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  1. Vlad..you are doing great....but I'm trying to wrap my head around the location of the side port. Several images are conflicting and I know that the copper line has changed over time with Glory...probably due to her weight restrictions placed on her over time.....but... Your ports are placed just above her copper line...similar to that of the image of her being towed to Alaska....but her original launch image shows the side port much higher from the copper line. Even the era I am building shows her side port higher up from her copper line. Note the images. Her copper line has changed in her later years...probably after they removed the copper. Sorry about the upside down image..?
  2. I can't wait to mask the copper off and paint it with the metallic color for the muntz color....I really dislike the glare of shiny copper. More to follow. Rob
  3. Spent some time working in the shop and adding more plates. Here is a progression session. Still have a bit more work to do till I'm finished on this side. Rob
  4. I designed a copper plate simulator by way of using a piece of wire fence.....drywall sand paper and a wash bin roller. The simulated nail imprints are convincing IMV, and from a scale distance look fine. Here is a batch of finished strips and applied strips. This method is fast and I think is accurate enough in my scale of 1/96 Check out my *Glory of the Seas* Log in the scratch build section. Rob
  5. Rich...I got an email from Mike and he tells me that he received several images of a *Model* of Glory of her partially painted bow and one of her compared to the launching photograph of Her. Are those images of my version? He sent them along to Ron Haug for analysis and comparison. Hoping to see if any further refinement to his drawings can be produced.....I'm guessing. Do you know about this? I think you mentioned sending him images...but not sure. Rob
  6. I ran out of the left overs so I went and made some more for this side.......long and pressed ready to go.
  7. I’m planning on running three sections. Cutting them in in similar fashion as I did with my Great Republic shown here
  8. Well back from North Dakota...I spent a bit working out the plating....I removed the tape and began the work...... I'm using the remainder of what was left over and I will be making more in the next couple of days. Not much time today to work but here are some starter images.
  9. Fantastic job Vlad. She is taking form. Now we’re cooking. You’ll be caught up to me before I get back from North D.
  10. Super job Vlad getting the banding done was wonderful...did you use brass or copper...or something else? Love the topmast stay sheave too. Rob
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