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  1. Hey all - We’ve set up a new email address for my father - easier to keep everything in the proper compartments for his various projects, etc. As my folks own the rights to numerous articles, photos and his books this is just a natural progression - Pacific Maritime Publishing Foundation. In my spare time I’ll eventually do more with a website I’m sure (you can’t see me but I’m laughing hysterically becasue I don’t have any spare time!!) PacMaritimePubFdn@gmail.com
  2. He could’ve probably answered that for you as well - he’s part of the editorial board (or at least I think he still is LoL)
  3. My father said he’d be happy to answer that and explain to you the ins and outs of said issue - feel free to email him. He is pretty good about answering emails. He generally checks them at least twice a day and it’s a great way to communicate with him (he and I email back and forth as it’s also an efficient way sometimes to communicate LOL)! mjmjelde38@cs.com
  4. If you have the second book written by my father you will find much of the above book referenced, the family gave my father an original typed copy of it and their permission and blessing to expound further on his journeys aboard Glory along with far more information than could be put into one book. He has been collecting/compiling information for years and I’m hoping he’s been spurred to finish getting everything catalogued - his index between books, various ship plans, charts and photos is getting close to 400 pages and covers an extremely wide variety of maritime history (and is not just
  5. Dad actually has two books that have been submitted for publishing (not approved yet and a daunting process unless someone has a benefactor). They’re both on different time periods of Glory and more on particular voyage or people vs the vessel itself. He has enough file folders of photos and data on her (a few file cabinet drawers) for a few books! Over the years he’s become more of a generalist in maritime matters (not solely focused on clipper ships) so Glory hasn’t been only focus but fortunately with time more info has come forward and more of her history has been unearthed. Sadly the mos
  6. He doesn’t appear to have any more photos of her however he did send off an email to India House and we will have to wait and see if they respond. The published photos of her are few and far between and all seem to be the same angle or too grainy when enlarged!
  7. Honestly I have no idea but wouldn’t hurt to ask, the bow we all know has to be altered and it’s also balsa wood - not sure if there were any differences between the two or not. The first one is long gone, apparently got damaged and the person he had sold it to has since passed away so no telling where it ended up.
  8. My father has actually been to see Glory’s figurehead at India House, I’ll have to see if he has any better photos (message me and I can pass on info) as for the model, he originally commissioned three. One was completed and sold many years ago when my youngest sister needed multiple heart surgeries (she survived thankfully), the one we brought on the visit with Rob and there is actually a third one, pretty bare bones hull only if I recall.
  9. Pat - Ron Haug is who my father has been working with down your way - via snail mail. He is a retired shipwright and he lives in S. Maroubra, New South Wales. He was also an excellent modelmaker.
  10. You are very welcome, growing up it was just normal for us kids to meet other “ship” people, like Frank Prothero that built the other Glory that was being worked on in PT and had history on the Glory as well as others that became friends with my dad. We have a rich maritime history here in the PNW. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized there was a bunch of “Glory Groupies” with my dad being one of the bigger ones 😁 and he has kept researching her and compiling more info on her and her captains and crew!
  11. Hi - my dad is doing ok. He’s actually been going to work this entire time as he’s deemed essential. Fortunately the office where he works was able to have half their staff work from home but his job not so easy. They are practicing the social distancing as my mother is medically vulnerable. We are even socially distancing within the family so as to protect the various family members. Thank goodness for zoom, FaceTime, email and the phone! I will I’ll let him know that you’d still like to meet up. He does enjoy anything to do with The Glory 😊
  12. Hi Rob - I’ll let him know and remind him to check their messages. Arina
  13. He is truly a Renaissance man and in fact is working on ANOTHER book about Glory.
  14. My father, Mike Mjelde, enjoyed looking at your rendition of The Glory, please don’t hesitate in contacting him. He is currently working on another project involving her!

    1. rwiederrich


      OH MY goodness   Michael Jay Mjelde?   I have enjoyed his books on the subject for years and have used them extensively during the planning stages of My Gloy's build.  I am well pleased he found my rendition enjoyable.

      I was able to recover artifacts from her resting p[lace to add to my exhibit of her....which make the display of her even more attractive.  The Glory of the Seas was, as you know, Donald McKay's last Medium clipper...and he is my favorite builder and to have acquired artifacts of her for my display, is a great honor.


      How do I contact Mike...the pleasure is all mine for sure?



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