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  1. Hello Sir, really looking forward to seeing this build continue! It has been an inspiration to my build. I took the summer off but hoping to get back to it soon. You are such an incredible model builder! Thank you.
  2. Finally got around to getting the deck hardware mounted. As I continue rigging up the cannons. I plan on coming back around and adding some rope coils next to them. Thanks for all the likes!
  3. Wow, these cannons are taking forever to make! Next model, if I have to scratch build cannons, I will definitely order some pre fab ones. A lot of work. Almost done with these little fiddly things though. I can't wait to start on the rigging! Getting real close now!
  4. Excellent completed build sir! She's a beauty! I am actually thinking of picking up this kit as my next build. If you could be so kind, could you offer a review of the kit from Occre? I have worked on a few AL kits and they seem pretty comparable if not a little better.
  5. Well there it is. One lonesome little cannon. I think it came out pretty good. Not the best, but hey, it works. 1 down, 7 more to go...
  6. Yes, Dessert Wolf put on a clinic with his SF2 build! Excellent work. I am actually kind of considering another build for my next. It's either going to be this, or the Golden Hind Kit from Occre. Both slick looking Galleons. I am really liking the Golden Hind for it's historical significance though. Either way it will probably be next year when I start my next build. The Harvey is taking a while.
  7. Looking great! I currently have this kit in waiting until I finish the AL Harvey I'm working on. Same situation with the planks. Single hull, thick planks, really tough to bend. It took me a long time. It was fustrating and irritating to say the least. The only caveat was the fact that the planks are so thick, you can sand them down a serious amount and the end result actually looks quite good. I am going to try some more professional methods of planking when I get around to the SF2. Like splining as mentioned up above. For now, I am happy with the result. I will be watching your build with gr
  8. Thank you! I got a little more done. I had to re make the side boards that hold the dead eyes (shocker) and I decided to move them up the side walls a little to make them easier to attach to the rat lines without the side walls rubbing against them. It might not be "historical" where I've placed them, I think it will come out looking better in the long run.
  9. A great looking build so far! You have peeked my interest in the spray. I have read Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World a few years back. It's a great novel and this looks like it might be my next build. Keep up the good work!
  10. It came out a little bigger than the supplied one. But still, I think it looks nice.
  11. I really enjoyed remaking all of these do-dads (I don't know what they are called) I think the tone of the wood really sets them apart. Onward!
  12. Much better then the supplied ones in my opinion. Work has slowed down a little as I have to reverse engineer each element. Slow but steady. More pictures to come soon.
  13. Well I got a little more done over the weekend. I got the hull glossed, put a matte varnish on the rest. I am a little jealous of how good the matte finish looks. Now I am wishing I could do the whole thing in matte, oh well. I got the rudder installed and a couple of the details for the deck started. A little more bashing, looking pretty good.
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