsprit, so I made my own, modeling it on the current one. I did not fully realize at the time that in doing so, I would also be committing to rigging the bowsprit and jib booms using the current configuration. I suppose if I had seen the following drawing at that time, I might have taken a different co
  9. I have a video job coming up the post work of which will keep me busy for a while. Connie will be in ordinary for the next month or so.
  10. Foretack boomkins completed. I had intended to omit these, as the instructions do not show them. Then I found a scale drawing of them in the Marquardt, so I decided to give it a try. Boomkins to be glued in after all fittings have been installed on the bowsprit and jib booms, the bowsprit has been installed on the model,and the gammoning has been completed. This concludes the major woodworking on the model, and so, is a major milestone for me. Now to begin the rigging.
  11. I just finished making up the yards. Fittings to be installed after standing rigging has been completed and before crossing the yards and doing the running rigging. I wish these yards were more photogenic, but when I hold them in my hand and look at them, I am fairly pleased with how they came out considering I have never done this before. There are cleats on the main topsail yard. I just neglected to set up the yard to show them when I took the pic. I found a design in the Marquardt for the foretack boomkins, so I think, before I start the rigging, I will have a go
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