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  1. Interesting....however...I tend to believe this is just another optical illusion we are seeing. The curve of the bow viewed from below the profile can give the illusion it is bowing down...when, if you look at the drawings it does no such thing. The half model of the Games Baines only reinforces this phenomena...because it to is viewed slightly below the profile. IMV....all we are seeing is the curve of the bow and from this particular angle it appears to bow down....going in its natural curve. Just hold a cup up and look at it from the side...its edge is flat...but then ro
  2. Great pictures guys....really amazing stuff. I spoke to Mike as we prepare to meet again for another book signing and some good conversation. He informs me that he has been " 'revisiting' the construction period when Glory was under construction. It's going to help him understand better, fifty years removed, how she was actually built and what was entailed in doing so". In addition to Duncan Mcleann's accounts. It sounds exciting and I'm looking forward to any new conclusions. Rob
  3. Interesting for sure. I made 2 figureheads in that scale before. One of Athene on my 1/96 mod version......and the Highlander of the McKay clan for the Donald McKay
  4. And that means when using the laser cut bulkhead plywood for the keel and stem..you will need to sand it or replace it to just half of the 1/4 plywood thickness. If you want to be accurate. At up to this point we have been trying to be as accurate as possible. Rob
  5. Oh man.....that is running your own business math....I get to work and I forget everything....cept what I'm doing at work. Thanks for setting me straight Nic. Rob
  6. Thanks Nic....I knew it was 1/8"=1ft...an 3/32" I originally wrote those but changed them...cuz I was at work working from memory...an my memory is slippen it appears. Thanks for helpin an old man out. Hey...by the way...can I order just the wood strakes for planking the hull from say..... your Red Jacket kit? Rob
  7. ? Let me get that right. My great Republic was in 1/128...where 1/32"=1ft. So 1/96...3/16"=1ft? Or somewhere there abouts? I'm assuming the plywood used in making the bulkheads is about 3/16" thick. And if my calculations are correct...I will need to reduce the stem and stern boards by half.....to keep things in scale. One thing I dislike...is when a modeler(Myself included in the past) doesn't reduce the provided keel to keep it in scale...although every other aspect of their model is in scale. See what I mean from my own error...even though I had
  8. One blaring issue I want to tackle with this new build....is. All these kit designs call for a pretty hefty keel. Cut from the same plywood the bulkheads are cut from. The only problem is, is the stem is not to scale. It is much too wide to be accurate. By reviewing the cutwater and stem of the Glory in her many photographs of them...you can see it is quite thin. 5"~6" probably. I'll most likely be adding the keel and stem after the hull is planked...and great care must be taken to fare in the bow and stern so as not to make the transition out of scale or unru
  9. Indeed...my first was a mod of an existing molded hull...my second was a test run to see the shape and accuracy of the hull Mike and his friend in Australia designed...that is why I used gypsum to sculpt the hull. Now I hope to begin again with a good foundation...based on far more extensive research...by a team of devoted Glory enthusiast's...to include the original Glory hound...Mike Mjelde. Rob
  10. Great job Vladimir...clean work. I thought..Cutty Sark was your first ship model?...or was she your first clipper? Beautiful work. Rob
  11. I know...and I'm not insulted. BlueJacket..sells planking from their kits separately...you can buy in bulk from even model railroading outfits. I'm thinking I'm going to use my maple veneer and cut them into 1/16" planks. They go on easier and they conform far better to the curves. Ed actually cut all his small planks from a block of wood...like a 4X4...... Rob
  12. I can tell you...he milled it all from larger stock....every last piece. Yeah.....now you see what we're up against..... Rob
  13. Exactly. Now I need to get the strake material and what I plan on using for decking. Rob
  14. Isn't that cool...she's taken you over....hasn't she? McKay ships are amazing and doing the historical research makes it all the more fun. Thanks again. Rob
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