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  1. Sorry, I used the wrong picture type. It should be better now.
  2. When building my first wooden ship kit, I realized a needed a way to organize the scale lumber by size. I decided on a lumber tray to store the stock horizontally to prevent warpage, to allow easy access to less than full length pieces, and to minimize the space required. As I was unable to find anything commercially that met my requirements, I designed this lumber tray out of inexpensive chipboard (a type of dense thick cardboard). This can be made to any size, but I chose 10"x25"x1" so it would fit inside the box that the ship kit came in to make it easy to store.
  3. Nirvana - Thank you for your kind words. Yes, by all means you may use my drawing rack plans. I am sure it can be improved upon. I would be interested in seeing what you do with it. - Kevin
  4. I struggled with what to do with the 42” x 30” drawings while building ship models. The sheets were too big to have laying around and I didn’t have the wall space in my work room to hang them up. My solution, which may be of interest to other modelers, was to design this drawing rack out of ¾” PVC pipe. The upper frame is at work bench height for the active drawing sheet. The lower frame is storage for drawing sheets not in use. It is a simple matter to move the sheets out of the storage frame and hang them in the upper frame. The whole assembly is light weight and can be moved out of th
  5. Hello from Naperville Illinois. As a recent retiree, I have finally gotten the time to try out some hobbies. I am currently in the middle of building the US Brig Syren from a MSW kit. This is my first wooden ship model, so I have had to develop many new skills as I go. I have greatly benefitted from reading many of the build blogs on this site. My philosophy is to take my time and enjoy the process. I am nearing the completion of the exterior of the hull and I am looking forward to staring on the carronades. Almost as much fun as doing the actual build has been setting u
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