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  1. Captain's gig hung from the stern davits. MS is now selling eye pins that are smaller than any that I have seen yet. Hooks could be made that are not that far out of scale. Now of the challenge of making masts. Lots of new skills to learn.
  2. Here are some build photos of my efforts at completing the thole details on the Captain's gig. The thole brackets are made from styrene .010" by .040" strips. Holes were drilled using a .016" to act as starter holes for when the holes for tholes were drilled into the gunwales. At this scale the operation was a bit fiddley. These were glued on the gunwale caprails which had been filed flat to receive them. Once all the holes were drilled they were painted with wires temporarily inserted to keep the holes clear. Once the painting was done, copper wires with a shiny black plastic coating which I found at Michaels's were glued in with CA gel. They were cut to size using a piece of 1/32" by 1/32" basswood stock. I found that this stock was slightly oversized, being more like 3/64" square which made them perfect for getting the correct thole height. The tips showed the copper centers, which were blackened with a Sharpie. So this is what I ended up with. This gig will be hung from the stern davits. The other two have the brackets installed now and will be finished when I hang them from the quarter davits when all the rigging is done. These boats are not as neat as I would like, but this is the best I could do, so I will just have to fall back on this novice's favorite trope: "It looks better when seen from a normal viewing distance". Now to hang it from the stern davits.
  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment. Looking forward to your next post.
  4. After having posted a photo of the finished Pinnace, I attempted to do some cleanup on the gunwales. I managed to get some improvement, so I decided to submit a new photo. I am currently struggling with the gigs/whaleboats. I have tried several methods to get the tholes detail, so far without success. In the real boats there are rectangular wooden plates glued to the gunwale cap rails in which square holes have been cut into which the tholes are inserted. I do not know what these are called, so I will call them thole brackets. I tried using styrene .020" by .060" strips, but they were too thick. I then tried 65 lb card stock, but could not keep them neat. I have just ordered .010" by .040" styrene strips. Black plastic coated copper wire (.016") will do nicely for tholes, but it remains to be seen if I can use them, as I have painted myself into a corner with the prior failed attempts. If not, I will go with just the brackets, as the boats were often carried on he davits without the tholes inserted as these photos demonstrate.
  5. The Caldercraft Victory is by far the best I have seen photos of. I am looking forward to seeing your photos. I may at some point attempt that build if I can figure out where to display it in my apartment. The photos of your Mamoli Constitution showed excellent work as I recall. I am sure your current build will is also great.
  6. A note about the bowheads. The plans given in the instructions reflect their present configuration. There is no scale given, but after I completed my bowheads, I measured them, and compared them to the elevations, and they matched. So you can use the drawings as they are for your construction. Speaking of looking ahead, I decided not to permanently mount the seats of ease, or enclose the bowheads in order to facilitate installing the gammoning.
  7. Very nice job on the deck. The beams look great, and I do not see any seams between sections of decking which is amazing. The glued up decking I used was not long enough to run fully fore to aft, which, I must admit, was one reason that I left the waist unplanked. As for the instructions, I found that not only are there gaps in the information needed to do all the detail, but there are actually wrong procedures which can lead the builder to make mistakes which can result in a cascade of problems which require considerable ingenuity and creativity to rectify. I would also recommend to anyone about to build this kit to get the Marquardt Anatomy of the Constitution, and also buy the Revell plastic model to use as a reference. Thanks so much for your gracious compliment.
  8. Very neatly done. Looking forward to seeing them in place.
  9. Stern sheet bench, thwarts, mast step, breast decking, and exterior bulwark strakes installed. Stern sheet bench was cut out from 1/64" birch plywood. Thwarts, mast step sides, and breast decking are 3/32" by .020" basswood planking stock from Bluejacket. Now to cut the oar locks. Bluejacket provides enough Britannia oars to put 6 in each boat. Rudders will also be added. I have sanded the outer hull with #400 grit sandpaper to take off the shine so that the paint will stick.

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