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  1. Hope some good scale drawings can be made from all of this in the scale you want. I will take some much better images that are actually clear and clean. Rob
  2. Vladimir...I found drawing that Mjelde has drawn in his second book..*Clipper ship Captain* about Daniel McLaughlin the captain of the Glory. Great drawings
  3. This might be of great help. This drawing is said to accurately represent the hull dimensions taken from the builders model of the hull...if true this would confirm my impression that the bow has a greater rake and less of a vertical incline in the stem..... It also corroborates with images..... I think if you mimic this hull design with what you have already gathered....you might be on track....spot on track. This drawing(I think) represents her very well....and is quite beautiful. Rob
  4. I have this pic in my collection. Not very clear...but I have several others I can share that show her bow much better...check these out.
  5. I love the composite mast too...here is a pic of one on display...you can see the iron pins and bands that they required.
  6. I have that book...I'll look and post anything I find that is pertinent. Rob
  7. Yeah...I love this pic it definitely shows the gunwales very nicely..... That board just behind the pump is a guard to prevent the fish from sliding under the pump...the trough is just on the other side where the fish came down to the deck and were picked through. Rob
  8. Canary image just aft of the main mast..showing the boy cabin removed from over the main hatch.
  9. Vladimir..here is a rare image of her relatively close...when she was a canary. Then a cold storage ship
  10. Yes...I built her after much of her previous additions had been removed. Mjelde shows these differences on his drawing of her deck features...where later and earlier additions were added or removed. Glory had a colorful history, with many modifications....so modeling her with the helm cabin addition or with the boys cabin with its gangway to the roof addition or with her boats partly over her poop and over boat skids...mods,,,or when her boats were stored on top of the boys cabin. So many phases to build her in. It appears you drew her at the height of her modifications. Love the test model for the stern....... Doing the same for the bow might enlighten us to her full bodied entrance. Great job for sure.... Did you see my correction and manner of deducing the bow issue? Rob
  11. Now check your angle based upon the angle devised from the photograph Rob
  12. Your drawing is magnificent and at 1/65 makes is pretty significant. I see you drew her with the chicken coop on the forward hatch and the boys cabin on the aft hatchway...to also include the gangway that let to its roof. Splendid...what year would you place her at? Upon further evaluation.....I noticed that the angle of the stem might be a bit too vertical.....This can be easily calculated by doing a vertical test from the image I posted of her(again). To check the angle of the bow entry...first locate the anchor hanging from the port cathead in the image...now by using the shank body of the anchor as a plumbob....draw a line down through its center to the ground. This will give you the actual plum or true vertical in the picture. Now compare this vertical to the angle of the bow. This can be done by measuring the distance the stem is from the plum anchor and then measure from the stem down at keel level and again with the plum line from the anchor...from these two measurements you can devise the angle of difference...establishing with some accuracy the true stem angle. You're doing a great job..... Here is a drawing of what I mean...you can see the angle is a bit greater then I think you may have..... So excited. Rob
  13. One thing I noticed and we might want to reconsider is the amount of curve of the frames forward. If you notice the photo I posted of the Glory on her launching...with McKay in the picture....if you look closely at the pole shadow by the gangway forward...you can see the shadow of that pole against the hull and it clearly shows the greater curve extending up from the keel...….follow along the hull toward the stern and you will notice the additional shadows along her hull. From keen deduction...it appears that Glory has a far more extreme curve amidships then even Sovereign. With towering sides much like a man of war...that she had been described as having. I think...if you see what I am seeing...you may also conclude that your drawing of her frames might need some adjusting to include these obvious differences. Glory has a stem or bow shape mush similar to that of the Challenge...but becomes much fuller quite quickly like the Sovereign....but even more so. Rob.

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