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  1. Thanks! Looks like Artesania did change some parts quite frequently. My instruction says the deck gratings are included in die cast but wood was included to build them, the bow grating should be included as die cast part as well but there was nothing at all in the box... I previously built the SF2 cross section and there was also a top of laser cut wood included. My ship is the old version of the SFII (single planked), so probably the older kits contain (or should contain) more die cast parts than newer ones? Anyway, AL is out of business which is a bit sad, I liked the kits and a lot of the p
  2. Next part in the kit that was really ugly was the top plattforms (how do you call them in English correctly? In German the "Mars") of fore and main mast. So I made some own completely from scratch, trying to rebuild them as close as possible to the ugly die cast part. Was quite a process cutting and fitting all the small delicate parts together. I'm quite happy with the result Last pictures show the testwise mounted platform not attached yet. Another comment to artesania latina's die cast parts: they are ****! The top plattforms die cast parts not even showing the holes you need f
  3. The included die cast jollyboat in the kit was not really nice and also way too big for the deck I think. So i made an own one from a separate kit with upgrading it:
  4. Hi Barr1. Sorry just saw your message, so answer a bit late... Cool, nice to hear that pictures can be useful 🙂 I guess that casted bow grating in the kit looks quite ugly? The lines on the deck (joint of the planks) are made by slightly engraving the planks with a saw and blackening the groove with a pencil. The "nail holes" are made by hammering a not too pointy pencil into the planks. Both done before gluing the plank stripes onto the deck. Which part do you exactly mean with "bow sprit stanchion". And from what view? My mother language is German. So it is quite diff
  5. Sorry guys took a long time to finally display the result. Thank you very much for the hints. Tried to do it with the truckers hitch but it was too small to succeed. So I just did some improvisation with square knots and seizings:
  6. Cannon with many other deck parts are now mounted. Still need to finish the jollyboat and lash it to the installed stand. So far everything worked well 🙂 Next chapter with mast and rigging is coming up - I guess that will be the biggest challenge not messing anything up...
  7. Hi mtaylor Thanks for the hint. So far thats clear. But I was looking for a somewhat more elaborate lashing. Probably something with two blocks at each line for tightenig the lines. I don't know what kind of "system" in the line was used to strap the boat historically correct (only ropes fixed to an eyebolt mounted in the deck floor is not historically correct I think!?).
  8. Dear fellows How is the correct method to lash a dinghy / jollyboat on deck? I built some wooden blocks as stand, now I need to fix the boat somehow with lashings to the deck, please see picture below (dinghy is not yet completely finished...). Its' on a spanish galleon, 16th century. Model San Francisco II of Artesania Latina which I upgraded with some custom made parts, such as the dinghy. The dinghy is only 70 mm long, so the lasing shouldn't be too complicatedy as it has to be very small size... Would be great if you could give me some advise how I
  9. Worked alot on the 10x cannons (+ 1 reserve). That took me 19.6 hours until they were all varnished. Still need to do the ropework for mounting them. I think the effort was worth the time if you compare the result to the simple iron cast carriages provided in the kit (shown on last of the three pictures):
  10. Also the grating for the bow had to be scratch built. The AL instructions says "these parts are supplied in cast metal" but there was noting in the box - and if it would, it would have looked ugly anyway... Getting all the angles and the bending for the bow right was quite some effort. Then, when almost done with the part I almost destroyed it when trying to do some minor sanding with the sanding machine. Not a good idea... Luckily only a small damage at the bottom side occured which is gladly hidden on the photos and the mounted part on the ship ;-)
  11. Hi fellows. A small update since a long time - didn't work that much on the ship during summer 2020. Had to make the channels from scratch, the one at the foremast was quite tricky as it hat to fit around some other parts:
  12. Thanks mate 🙂 Good that you have this nice and already old kit in stock - probably it gets rarity value as AL went out of business 😉 Well I guess taking some inspiration from other builders is very kind "stealing"... There are some good logs here for SF2, I also took some inspiration like from DesertWolf who also did own gunport lids and a crazy effort for planking, which ended but veeeeery nice. Be prepared for a big fight with the planks, almost all of them needed extensive treatement before mounting. Luckily there was enough wood for that in the box, so producing quite some broken ones didn
  13. Built a solid construction stand for the ship, so all the details being in production can be mounted later more easily:
  14. A good side of the coronavirus (April/March 2020) is that it gives you a lot of time working at home on your model ship... 🙂 Although I painted all the gunport lids given in the kit, they didn't look nice on the ship. Nothing shipshape with these metal cast pieces: Si So I made some lids from scratch with 3mm copper for the hinges and spare planks. Quite happy with the result 🙂 Looking way better on the ship: After probably a 6 weeks process of buildung all the parts needed and mounting them:
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