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  1. Well I'm now home from vacation and all caught up...hopefully I will be working on the Glory hull very soon. I'll need to cut and install all the internal bracing blocks next. Rob
  2. That’s where I’ve seen that. I saw that when I was a kid. One of the motivating reasons why clippers are my favorite design.
  3. I came across an old colorized version of the pre-launch photo. Interesting additions
  4. She's moved up the dock in this image I posted earlier. Her bow is nearly vertical.
  5. Wonderful workmanship. They look quite accurate from here. Rob
  6. That top image of the Benjamin F Packard's cabin at Mystic.. I've never seen, but the other two I have had in my collection for years. When I began my research on the Glory..I came across that B/W image of the Packard's interiors...and it inspired me to imagine the interiors of the Glory as they must have appeared. Rob
  7. Realizing that the same sense of danger and the need for extreme safety measures (as we are accustomed to today) was just not in the mind set of folks back then. Freedom, it appears, was more prevalent. I was reading that the cabin that was saved from the clipper Nightingale, named for the famous singer Jenny Lind, was extremely well fashion and finely finished. There was little external ornamentation and embellishments, safe the prow and stern of clippers...so much expense was lavished on their interior decorations and finishing's, where passengers would enjoy them. Can't wait to see your final rendering. I glued the bulkheads to the keel last night. I'll add reinforcing members between them when I return from Holiday. Rob
  8. I'm wondering why it appears she is being launched prior to all her plates being added.....?
  9. Man....not to be sounding all knowing, but I remotely thought I knew the definition of that, when I first read your username. It sounded so familiar, but with names it could mean almost anything. NOW I believe I fully understand where you're coming from...…. Rob(In the company of Giants)
  10. Oh...you weren't clear about what part of your comment you were joking about. I incorrectly assumed you were speaking about the latter half...the Dory lighting half....not the Druxey~Wiederrich correction half. Perception is everything. My mistake. I do like the lighting idea and even the idea of making the roof of the poop cabin removable to show the interior....interesting. It could be a theme...not only make the hull....but to incorporate interior details to increase the models interest. Lighting included. I have loads of mahogany and oak veneer to line the cabins and main dinning room. I, actually need to get back to her, now that I am no longer detained with helping my daughter put up drywall and tape/texture her house. Rob
  11. Calling out cutwater stem corrections is one thing...but now your getting ...spelling police...nasty.
  12. Ahhh...I see. I had originally gathered that that might be the case. But then calculated that at the slightest chance, you might be cognitively serious, so I thought it might be interesting to add lighting....since it will only be a hull model and internal lights might just add that additional detail that would otherwise be found in the masting and rigging. Your joking intent actually had some fruitful outcome. I felt a cohesive answer better then, just openly shouting out, *Are you nuts....how about I run some canned music of sea chanties (Or better yet, sounds of a salmon cannery) coming from below decks while I'm at it*?

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