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  1. Right observation on double-planked, the introduction I took from an article in a nautical magazine, and looking at the various sections of the project I found a double-planked in the bow and stern ... this is one of the aspects that I need to verify in the design phase. Normally I never do double-planked if not present in reality, I work more and useless. There have been some major renovations, the last in 2005 which led to changes compared to the original project, this will also be the subject of my study wherever possible. I apologize for my terrible English.
  2. Yes, stainless steel is difficult to work with, to bend, the only thing that is easy is to weld it, I have welded a lot in my life and always with castolin brazing
  3. Some drawings 😁... i’ve a big work to transform project in model project I’m sorry to the bad photos but i make with my smartphone
  4. yes, beautiful, with a nice historical value and a definite difficulty, due to details in stainless steel / chrome, furnishings, etc ... the scale then requires not to neglect anything. It is 50 feet and in 1:32 scale it is large enough
  5. Years ago I was lucky enough to be able to have a copy of the original designs of this very important yacht, very important both historically and for those who have used it over the years. The drawings are complete with structure and interiors. I am now building the Schooner Etoile, but it is my habit to take a few years to do proper historical research and drawings before starting to build a model. Yesterday I started looking in my archives for what I already have on a documentary level to understand what information I lack. Marlin Designer: Walter J. McInnis Builde
  6. First block construction test. Not having tools like a lathe I have always had to strive to find alternative solutions
  7. Etoile schooner finishes and equipment are missing then the first lifeboat is finished
  8. @tkay11 My hands are always glued to the strips ... they are sticky with epoxy ... they peel off vinyl and finally ... full of cuts, chips, abrasions. But they remain the best clamps
  9. @tkay11 I totally agree with your thinking. Sharing is for learning, teaching, giving and receiving ideas. For example, I have only 2 dremels of electrical equipment and a self-built column drill, a drill and all the other tools are manual. I therefore have to find solutions to build everything by continuously creating tools that help me and often ideas that are not directly applicable to me allow me to have ideas to solve. I am attaching the photo of the drill press ... it is built starting from a broken Black & Dekker column, an electric motor of a brush cutter :). I hope I wrote somethi
  10. @tkay11 Yess that plans Thanks to appreciate my work I just took a quick look at your work ... I was speechless ... simply amazing!! I use many techniques too ... with much lower results :), but I have already seen some tricks that I have never used and that are brilliant Thanks also for the ideas! Andrea
  11. Étoile is a French naval schooner used as a training vessel. She was built in 1932 as a replica of a cod fishing vessel used off Iceland, as a training ship of the students of the École navale. During the Second World War, Étoile sailed to the United Kingdom after the Fall of France and was used by the Free French Naval Forces, returning to Brest in 1945. The schooner as well as her sister ship Belle Poule are still used by the École Navale as training ships in European waters. In the early 20th Century, the French Navy scrapped its aging traditional sailing ships, Melpomène in 1904, and Bor
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