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  1. There's a name I recall! Thanks Duanelaker, your build log was very helpful, and your model turned out beautiful!
  2. Hey HardeeHarHar! How did you attach the gaff halyard rig (81) to the gaff halyard (82)? Special knot? Did you use the rigging that came with the kit or did you get different rigging? Thanks, John
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! First forum I've been on where people are literally from all point on the globe. Pretty cool. Yes Jim, I realized much too late that the nails are out of scale, and there were better ways to do this. I had the hull done before I found the post with the .05 pencil lead inserts. I really like that look. I recently read Chuck's "beginner" thread. I of course wanted to start a Bark next, but my experience with this build and Chuck's sage advice suggests that the 18th century Longboat may be a wiser choice. I would get a chance to use that pencil lead technique. I do have a question, how does one tie the peak halyard to the center of the line that runs on top of the gaff from one end to the other? It looks like a seamless attachment with no knot, so I suspect there is a special technique.
  4. Gorgeous ship. Found out about her about a month ago. Has anyone built a model?
  5. Photos.app.zipWell, I've been lurking long enough, time to come out into daylight! I got my first model, HMS Bounty Jolly as a present in Dec. '19. Found this place shortly after starting, when it became clear that I was just a tad shy of the knowledge required for model ship building. Complete newbie. I built plastic car/cycle/plane models as a kid in the 60s, but never advanced past that, what with college, family and a career as a retinal surgeon for the past 30 years. Retired now. Saw the wooden ship models in the Smithsonian in the 80s, thought that someday I might like to try my hand at that. As you can see from my career, I have always enjoyed the micro over the macro. Also have a bit of wood working experience (purely amateur) but have quickly found out that that is helpful. I have learned 20 of the 50,000 nautical terms that I need to know, but it's a start. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of wanting to build a server, even though my current build doesn't need one. And I have spent countless hours wandering around this site trying to scrap up the info needed to advance in this wonderful new endeavor. I realize that someday I would like to meet a guy named Chuck. There's at least 20 people I should thank for having gotten me this far, but I can't remember their names. I don't have a build log. Didn't know about that before I started. Here is where I am, just starting to work on the masting/rigging. Photos.app.zip

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