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  1. Well that isn't always true. Depends on your sail material and if your sails are to be furled or set billowed. I make my sails from common copier paper...and I add them to the yard after the yard is set to the mast...however..the mast is not stepped in the hull, so I can freely rotate the mast and rig the sail easily. It all depends on what condition you want your sails in. Furled are easier because most are reluctant to figure out a good way to naturally billow sails(It's hard, and there are many techniques). I use paper, becausae its familiar and very workable. Rob
  2. You've got 5 months......hmmmm..I wonder. Oh..hey….where is she going to be displayed…...at home or at the shop? Rob
  3. Indeed...these models represent the exaggerated color alterations that must have been present when exposed and unexposed plates were secured next to each other when coppering took place. At first it looks odd, but when you recollect that it represents actual representations...….it makes more sense. Rob
  4. Sutty's old bottom as of the picture I posted probably never saw salt water....but the point I was making is that the plates on her and on my Great Republic where NOT copper as was probably the Constitution...evidenced by the verdigris green oxididation, but Muntz metal....which began its life as shinny yellow and quickly turned brown...… The Cutty image was to demonstrate the color of the muntz when it was oxidized. As for the Original posters questions....I could not find muntz metal to *copper* the bottom of the Great Republic....so I treated the shiny copper foil to look like old Muntz metal plating. Rob
  5. Wonderful job thus far. Very nice execution on the ratlines. You just ripped through them.....great job! Did not the Red Jacket have back stay spreaders? Not all clippers did. the Glory of the Seas didn't originally, but was later fitted out with them. At this pace.....you might finish before I finish the Great Republic...…. Rob
  6. Wonderful work....just lovely. Clean and neat. All those nots can be tiring. Now it's done....and on to other things. Rob
  7. Then, because I don't like shiny copper.....and I wanted a real muntz metal oxidized look...I weather it. The real muntz metal was yellow..new, but when oxidized turned brown. Note the old Cutty Sark bottom.
  8. I didn't like the idea of weeks if not months plating a large hull....so I invented a much easier way to *emboss* the copper foil with segment lines nail imprints. Then just glue down each six inch section. Sone in a couple of days. Rob
  9. Thanks everyone. It's been a while. I will add some rope coils to the pennant rail before I finish with work deep inside the weather deck. It's a real bear working that far inside and around so much running rigging. I'll probably finish up the topsail and lower topsail braces as well as the main course braces, before I flip the ship and work on the other side. Without the spanker mast mounted it is waaay easier to work the rigging of the mizzen and main mast braces. Rob
  10. Next I began work on the top mizzen top mast and royal haul purchases and running them to the crab winches..
  11. I spent some time tonight working on several items...First i decided to add the main mast pennant and rigging. I first built the rail to belay the pennant line too, and then I built the cap with its sheave. I opted to fly the Union Jack from this location.
  12. I agree with JC Frankie...you've limited the boom's/gaff's latitude by the location of your backstays. They need to be brought further forward or relocated all together to free up the swing for the boom/gaff. Rob

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